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All I can say is that I’m still busy watching K-ON, progress is slow, yes.


Oooooo I love that show, I cried sooooooo much when it was over, I absolutely can’t stand the finale of a show, I end up a puddle of tears :sob:


I can’t per se say I love it, but it’s amusing.

I’m still doubting what to watch after it though. My mom is pushing me to watch Breaking Bad, my dad wants me to watch Narcos, a female friend wants me to watch Agents of Shield, another friend wants me to watch Dragon Ball Z and I have an entire list of anime I still need to watch and I still need to continue with Supernatural… ugh


Just read Young Justice is getting a season 3 it’s lit :fire::fire::fire:.


I’ll just leave this here The new season of Samurai Jack. :smile:


I am now totally blaming Netflix for my increasing fondness for adult animation between Archer and now Rick and Morty, which I kind of wish I’d got into sooner given how bemusing I find it.


I also enjoy Archer a lot, even if I feel that it lost quality in season 7. Do you know if Castlevania is any good? :slight_smile:


New Spidey movie made me smile the whole time. Tom Holland IS Spidey…and Peter Parker.

Damn this year with Logan, WW, Spidey, and to a lesser extent, GotG, has been a VERY strong year for comic movies. It makes me forgive the horribleness of 2016.


I think it was probably a good thing that Archer mixes it up in some of the later seasons, especially with the time period change in Season 8 with Dreamland. I haven’t watched any of it yet since I didn’t play the games as a kid, but it might end up on my list of things to see (which never shrinks but only grows, FYI).

I think all the comic book movies so far this year have been excellent. Haven’t seen Spidey yet since I’m doing it as a double bill with War of the Planet of the Apes. Hoping that Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok keep the ball rolling. Can’t say I found 2016 bad since we got Civil War done well, Deadpool was excellent and Doctor Strange was a well made origin movie. Must rewatch Civil War before I go and see Spidey. I am realizing how crazy next year will be for comic book movies since we will have…

  • Black Panther
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Ant Man and Wasp
  • New Mutants
  • Deadpool 2
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix
  • Venom
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated Movie)
  • Aquaman

And there’s possibly more planned too. Warner is thinking about doing FOUR Batman movies in 2019 for his 80th Aniversary - Gotham City Sirens, Nightwing, Batgirl and The Batman, not to mention the already planned Shazam movie. Fox has three X-Men movies each in mind for 2019 and 2020. And in 2019 Marvel will be releasing Captain Marvel, the Infinity War Sequel and a second Spider-Man movie! Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!


Spiderman:Homecoming is the best spidey movie and (one of) the best movies of 2017

And I believe Venom movie will be a total joke if it is’nt R rated cause there’s not enough “good things” to show about the character in an origin story and they’ve got Carnage as a Villain so it could turn Sony’s god-awful spider-verse in slightly likable one

Also I’m excited about Young Justice season 3 finally coming in 2018 :smile:
and long awaited INFINITY WAR

I believe Dark Phoenix would be a wild card cause it might be a disastrous movie if Fox did not play the cards right

Aside from that I’m really loving The House(TV Series) right now


Don’t get me wrong, the change was refreshing. Archer Vice was my favorite season of the show. I just feel that the show somehow lost its way in Season 7. I am not in the 7th episode, and I am not craving to end the season, and that is the first time it happened.

Indeed. So far it has been great. Wonder Woman was especially amazing and surprising. I got to admit I am a bit tired of Spidey movies. I was already around when the first spider came out, and 6 movies later I got to admit that the constant reboot of the series makes me feel I am seeing the same story over and over again. The inclusion in Marvel Universe is interesting, but I’m not sure they are going to make it work. So far, it seems Iron Man is too present. Still, I’ll hold my criticism until I watch it.

Thor is my least favorite Marvel series (Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 are great. The first Iron Man was good, the others were passable. The first Captain America was solid, even if not amazing. The second was the best Marvel movie so far. The first Thor was solid, but I didn’t liked the second one. Ant-Man was fun as hell, which was surprising. Avengers 1 was great, the second was weak, and Civil War was a lackluster from my perspective. Doctor Strange was also solid). So I will let it pass. The Infinity war seems promising and bound to be epic, but Marvel needs to stop putting 10 jokes in every fight scene. A couple of them is good, but they are overdoing it.

I am really excited for Justice League. I liked Man of Steel (the first time I saw it, it was ok, after that it kept getting better every time I watched it), loved Batman V Superman (yeah, pretty divisive movie, had its problems, but was highly original and, I think, misunderstood). The Suicide Squad was ok, not good but not bad either. And Wonder Woman was amazing. Aquaman and Flash are promising movies, not because we know about them (which is practically nothing) but because the characters seem to be working quite great, at least if JL trailer is to be trusted. And The Batman will certainly me amazing. Ben Affleck is the best Batman yet, the true Batman, and the director is very solid. I am a bit disappointed for seeing Ben Affleck having to leave the director chair due to his personal problems, and the script seems to be rewritten, at least a good part of it. That is a disappointment.

seems quite promising, the Flash character

Even if DCEU is my current favorite comic book universe, X-Men is still my first love in that subject (well, the Blade trilogy was my first love in that matter, but it wasn’t truly a universe, only a series). I really liked the original trilogy, I even liked the third one, good ending for that story arch. The first Wolverine was average at best. The second one was good and the third was absolutely perfect. The first movie of the new series was also solid, and the second was the best X-Men movie yet. I couldn’t bring myself to end the third, it was awful. Lets see what happens now. :cold_sweat:



Recently i watched one of Netflix original series - Sense8 (by the way it’s really strange that it has not been better promoted since apparently one episode costed $9 milions to make :confused:).

I wanted to recommend this to you, it’s heavily focused on showing relationships between people, their stories and problems (this is mostly why i thought most of the people who like choice of games, would like to see this particular show). I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so I will just mention that the show is bringing up many diffrent subjects and many of them are important for LGBT+ community.

Short description of the plot: It’s about a group of people around the world who are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order. It’s very diverse group of 8 people (cop from Chicago, hacker from San Francisco, actor from Mexico City, dj from London, safebreaker from Berlin, driver from Nairobi, scientist from Mumbai and buesinesswoman/martial arts master from Seoul) and every one of them has it’s own set of problems, friends and rich backstories.
Here is the official trailer of first season

If this is too off-topic let me know and i wlii delete this post


It’s not being promoted because it was cancelled. Low viewings and high cost, led to its cancellation.


I meant promoted generally, while this was still on, I heard that season 2 was just dropped on Netflix with barerly any announcement, and season 1 become known mostly thanks to its popularity in LGBT+ community


I thought Samurai Jack S5 was pretty great, nothing topped the first 3 episodes of it however.
When it comes to Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool the marvel cinematic universe is just ugh, though Logan I just adore, it was amazing, angry bearded old men are life.
Blood Father is good.

A TV series I really loved was Taboo(by bbc and on fx or fxx whatever?) I love Tom Hardy and loved pretty much everything about the show, even if some things were a little off.


Ok, just watched Episode 1 of The Orville, great show! I think it’s going to end up being more Star Trek’y than the new Star Trek show will be, if I’m honest. It really feels like an episode of the old shows with a good range of characters and the right balance between comedy and serious sci-fi elements, plus the budget seems impressive. And it’s definitely not like Family Guy just because Seth happens to be the lead, it’s feels very much like a kind and respectful homage to Star Trek and Galaxy Quest alike. So definitely give it a watch.


Rick and Morty continues to deliver. Last night’s Tales from the Citadel was amazing.


I just discovered Preacher on Hulu and have been enjoying it so far started bingeing last night and got through to episode 4 until sleep got the better of me xD will get back at it

P.S. It’s really sad that they don’t have it on Netflix :pensive:


I have watched the first 2 episodes. While somewhat interesting I would like to know does more supernatural stuff start to happen?


Since it is based on the DC-Vertigo comic book series (of same name) yes it will have a lot more supernatural stuff in future and i haven’t completed season one yet, although it’s kind of slowly getting at it from episode 5 :slight_smile: