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Just finished watching the last episode of American Gods. (I know it’s been out for a while but I don’t watch a heap of TV.) Amazingly put together, unusual mythology show, although pretty dark and gory in places. (Almost turned it off part way through the 1st episode, glad I persisted.) I got onto that series via a recommendation from a friend after watching Legion, which has a similar overall tone (although it has a lot more of the trippy dream sequences and different subject matter.) Can anyone think of any series that are similar in tone to these two? I don’t think either of these have another series coming out for quite a while.


Howabout Westworld ? Lots of philosophy there , and Beyond? Both deal with Dream too :slight_smile:


Just looked it up. Never been a big fan of westerns usually, but that looks like it could be interesting :slight_smile:


Lol, i think you already realise that is not western story at all right? :slight_smile:

Seriously lots of philosophy had been debate about the moral of the story , let me know in season 1, what the female protagonist try to achieve in your opinion :slight_smile: i don’t spoil too much now…


Just finished How I Met Your Mother, sad to see that end for me, though I was of the opinion that the final double episode was a bit rushed and slightly bittersweet, even if the ending was nice and went a direction I hadn’t expected. Guess I have to find another longish comedy series on Netflix now, though Friends From College and Series of Unfortunate Events ought to scratch my Cobbie and Neil itches… :hugs:

Bojack Horseman is nearly back, but Paradise PD is amusing me in the meantime. Word of warning, in case you want to watch it happens to be pretty… graphic in some aspects, though still funny, especially the race relations episode…