TWD 2 is coming!


For a time I thought it just a rumor. That an amazing game would lack a sequel. I gave up on it. But then, in that dark hour, I saw this!

Who else is ready to show the zombies that Lee taught us well?


Frankly, I’m a little peeved that Clementine is now playable. As much as I loved her as a supporting character in the first season, I’m not convinced she’ll work as the PC.

But this is Telltale, after all – if anyone can prove me wrong, it’s probably them. So I’m looking forward to this, yeah.

By the way, shouldn’t this be under “Off-Topic”?


I still need to play the first one! :o


@Saint_Nicholas Clem is the most badass kid I’ve ever seen. If anyone can pull off being the PC other then Lee, who is now dead, she can with her crack shot


Oh, I don’t doubt her badassery, @God_of_Demonz. I’m just curious/worried about how Telltale will implement her as a PC. Most players are used to protecting and instructing her – now that she’s the PC, what does she do? Is her personality as malleable as Lee’s was? If so, how is that possible, when her personality has already been well established in the first season?

By the way, @CJW, if you haven’t played the first game yet (and intend to do so) you should probably refrain from the thread – here there be spoilers.


I’m guessing it’s possible she may act in some predetermined ways or have her available actions slightly tailored by the game. There’s always the case that, like in 400 Days, there could be multiple playable characters, and Clementine is just one of them. Perhaps we’ll play as her first, shape her in certain ways, and then play as other players, who may then interact with her.

If she really is the only playable character, I can see the action scenes suffering. That would be unfortunate considering that Telltale has just improved upon their combat system with The Wolf Among Us (which I recommend people check out).


I wonder how Lee’s decisions on the first season would make Clementine reflect those if she will be the playable character :-/


Lee’s death probably changed her. For the better or worse is probably up to the player


If that’s the case then what will be Lee’s interaction to Clementine do to her? if we control Clementine will she only have actions depending on how Lee previously made her think like that? in the Scene where Lee and Clementine was at the at his parents pharmacy Clem ask him if the man he killed was a bad man and Lee can either say yup, no, no really it’s grown up stuff. So will his decision at that can or not affect Clem? :-/

It really baffles me how Clem will be now as a playable character. I think i have to pre-order this already so i can know the answer. :smiley:


I honestly think Clem would have been better off as an NPC… an important NPC of course, but an NPC… but I’m sure Telltale knows what they’re doing and it’ll be an amazing game.

… Boy am I hyped for this! Bring on those feels!


@CJW just dont mistake TellTale’s game with The Walking Dead Survival Instinct (the FPS following the Dixon Brothers) heard that one was awful


Your correct @Lobo420 The Walking Dead Survival Instinct was really bad :-S i hated it well some liked it but really it was bad, bad, bad. @CJW don’t play that but if your curious to play it well god speed then :smiley:


It kinda sucks how when you try to pick up Clem’s radio you get bit. I understand it was for plot reasons, but still, would’ve been nice to live


Well, @God_of_Demonz, to make a player care about a death, to the degree most seemed to, is surely a sign of good writing.


Especially when it makes you hold back your tears, if not outright cry @Drazen.


If only he had cut off his arm when he was bit instead of waiting till it made him pass out


Definitely excited for Season 2, if you can’t wait you might want to try Wolf Among Us, which is based on the Fables comic series. Equally well written and doesn’t require a knowledge of the series - I mean I played WD Season 1 without having seen the show and only having read the first arc of the comic with Rick and Co.

I’m interested to see what carries over from Season 1. I imagine the most likely things are Lee’s final suggestions to Clem - stick with others or go alone? Find Omid and Christa (I would love to see them back)? Stay away from cities? Stuff like that might affect the opening, if even slightly. I’m also interested to see the impact of 400 Days, which introduced the concepts of Tavia’s Settlement (possibly the Governor’s Woodbury) vs the Camp of Survivors. I’m interested to see what the choices of Vince, Wyatt, Russell, Bonnie and Shel mean for Clem. I believe the developers have said that their choices will have some more minor effects on the story.