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@P0RT3R I had to google that. Seems erm interesting.


Can’t wait for Inhumans, I wish marvel could have just skiped some of the others for the moment and made that one


Hey, Sandra Bullock can always do what Robert Downey Jr. did in *Tropic Thunder*. :smirk:


… wasn’t that to ‘satirize’ the fact that a lot of white actors get hired in the place of black actors for black roles


“Etan Cohen created the role of Kirk Lazarus as a way of lampooning the great lengths that some method actors go to depict a role.”

That’s from Wikipedia, so it’s sorta ehhh, but I think this was the given explanation and general interpretation of the character.

Having seen the movie, I can agree with this assertion.


@Packet ah, okay. conflicting information then, but i can’t say much considering i haven’t fully seen the movie. still, probably not great to do that and play it straight.


I’d recommend seeing the movie just for the hell of it, lol. :smile:

The movie is inappropriate like the devil, and it’s hilariously glorious.
If people want to look for controversial content, they don’t need to look too deeply.

It’s everywhere in Tropic Thunder.

But, I suppose that might be a core concept of what a satire is.

Enjoy it, be offended by it, laugh at it, think about it, forget about it, dwell on it, move past it.


Perhaps, you’re right.
I never really thought about the whole blackface aspect of Downey’s character.

Maybe, this is a sign that I must reflect on my perception of good humor.


@Sneaks bad jokes themselves are just eh, but making certain groups of people into a joke can serve to both salt the wound and affect the general perception of said people, which is something to consider and is a fairly serious thing.

@seabean that is absolutely perfect, i couldn’t remember his name! the person’s, i mean–schmidt’s my second fav.


I think a good dose of mockery keeps you grounded, honestly. That extends to races, religions, genders and sexes. There’s a difference between affectionate satire and mean-spirited ridicule. I wouldn’t count Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder as being derogatory to black people, both because of how obviously ridiculous his character is and also because the movie has actual black people in it.

And making an instance of blackface in a movie under the sole purview of a crazed method actor isn’t exactly encouraging it, so much as demeaning it.

I’ll quit veering off topic though, before @FairyGodFeather starts sending disapproving looks my way.


@Sneaks i wasn’t specifically referring to this instance, just in general, actually.


Not meaning to attack you here, just wanted to say: If a good dose of mockery keeps you grounded, you must be prepared to accept that nothing is above a little mockery. I don’t know about you, but in the past people who said similar things got offended as soon as I made a joke about their favorite political cause or their childhood hero.

I think that some things should be above mockery. I’m not saying your opinion is invalid, but if you think nothing should be above a little mockery you should be prepared to have your own preferences and morals mocked as well.


I certainly am. I even mock my own preferences and morals. For example:

Atheists are a gaggle of smug, holier-than-thou jackasses, and Persona is a used up whore of a franchise.

There’s two things that I have ruthlessly bashed and yet are very important to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


First, Fairy’s not the one that’s going to smack you upside the head for saying something. Generally, that going be me. Second, if you want to say something controversial, that’s fine, so long as they’re phrased politely. It’s been made clear to the moderators that free speech, so long as it’s civil, is the preference on the forums, and we’re here to keep the conversation civil, not to enforce or erase any view points. I’ll note that the least polite parts of your post were above and below the actual core content of your post (that regarding the character of Kirk Lazarus). If you had just stuck to that as a core, I wouldn’t even be calling you out for what you posted right now, and I’d be sticking to neutal tone on reminding everyone to consider everyone else’s view points.

Third, pay attention to context and how some people may not have the same context or views as you. You presented blackface as an option. For anyone that hasn’t seen or read up on the movie, I think we can both see where that immediately ends up and why perhaps it’s best to acknowledge careful consideration should be taken when presenting blackface as an option. We can talk about blackface civilly, and how Downey’s usage of it is fundenmtally different for how it is commonly used (and presented), but it’s a deep and complex topic that needs careful consideration and needs to be afforded a certain amount of respect.

Fourth, neither of those are core to the point, that you, @Sneaks and @OfficerRattlesnake were told that the discussion was off topic, which is why your posts were moved to a thread where they are on topic and why I’m now taking my time to tell you what you did wrong. I know all three of you have the option to respond as a new topic, and even baring that, you can quote a user and post in a different thread. Use one of those next time.

This is not a warning. None of your posts were hidden, flagged, or otherwise removed. This is a gentle, but firm reminder that we want to remain on topic, that we want to remain civil, and that we want to consider every view point on every post we make. That’s one of the reasons we have such a good community here.

Oh, and fifth, don’t call out the mods, we already put in enough time just generally trying to keep everything as smooth as possible here, pretty close to thanklessly. Adding to our workload, stress, and general annoyance doesn’t endear yourself to us, and it doesn’t really endear yourself to anyone else in the community either.



There we go, that’s what I needed!
A good kick in the ass goes a long way for me, sometimes.

Thank you for that.
I really needed it.

I’m a little stressed IRL, but I’m not even gonna try to justify what I said or anything.
(I’m just gonna delete that toxic mess.)

@OfficerRattlesnake and @FairyGodfeather, I apologize for my words and actions.
I haven’t been thinking straight lately, and I didn’t mean to lash out at anyone or be nasty like that.

After a good night’s sleep, I’m thinking more clearly now and I have some regrets for what I said.
I’m going to drop the subject of Kirk Lazarus before it drags the rest of my good face down with it.

Now, to try to do something actually productive…
rubs chin

Off the the drawing board!


Oh so I found the thread where that long story was about @Packet lol so this is where it all started😱.


This is kind of a big question.

I enjoy Law and Order SVU
Big Brother (The reality show where they follow people with cameras)
The Hunt on CNN
American Green (always interesting to hear about how blew scammed for millions then blew it on material items)
Wayward Pines (Just started this season)

I’d a big TV and movie fan. I like shows that have thrillers in them. Shows that you can’t predict the outcome easily. I’ve been a fan of acting in general. I used to be an actor in High School then I stopped. Sometimes I wish I would pursued that. The number of TV and movies are too big to put in here. I watch really anything that’s good.


Oh yes!

The new season of Under the Dome has started! Just going to wait for it to finish so I can watch it all in one day


yesterday I started watching Gurren Lagann and I have just watched 23 episodes in one and a half day… I love it, I really love it.


I was watching Kura wa zombie desuka.
Got my daily cross dressing zombie dude fix. (and nearly died of laughter)