Twine thought feeling?


What are your thoughts on it I’m considering using it it’s very simple to coding use but I don’t know how flexible it is. What are my fellow forum goer thought?


Depends on what you want to do. If you’re not big on programming, and just want to make a general interactive story, it’s perfect. Open Twine 2, and everything is pretty self-explanatory. [[Put double square brackets around links]] and it automatically creates a new passage for you. Repeat until you’ve written all your passages, you’re done, and can export a single HTML file to share and upload. ChoiceScript can be pretty daunting to just get started in.

If you know just a little programming and want to mess with variables and formatting, I might go with Twine 1, it’s a bit more intuitive and well documented for simple programing.

If you want to do really complicated things, you’ll need to know/learn CSS or JavaScript, but can go further than ChoiceScript in the end.

Some things Twine does natively that ChoiceScript can’t: easily replace text within paragraphs, put links anywhere, change the interface and way it displays things. Twine 1 has a sidebar which can display stats beside your text.

While using Twine, I do miss ChoiceScript’s native link ability to set variables and leading text BEFORE going to a paragraph. You can do something similar natively in Twine 2, but it’s not very intuitive and makes for cluttered code.


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