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Good Place is the same creative crew as Parks, so definitely a good sign you’ll like that one. Always curious about opinions on Parks from Community fans, because my wife and I are almost evenly split on which one is better.


Recent faves…

Brooklyn 99
The Good Place
MasterChef the Professionals

Mad Max: Fury Road
The Force Awakens + The Last Jedi
Black Panther
Thor: Ragnarok
Get Out

But I really haven’t watched much TV or gone to the cinema for ages. I really want to see Sorry to Bother You, The Good Fight, Pose, and maybe one day I’ll be able to get into the new Sabrina and Riverdale…


Just saw Aquaman, I think it’s proof after Wonder Woman that DC can get out some great movies that are both faithful to the character and pay homage to so much of the comics! So if you’re a fan definitely see it!

…without spoilers I think there’s two moments I swear I was expecting first the Themescrayians and then an angry Poison Ivy to jump onto the screen… :stuck_out_tongue:


And now I have seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse! Honestly this was one of the best Spider-Man films ever and if they only sneak ma boy Superior Spidey into the sequel (and make him not just a villain but more an anti-hero) it’ll be golden. I would happily let Sony keep working on these animated films and leave Marvel Studios to play with live action Peter and Miles.


So crunch time… what’s your list for Superhero movies this year? Here’s mine…

  1. Avengers: Infinity War
  2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  3. Black Panther
  4. Aquaman
  5. Teen Titans Go To The Movies
  6. Ant Man and the Wasp
  7. Venom
  8. Deadpool 2

This was actually really hard because honestly none of these films were bad! I think I only rated Deadpool 2 slightly less than Venom because it was more of the same - enjoyed it but all of the bottom three films were playing things safe.

Venom was fun but dumb and I worry what it means for the future of Spider-Man in the MCU but Tom Hardy was great as Eddie Brock.

Deadpool 2, Venom and Ant-Man and Wasp all really suffer from meh villains, though I liked the take on Ghost in the latter.

Teen Titans Go was hella fun and I love the series and I don’t care if you don’t.

Aquaman and Black Panther were both proof of making characters engaging in new ways and show a strong future with both franchises for the leads.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse might now be my favourite Spider-Man movie, and I thought nothing could touch SM2… between this and Tom Holland continuing to be great as Peter and the PS4 Spider-Man game its been a great year for the webhead! Sony also nailed Miles and have a solid alternative franchise to Spider-Man’s roles in the MCU.

Infinity War… damn. We thought it could never live up to the hype but not only did it but it surpassed it, and the Russos managed the impossible and ensured everyone had a role to play in a seriously crowded flick. Thanos proves that they can do great villains with effort. The Black Order might be a little weak but they serve their purpose. Every sequence feels earned and there’s still plenty of other options for Endgame! So Infinity War tips the list in a very good year for superheroes.


The new Sabrina holiday special came out and it probably one of my favorite episodes from the series.


@Havenstone, we have a lot of common favorites, especially Breaking Bad, Community, and GoT. Just watched Firefly for the first time this year and I’m sad it wasn’t allowed at least a few years.

@hustlertwo, I’m not Havenstone, but I’ll toss my two cents in…I loved Parks and Rec. But I also love Office (US version), Community, and New Girl equally. If someone asked me to pick best character between Ron Swanson, Dwight Schrute, Abed Nadir, and Nick Miller, my head my explode. Writing a scene with those four characters trapped in a room having to talk with each other would be a phenomenal writing exercise.

You and your wife are big Parks and Rec fans, aren’t you?

(Now I am already picturing Dwight and Ron trying to size each other up. They actually have a lot of similarities in politics, alpha nature (Dwight in later seasons), but Dwight’s nerdiness and fondness for pop culture would irritate Ron to no end).


I do want to stop a minute and say that the bolding here is right on. Fargo has been an eclectic delight from the very beginning, and could teach shows like American Horror Story and True Detective a thing or two about the effective use of the creative freedom afforded by changing up casts and timelines each season.

@Eric_Moser We do love Parks, yes. I prefer Community by a bit, Michele prefers Parks, but both are great, and for the same reason: the characters. New Girl, though…honestly, we tried it just a few weeks ago and finally bailed in season 3 (and it was only because of her we even kept going that long; I was done by season 2). I wanted another Community or AD, but I felt like it was more a modern-age Friends. And that kind of sitcom is antiquated and stodgy to me now. Storylines almost solely centered around character romances and constant unnecessary drama…the medium has proven it can move beyond that. New Girl had some moments where it seemed like it would rise above, but then it would get smacked down by its own formulaic nature.

I came to Firefly relatively late (several years after it aired, but still like 9 years ago because that’s how long it has been somehow), but it’s just stellar. That and Freaks and Geeks remain the gold standard of one-season wonders. At least Serenity tied up some loose ends.

Dwight would have to bow to Ron eventually. Then he would start buttkissing, which would only infuriate Swanson further. Ultimately Ron would end up with Creed as his compatriot from that crew, I think. Someone who does no discernible work at all would appeal to him.


I just wanna send a love letter to Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ that was released earlier this year because of how much I absolutely fell in love with that animated feature. It’s got the charm, humour and passion of ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ (one of my personal favourite films of all time) and the unique stylised film-making of Wes Anderson. I just love this film to bits: its storyline was engaging and fun to watch; its humour, though dry and dead-pan at some moments, is subtle and provides a chuckle; the animation is just amazing and the characters are easy to connect to.

I just hope it wins an Oscar for the best animated feature instead of another formulaic Pixar win.


I think calling Pixar films formulaic is harsh. But I will say that animation is the medium Anderson really shines in the most. I’ve never enjoyed any of his life action films the way I do Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Isle of Dogs looks pretty good.


Yeah, Pixar films aren’t formulaic, they’re pretty interesting films honestly. I’m referring to the ‘just let Pixar win’ formula though, where the pickers of the movie don’t care about animated movies because “it’s for kids” and just choose the popular Pixar film. Which I just call the “Adults Don’t Get That Animation Can Spread Across Different Age Ranges, So Just Choose A Random Popular Pixar Film Instead Of Watching All The Choices” formula.

His way of directing is a very unique of taking animation films, I think I remember from this one video essay I watched about Fantastic Mr. Fox about how Anderson didn’t make the film for kids that also appeals to adults or for adults that kids can watch, but he was able to achieve the hard-to-achieve ‘film for everyone’. Though Isle of Dogs was great, Fantastic Mr. Fox will always be on top for me. I was thinking about watching one of his most appraised live-action films ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, I heard it’s an absolute excellent film and I’m interested in watching it.


Kingpin is firing the collider again. Either that or it’s the birth of Dr. Manhattan or the Flash


Did anyone watch the Black Mirror episode/movie thing?


Not yet, cant watch until Sunday at least

Edit: yup saw it. Again, a really fascinating look into technology with Black Mirror typical macabre humor. I really like it. For those wondering, I got the 5/5 stars game ending first.


I just found out James Cameron return and helms Terminator 6 , which will be air next year November 2nd… I am really looking forward to it because Cameron said it will be a grand finale and direct sequal to Terminator 2, Linda Hamildon will be back as well as the “actual” John Connor.

Cameron said, Terminator 3, 4 and 5 should be regard as a dream or events that happen in alternate universe… i am so happy for T6 to happen , after the disappointment of T5 where they tarnish the legacy of John Connor

I hope George Lucas also come back in future with a direct sequal to Star wars 6 and disregarding the current Star wars 7 to 8 as alternate universe, and bring back Luke Skywalker as the true Hero as in the books :-):grin:

Interest Check Thread

But will be Arnie be in it!? If Arnie isn’t in it I’d like a terminator in the spirit of Terminator two, you know, one that doesn’t look dangerous but then can do something like be basicly invincible. On that note my picks would be Saoirse Ronan, Zac Effron, the actor who plays Sheldon Cooper or Rupert Grint. Have them play it seriously, then set them up by a character not taking their threat seriously, then having them IDK turn their arm into a knife and ram it through the person’s throat?

Or if Arnie isn’t cast then an old school actor should still play the obviously tough character, be it protag, terminator etc, as with what you said this’ll appeal a lot to fans of the originals who hate everything after that. So Jason Statham, Vin diesel, Vinny Jones, basicly someone that’ll appeal to people who remember the 80’s and 90’s hard men actors, but someone young enough that they can convincingly play a tough character. But in any case, we’ll see, it certainly sounds promising, so much so that I might take a trip down to the cinema to see it, haven’t been to the cinema in yonks.


Arnie will be there :slight_smile:
Now we are thinking whether Arnie’s role is a human warrior where T800 based the facial appearance upon… or somehow they reassemnle him :slight_smile:

Remember in T2, Arnie was destroy but T6 is a direct sequal to T2 :wink:

Here are some news


Cheers :slight_smile: . Reassembling him would be a sintch, the Arnie bot fromT1 and T2 are both separate bots, my concern would be Arnie’s age, with that in mind him being as you said, the human the bots are based off would make way more sense, especially since all the terminators(I think?) have had young bodies.


Well… i did read that Arnie could be an older bot :-):joy: where they assemble him from the junks

But an old human warrior would make more sense as you said… :slight_smile:

Who will be John Connor is my curiousity … rumour said he could be the boy from T2, Edward Furlong … bur wasn’t he is a drug addict now ??

I am hoping it will be Thomas Dekker from Sarah Connor chronicle :slight_smile:


I’ve been wondering whether to watch The Adventures of Puss in Boots the series, but since it doesn’t occur on tv all that much, I missed most of the continuity of it. So I was wondering if watching the series finale is even worth it- because so far the series seems to be of episodic quality