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I only saw a handful of episodes of Sarah Connor Chronicles and it never really grabbed me. I was never really able to fully grasp the thread of the plot, and part of it may have been that I was stupid or not paying close enough attention, but I kept getting the impression the show was expecting me to recall a bunch of trivia from decades old movies in order to understand why certain characters and events were important. And here I mean beyond just a basic understanding of who John and Sara Connor are, ir what Skynet is.

Summer Glau’s performance was probably the only thing that left a real positive impression on me from the whole thing; and even that was a bit of a novelty act. I know the show has its fans however, so it may just not have clicked with me.

In the realm of shows inspired but not actually based on movies, the recent Fargo series was quite a bit better than it really should have been.


So after a night of binging on Netflix with a mate, I finished watching the second season of American Horror Story.

IMHO, AHS: Asylum is by far one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen (awesome plot + characters [and the amazing Zachary Quinto] :wink:) . And now I think I have an addiction… o.o


I finished off House of Cards (both seasons) in two weeks last month. Great story and solid acting, especially from Kevin Spacey and Corey Stoll. Now I’m watching Game of Thrones. I’m three episodes in and liking it so far. (Don’t bother spoiling me; I’ve read the books :P)


Recently watched the game of thrones. All I can say so far is that everyone in the lanistars (except Terian.) deserves to -the following information has been blocked due to the graphic nature of its content.-


A few months on…

I have actually watched the 12 Monkeys series now. It’s definitely not as good as the movie, but it is its own thing.

I only got a couple of episodes into it though before it lost my interest. I wouldn’t say it was bad as such, just that it’s not my cup of tea. I glance at the recaps over on instead now.


About a month ago I have watched Avatar The legend of Aang.
Right now I’m watching Supernatural which is an amazing series, I’m half way trough season 2.

I’m planning on watching The legend of Korra, season 3 of Under the Dome and Attack on Titan after that.


You mean The Last Airbender right? XP


@P0RT3R I really enjoyed The Legend of Korra, which surprised me, since I don’t generally watch cartoons (or much tv shows at all anymore). I binge-watched the whole show a few months back.


I’ve been watching the 70’s Six Million Dollar Man, myself.


I had to post about how awesome (almost perfect) the first two episodes of Daredevil were.

Cox makes his character seem super intelligent with just hints of womanizing tendencies. Check

Foggy is charming and witty with “mighty eel strength” and you can totally understand how he might already feel like the sidekick to his hyper-vigilant law partner.

The pacing was relaxed, with tense scenes and some pretty epic beat downs to mix it up.

And the opening credits are beautiful.


Wait for the next few. I’ve seen seven episodes and it only gets bettyer.


I’ve just finished watching Netflix’s Sense8, which I’d say is groundbreaking and oh so very different than anything I’ve seen before. I don’t think there’s been a sci-fi show as queer as this since Torchwood.

I’m still not sure if I actually liked it or not. There was a lot of it that I found problematic, just as there were parts I loved. I did watch all 12 episodes in a row.

I love the ability to binge on shows, that I don’t have to watch week after week. It stops me from losing interest. Netflix is great. It’s also how I prefer to read books.


Just watched “Watchmen”, amazing movie. Only problem was that I tought it would probably be about 2 hours long. And oh what was I wrong. It’s 3 and a half hours long…

Still a great movie!


Just discovered that Joe Dirt 2 is coming out! Hoo Rah


I’ve only watched the first three episodes of Sense8, but so far, I love it.

I tried to watch it alone originally, but then I saw the scene where Amanita protects Nomi from the trans-exclusionary feminist at Pride in the first episode, and I had to stop so I could watch it with my girlfriend instead.

So far, Amanita is my favorite character, but that’s unsurprising - she reminds me of me.



I will stop being bad and discussing movies/tv shows on my literature thread and discuss them here instead. :slight_smile:

Why is it whenever a movie with a male actor fails they don’t blame it on his gender? Look at the amount of superhero movies with male leads that have done disastrously bad. Yet no one blames it on them. And sometimes if a movie with a female protagonist does well, she doesn’t get the credit.

Pacific Rim had the wrong protagonist, it should have been Mako. She’d the far more interesting story. I was glad she wasn’t relegated to love interest though.

Pitch Black, on the other hand, did have a female protagonist. I loved that movie. Of course I bet everyone thinks Riddick was the protagonist.

I loved Suckerpunch. I never could rewatch it though. I think it did deserve to fail because it was seriously mis-advertised. I went in expecting a fun (okay an awful since the reviews were terrible) escapist fantasy with women kicking butt and I ended up with a psychological horror. There was something about it that just clicked for me though. I loved the soundtrack, loved the action sequences, and taking it as a couple of hour long music video/video game cut-scene it would have been great. And there’s then all of that layers of psychological horror beneath it, and the very interesting ways it plays with fantasy and reality. But I do get why most people absolutely hated it.

Has anyone seen Predestination with Ethan Hawk and Sarah Snook? It’s an interesting time travel movie based on a Heinlein short story. Which I can’t really say more about because spoilers. I’d definitely suggest watching it, without any sort of spoilers. Do not read what the plot’s about.


Predestination was amazing, especially when you understand the story :blush:


Haven’t seen Predestination, will have to look it up. Pitch Black is a good movie :slight_smile:

I think the issue with Sucker Punch (at least for me) is it couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a shallow action film or a disturbing abuse one and sort of jumped from one end of the spectrum to the other, so the plot ended up not being developed well enough that I became particularly invested enough to really care about any of the characters. It was sort of like, oh yeah ok another action sequence where they shoot things up. Hang on, back at the seedy institution…and back in another dream sequence where they shoot things up. I think it could have been done much better if they developed the characters more. I agree it was misadvertised. I went into it expecting an escapist action film, getting the psychological horror thing instead was a bit depressing. I’m also not personally a fan of a lot of the films that rely on special effects and action rather than story line and since the story didn’t “click” for me on this one, it’s probably why I dislike it so much. As for female leads being blamed for bad action movies- probably doesn’t help that the majority of well paid/influential Hollywood directors are male (Was reading an article on it the other day). It does stand to reason that having both genders working on direction would help balance things a bit better.


Actually for something different, there’s a number of privately made web shows that are really quite good, especially considering the small production teams and limited budgets. Some of my favorites are:

Journey Quest:
Standard Action:
The Gamers:
Aidan 5


Today I started and finished watching Girls und Panzer and I really, really, really liked it.

Luckily for me there will also come a movie of it probably somewhere this year.

Panzer Vor!