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Ok, I finally gotten around to see “Your Name” a.k.a. “Kimi no Na Wa”. I got to say, it’s the best teen movie I’ve seen in a very long time. I was hooked from beginning to end. I’ve always been a fan of Shinkai so I might be a bit biased, but I think everyone should give this movie a try.


This is the truth guys. Ben can probably crush anybody including the avengers, Goku and…you name it.

~ This topic is just created for fun so please don’t take it seriously.~


This is my very serious post on this topic. Take it seriously.

I mean, from my very limited memory of Ben 10, there was an episode that took place in the future and we saw older Ben and he known as Ben 100 so yeah. I’d say if he can transform on a whim into one of 100 different Alien races that he could probably at least take on a bunch high powered people. But he is just one person (alien?) so IDK if he could crush entire teams of powered people. And in one on one battles it’d probably end up being a test of stamina and finding weaknesses.


Actually, I would say The Tick. His drama power makes him exactly as strong as needed to defeat any foe in the most dramatic fashion possible. Up to and including black holes.


Well he does have that OP alien that could change everything soo i would say yes he kinda is but then again doctor stange can do that too.


Wasn’t it Ben 10 000? At least in the French version.


I mean, yeah you’re probably right. The knowledge I am bringing to this conversation is from when the original show aired when i was like 8, so the details are kinda hazy.


Eventhough he can use many aliens or any alien, I cant haaardly say he is the strongest. In term raw power there are others who stronger but in term of how u use it is a different matter.
I dunno about u but saying Ben 10 is stronger than everyone else is not something I would agree. But in Ben 10 own universe then it may be possible that he is the strongest.


No, he… Really can’t.


But how about alien X? He is basically like god.


Super naturals and Legion for TV shows.
for movies I like the pirates of caribean and also the diary of the wimpy kid


We need interactive novel inspired by MLP now that would be interesting.


-Fight Club
-Edge of Tomorrow
and alot more these are the few that comes to mind

TV shows
Anything that catch my interest, I suppose. Mostly anime.


Love edge of tomorrow!


Here it is again. The question that many star trekkers get asked time and time again. I am going to share my opinion on this, and I hope you will too. So first of all, I quite like bogh, but I am veering towards the next generation. This is due to original series being rather bad on the special effect front. Also the acting is not the best, the best piece of acting I can see in their is Checkov’s Russian accent. It is a lot better than those youtubers who try to do a Russian accent in their Papers Please videos, most of the youtubers tend to… Oh never mind, let’s get back to the discussion at hand. Also, the writing and backstories of characters in the next generation is much better.

Poll: which do you prefer?

  • The Next Generation
  • The Original Series

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(I know I missed out voyager and the others, but this pertains to the question I was writing about just now)


Boo! Capt’n Janeway or nothing !! :rofl:


Honestly I prefer The Next Generation over the original series. Probably because I’m very biased towards Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Brent Spiner as Data, and LeVar Burton as Geordi since these three were a part of my childhood (Stewart being Professor X, Spiner in Independence Day with Will Smith and Burton with his Reading Rainbow show for children.)

Sure, the original series was way ahead of its time when it was produced during the 60’s but some of their episodes were just too silly to really get into it in my opinion. And I’m not personally a fan of William Shatner’s overdramatic acting methods although Nimony’s Spock kind of saved the show for me.

However, TNG has my respects because they did an episode with a deaf man that acted as a diplomat who could not hear but could communicate through three people or on his own, he could use sign language while Data had to learn sign language in order to communicate with this deaf diplomat because these three people were killed over some misunderstanding. You don’t really see many shows around the world that included deaf people so that’s a win on TNG’s part.


She was good as a captain but that voice of hers…:thinking:


guys in red die first in star trek yellow or blue well can,t say


Ironic. I was watching that episode just now :thinking: