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@Nathan_Faxon, I agree, that was definitely one of the best parts. Right up there with His real name is Francis! He got Ajax from the dish soap! for me.

@P0RT3R, young child. There is a reason for ratings. If you were to see it, your natural youthful innocence would be stripped from you, leaving you a shell of your former self. (Just convince your parents/guardians it’ll be a great movie. My sister is like 16 and she got to see it. It’s really not that bad. Brink of PG-13, right guys?)

@Nekumura, he’s definitely right for the part. If you liked his humor in Deadpool, you’d probably also like Waiting… (The elipses is part of the title)


He is really good in R.I.P.D


@Lightsavior, I really didn’t care for RIPD much actually. Felt like it was targeted for children to me


Lol me and my granda love it but each to their own my friend but ya it probably was we are just immature


Parents isn’t the problem, the strictness of the cinemas is.


I’ve heard of it.
Haven’t gotten a chance to watch it much but it seems interesting.

Who knew satan would make an interesting detective.


Went to see Deadpool today, I’d rate it 69/10


I like Korea and Chinese dramas.


I like Naruto, One punch man.


Just watched Ghost in the Shell, the 2015 movie and I have to say that I liked it. It was a bit complicated to follow at some points but not in a way that it put me off from watching it, besides that it was very nice to watch.


Just watched Attack on Titan… Why does everyone think this show is the best thing ever? It’s got a really interesting concept and nice animation (when it’s not just randomly showing montages of still frames over dialogue) but it’s pacing is atrocious. It feels like watching a way more depressing version of Naruto where they introduce tons of supporting characters just to kill them off to remind you how terrible the world they’ve created for the show is. I mean, I’m not saying it’s a bad show by any stretch, but it’s severely overrated. Feels a lot like Claymore too, except everyone didn’t think Claymore was the second coming.


I agree. People treat it like it’s the next anime of the decade or something. It’s a good show, but by no means the “Greatest Of All Time” or GOAT, for short.


I just love the concept of making enjoyable characters that are well liked, just so I can kill them off.

Which is why I chose to write :smiley:


TV shows (including anime and western cartoons):

Game of Thrones
Doctor Who
American Horror Story
How I Met Your Mother
Breaking Bad
Attack on Titan
Gravity Falls
Adventure Time
Over the Garden Wall
Avatar: The Last Airbender
The Legend of Korra
Boys Over Flowers
My Love From the Stars

The Orphanage
The Others
The Innocents
The Shining
The Prestige
The Three Colors trilogy
The Philadelphia Story
His Girl Friday
Princess Bride
Pan’s Labyrinth
V for Vendetta
Miracle in Cell No. 7
The Tale of Two Sisters
Millennial Actress
Castle in the Sky


@EmperorHeartless AoT doesn’t really do that. Most of the characters aren’t very likable. Most of the characters that get killed off only get a minor introduction at best and the main reason you care at all is because they usually get a bit of humanizing dialogue before being killed off.

It’s like someone who only ever watched Shonen wanted to make a show with mature themes but only knew how to make Shonen so he just made a Shonen that was really dark and violent and depressing. Apparently it was the same director as Death Note, for whatever that’s worth. I saw a video comparing this director to Zack Snyder, and I can’t say I completely disagree.

Millennial Actress? Now that would be a very different movie… lol

Ah, you must complete your Satoshi Kon experience by watching Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent. The latter even has the same composer as Paprika and Millennium Actress.


I have watched them all, loved them too, but those two were my faves out of all his films. Paprika because the movie is better than the book, and Millennium Actress because I could totes relate to her.


As someone who considers SAC the definitive Ghost in the Shell experience that ARISE movie trailer is freaking me right the fuck out. XD Why would they pick the most recognizable voice of The Major to play a side character in the ARISE movie… and then give her the most lines out of anyone in the trailer? It’s almost like they’re saying “Hey remember how much you liked Stand Alone Complex?” Oh wait… that’s exactly what they’re saying isn’t it…


I don’t know if this is the right place but Robot Wars is back on the BBC.


I’m too busy watching Preacher on AMC to journey into the world of BBC, though robots fighting (if that’s what it’s about) sounds awesome.


Just watched The Crazies, pretty awesome movie, and please remind me to never drink water again.