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shrug love her voice lol and she had charisma…dammmn…

course…don’t like the actrice herself though…but loved the show .


I thought it said shrek :joy::joy::joy::joy:


No love for Deep Space Nine? That was my favorite. I loved the setting, and a lot of the characters.


My older brother is a diehard DS9 fan and my younger brother prefers Enterprise, so I’m a bit miffed on their part that you haven’t included them.

That said, I prefer TOS. I’m a very big fan of camp, and in my opinion, 60’s camp is the best!

Batman and Robin running in place and getting tied to a giant breakfast skillet? Heck yeah.
William Shatner throwing a punch that lands three feet away from the other actor? Sign me up!
Agent 13 in Get Smart showing up in a mailbox doing “reconnaissance work”? Give it to me! *grabby hands*

I just really like TV shows from that era. So bright and colorful and optimistic! What’s not to love? :blush:

Also, Bones is hands down the best damn Star Trek character ever.


Bones/Spock bickering gives me life.

As much as I like Picard, TNG just doesn’t have the same chemistry. Plus I loved the TOS movies more than TNG, hands down.

I don’t care for most of the character interactions in TNG, unfortunately. I find them dull and stiff. They’re very professional but I don’t for a minute believe any of them are friends who like to spend time with each other after work, except Data and Geordi.

DS9 is the best series in terms of drama, but it’s not always very optimistic or “Trekky” for lack of a better term. It’s still probably #2 for me just because of the character interactions. Quark/Odo snarking, O’Brien/Bashir holo adventures, Kira/Dax, Bashir/Garak (they were an item don’t try to persuade me otherwise). Plus they actually made Worf interesting.

Yeah you can tell color TV had just been invented and they were all in love with it.


star trek thread exists

me and other Star Wars fans -


But what of us fans of both??

Are we to be Alsace-Lorraine in this conflict?


One cannot simply…be both a Star Wars and a Star Trek fan at the same time.

Choose your side




I started watching Human, nice plot and interesting idea


I‘m a month late,but I just watched the trailer of Suspiria
I was in some serious doubt,but this trailer is so great and so giallo


I’ve just started watching Mr.Robot, I slept on it for a while until I watched YouTube clips of it. Fell in love with the vibe and story, which resulted in me watching the first season. No regrets watching, regret not watching it sooner!


OMFG! Just started on The Leftovers and GAWD! is it so heavy… I love every minute of it! Highly recommend it!

And Westworld too, kinda surprised no one talks about it here, even though, it is one of the (if not THE) best shows on TV!


Oh my God yes! I loved The Leftovers. No spoilers, but the first season of that show might be the best season of any show I’ve ever seen, and might be the best adaptation of a novel I’ve ever seen. The rest of the series is good too, but that first season…my god.

Westworld…I like it. Sometimes I like it a lot. I think it’s got some of the best acting going right now. Jeffery Wright kills me. There’s something about that show though…it’s very satisfying intellectually, but I don’t really connect with any of the characters, so I don’t get very emotionally involved in the show. It makes me think, but not feel.


O.o? Did you finish Season 2? Last 3 episodes were heavy on emotions, the highest point was E9 and a scene with Logan and his dad in the finale literally got water in my eyes watching that one. But, I might (literally) be the only viewer who empathises with MiB lol.


I don‘t know if anyone mentioned it in this thread before, but I definitely recommend Killing Eve!
It‘s such a clever show, the performances are top-notch and the humour is on point! And I’m calling it now, one of the lead actresses, Jodie Comer, is definitely going places. She‘s phenomenal!


This is proving to be quite an interesting show.
(Mature audiences only.)


For a long time Monty python and the Holy Grail was my favorite movie of all time, Followed by WALL-E. That honor now goes to Princess Mononoke.


Can’t wait for Ip Man 4, apparently it started principal photography in April.
I absolutely love the Ip Man series, it may well be my favourite film series ever.

4:04 - This track. The visualisation of the fight when Ip Man takes on 10 black belts is coming back. That fight and Kenji Kawai’s music were spectacular. Hell, the whole film is.

EDIT: Oh, looks like they’ve actually finished filming i- WAIT WHAT

My hype for this has escalated.


A recording session for Mission Impossible: Fallout’s soundtrack, more specifically, the drums section for Balfe’s rearrangement of the main theme. It sounds amazing.

I’ve heard immense praise for this film so far. Tons of people are calling it the best film in the series and some even saying it’s one of the best action films ever made. I don’t really remember what happened in the previous films, so I’m going to have to watch them all again before this, haha.