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Wait… There’s an anime called Anal Beads? :hushed:


There’s only one way to find out :kissing_heart:


There is not, but now I’m pretty sure my family will disown me if they ever check my browsing history. Well played. Very well played. :clap::clap::clap:


Risk takers get great rewards. Do it! :neutral_face:


Just watched Climax and Suspiria the other day. Top movies of my 2018 list. I’d love to discuss with anyone whose watched them!


Btw … just notice quite many people think Knightfall is actually offering more terrific battle scene and action as compare to Game of Throne :slight_smile:


Nooooooo! Wtf is wrong with you fox. What have you done to Deadpool? Is not enough for you to ruin the x men and fantastic four franchises! Deadpool should not be pg13! Even though it was quite hilarious


You do know this is Disney doing this right, not Fox? They want to test the waters to see how people respond to a PG-13 Deadpool by re-releasing Deadpool 2 as a semi Christmas Special.


Yup. Probably want him in the mcu. Ugh. Still dosent feel right to me. Deadpool is at his best when he hasn’t a lot of limitations regarding his jokes


If he goes into the MCU he will be made to be PG-13, I very much doubt Disney and Marvel Studios will ever condone a R Rated movie of any kind. It’s not impossible for him to work as a PG-13 character but I think he will lose something in the process.

…that said, a Spider-Man and Deadpool team-up movie would be fun, I won’t pretend to deny that…


Yeah throw in Daredevil as wel and call the movie Team Red. Though having him is extremely likely. Another thing that irks me. But I understand why they don’t add him into the mcu


But don’t they have to recast the current actor? Ryan was born to play deadpool


My current top 10 TV shows, pulled out of the “movies” thread:

The Wire
Breaking Bad
Arrested Development
The West Wing
Freaks & Geeks
Game of Thrones
Battlestar Galactica
Jessica Jones

Let's Talk About Movies!

Is anyone extremely into the new Se-Ra? I am extremely into the new She-Ra.


So recently I have only watched one (the first) episode of the 13th Doctor… I like her! But are there new episodes of her misadventures arriving soon?


well…I don’t watch Teevee anymore…but…I saw some Tv show in my life lol

I just name the ones I watch and re-watch , cose everything nowdays is just so alien .

that would be : Fear thy neighbors (highly recommand it) . And Alfred Hitchcock Present (never get old and sooo good ) .


Ooooh. There were some good lists before, especially @HannahPS proving she’s a proper Psych-O (my wife and I are going through it again, just watched one of my favorites, Forget-Me-Not). But this is top shelf TV right here. Community and AD are probably my favorite sitcoms of all time (assuming I ignore anything after AD’s first three seasons, at least). And Breaking Bad is just the best show, bar none.

Where do you fall on Parks and Rec?


My list is…not in any particular order, because I love all these shows equally :stuck_out_tongue:

True Detective
The Leftovers
Breaking Bad
House M.D.
The Good Place
Castle Rock
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things
The Haunting of Hill House


TV shows:

The Handmaid’s Tale
Game of Thrones
Stranger Things
Arrested Development
Over the Garden Wall
Paranoia Agent

As for movies;

Inglorious Basterds
The Shape of Water
Song of The Sea
Pretty much all of Hayao Miyazaki’s work.
Tim Burton’s older movies, and most of Wes Anderson’s stuff.

Don’t crucify me people but I’m really not a Marvel fan. :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure I will.

And @Bloodraven, I also loved The Good Place (a real top ten contender if it stays this good), Stranger Things, and The Haunting of Hill House.