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That is an excellent movie!
Tell me if watching that leads to drinking problems for you.


Here’s some footage of Hypno-Disc from previous wars.


Just binge watched new Netflix Original’s Stranger Things. It is so awesome literally awesome I loved it so much. It’s just 8 episodes but ugh masterpiece!!! Winona Ryder is on it what could go wrong?? :heart_eyes:


I really want to watch it as well, unfortunately I don’t have Netflix, but I’m going to see if I can use either my brother’s or my mom’s :wink:


Fight Club
The God Father

Hannibal (NBC)


Here’s what I’ve been watching (all of them are anime cause I’m a weeb).
-Barakamon: this is the second time I’m watching this. It’s a relaxing anime about a young calligrapher exiled to a small village in the countryside after he punched an old man for criticizing his calligraphy.
-Dagashi Kashi: another relaxing anime. This one is about “Dagashi”, which is term use for cheap snacks that often sold in small stores (like the stuffs you can find near the checkout counters in western supermarkets). Very nostalgic for people born in Asia.
-Bananya: no idea why im watching this. It’s about banana-cats. I can’t explain it. It’s just really, really goddamn cute (or kawaii desu as some would say). Try Googling it.
-Mob Psycho 100: same author as One Punch Man and I like the manga so why not? It’s somewhat similar to OPM, but with enough differences to be entertaining.
-Berserk 2016: A classic, remade with a questionable “modern” artstyle. But it’s still Berserk so why the hell not?
-Sakamoto desu Ga?: Pure comedic genius. The manga was great and so was the Anime. It’s about a high school student that is just impossibly COOL.
-Bakuon!!: It’s about high school girls and their love of motorcycles. Great anime if you’re into motorcycles and a cute one if you’re not. High school girls on bikes, what’s not to love about that?

And that’s all the Anime I’m currently watching.


NOOOOO!!! My current favourite tv series has been cancelled! No more morally grey bisexual pirates! NO!!!

I’m going to miss Black Sails.


Favorite Movies

E.T. the Extraterristial


The Lawnmower Man

The Matrix series


Favorite TV shoes

Lost Girl

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Star Trek

Favorite Toons



Ultimate Spider-Man

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH


I’ve been watching one-room(ish) psychological thriller movies.

I just watched

The Exam, which has a number of candidates for a job, where they’re given a piece of paper and have to find out the question they need to answer.

The Circle, which has 50 people standing in a circle, and round by round they must pick one person to be eliminated until only one is left.

The Vault, which has a group of people who’ve volunteered to participate in a game show, with each person stuck in a different white room, with a possible puzzle to solve, and one guy who’s in the communication room.

The Killing Room, which has a group of four test subjects volunteer to participate in some psychological tests.

I blame @Snowpanther.

I’ve a list of a few others I’m going to watch next, I guess.

Tried to watch Cube, the story of a group of people trapped in a cube of death-traps trying to escape, but gave up halfway through and just read the wikipedia synopsis instead.


Just finished all of Firefly, but I still need to watch Serenity.


Its 6am, havent slept all night so I’ll keep it short.

Went to see Star Trek Beyond today, was my first ever Star Trek movie, I liked it.

Spent half of my night yesterday and this night watching Kantai Collection, everyone hates it, I love it.


@Porter! You can’t start with the third movie in a series! That’s worse for you than most known drugs!


You have to go watch the original series everyone knows that


I started watching Gotham recently and I have to say, I’m liking it so far. I especially like the Penguin, the actor absolutely knocked it out of the park.


I am back from my holiday in Greece, was quite interesting so to say.

Been watching K-ON, and well, I adore music, and combine that with cute crap like this and I can entertain myself for days non-stop. What I’m trying to say is that I like it.


Ugh! I was being bad. It’s just it’s on my brain at the moment. And there’s no one to talk to!

Mild spoilers I guess. Black Mirror, which is on Netflix., the episode San Junipero.

All the episodes are stand alones, different casts, different worlds, different stories, you can watch them in any order. I’d suggest just watching that one.

I’ve been trying to get into Black Mirror, it’s a show I thought I should like, never actually did until I watched that episode and I liked it in a way I never liked any of the other episodes. And I’m trying to resist typing any spoilers.

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My favorite movie will always (unironically) be The Room.


My favorite movie will forever be The Dark Knight. My favorite show has yet to change since I discovered it. That show is The PowerPuff Girls! (Original not the reboot)


Hmmm favorite movie is super tough for me to decide on, there are several The Princess Bride, Frozen, Imagine Me & You, The Longest Ride, The Notebook and Jenny’s Wedding are at the top of the list :heart:

I know it’s a shocking list :stuck_out_tongue: for TV shows Lost Girl was one of my favorites, Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, Wynonna Earp and Orange is the New Black are the tops of that list