TV shows anyone?


man In the high castle.


THE MOST THRILLING SERIES on Amazon hands down!

Also for my fellow Cumberbatch Fans, Patrick Melrose is on Showtime bois!


Watching Empress Ki


Wait waaaaaaattttt?!
I never realized that…



During his service, Mrs. Miyagi and their newborn son died in the Manzanar camp due to complications during childbirth, a loss that haunted him for decades.

Karate Kid was real about how dark some things are. It’s the scene where he’s drinking, and he goes on about his military service. He talks about his wife and her dying in a camp.


Adding recs as others mentioned above for Rome (seriously underappreciated), Outlander, and the Crown. Stranger Things is fun, too, and I enjoyed earlier seasons of GOT.

Also, The Last Kingdom is excellent. I believe it’s in Netflix in most countries, and its third is due to premiere on it later. (Based on some book series… main character is Saxon by birth, but captured and raised as a Viking and later wants to reclaim his birthright. Takes place around the forging of “England” from its kingdoms and while Vikings have occupied some areas).

Also River. Not usually big on procedurals, but Stellan Skarsgard is amazing as a detective plagued with solving his partner’s murder and being half mad, too. It’s only 6 episodes total.

And another missed, gone before its time would be Pushing Daisies. It’s so beautifully shot, the colors and costumes are amazing, and the writing is quick and witty. Premise: Guy discovers he can bring people back to life if he touches them, but if he touches them again, they go back to being dead - permanently. This comes in handy in moonlighting as a crime solver when not baking pies.


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