TV shows anyone?


Anyone going to be watching ‘Marvels Runaways’ on SYFY? Heard its going to be pretty good and far better than ‘Inhumans’ (which was a good Series in my opinion despite the poor reception in most cases)


I didn’t like the first season much for multiple reasons (stuck with it because I liked the books), but I think season 3 has been good overall so may be worth having another look at even if you didn’t like the first season. (Heads up, season 1 in particular is not very PG.) It’s also seems to be trying to be one of the more inclusive shows I’ve seen in a while. Of course they’ve left it on a cliff hanger :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope cause I watched it on Hulu :stuck_out_tongue:. You should go for it! It’s really nice, more character driven than conventional superhero tv shows.


The Good Fight is truly excellent right now.

Likewise, Killing Eve is shaping up to be phenomenal. Reminds me of Hannibal, only with female protagonists and without the cannibalism. But lots of dry humor.


Just finished magicians season 3 and wow, just wow that ending


I’m watching The Resident which to me is an excellent show, also Lucifer, and all sorts of animes right now.


Good news: Started watching Barry today. It’s about a hitman (Bill Hader) who discovers his passion for acting. Funny stuff.

Bad news: Ash vs Evil Dead was canceled. While I largely don’t care for this season, I will definitely miss my weekly gore fest. :persevere:


The time in between. It’s about the story of a spanish seamstress getting stuck in Morocco during and how it starts her on a journey to become a spy for the Allies during WWII in order to keep Spain out of the war. She uses the patterns in her clothing to send coded messages.

It’s got beautiful fashion, intrigue, some romance and violence, and historical people


Omg did they say why Ash vs Evil dead got cancelled? Last I saw, they were filming season 3 :frowning:


Watching Gotham right now :slight_smile: I totally binged the first 3 seasons. I’m on 4 but I’m a bit slow on the uptake this time. But I’m looking forward to what happens next.


No idea. However, can’t say that I enjoyed much of what I already saw of S3. :confused:

Hope you’re having fun! There’s a lot to like about this season. :smile:


I only watched the first episode of the third season, so I don’t have much of an opinion yet. Then again… I haven’t really been compelled to go back since watching last. Not sure if that’s telling, but then again I might be inclined to agree with you.

As for Gotham, I certainly am :slight_smile: I haven’t gotten sick of watching so far, but I am a little behind (I think I’m on episode 10 right now). I only discovered it a few months ago. To be honest, I can’t believe this has been out as long as it has without me knowing about it. I love how they have made the characters familiar but at the same time unique. Ugh talking about Gotham just makes me word vomit, sorry :sweat_smile:


I’m afraid I only watched the first three episodes of the season. I usually watch it together with a friend and, so far, we both didn’t really felt like continuing.

No problem. It’s a fun show. I started watching in 2016 and wondered myself why I hadn’t gotten into it sooner. :thinking: Who are your favorite characters? What do you think about this season’s baddies, Pyg and Sofia? Thoughts on Bruce and Gordon? (No need to answer. I’m just excited to meet another fan of the show. :joy:)


Anyone else excited for cobra kai coming out tommorrow?


I like Netflix tv shows , but I don’t really like its policy. I have to use fineproxy proxy server to get access to it. It allows watching Netflix streaming even overseas. Black Mirror is my favorite tv show.


I know everyone hates it now but the walking dead is actually a great show (in my opinion) and I think it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already


My nihilistic arse prefers Westworld xD


Sense8 was phenomenal. I suggest you give it a try.


Just finished watching The Good Place. Totally on my recommend to everyone list now.

Haven’t seen, although I did catch the original Karate Kid yesterday, and you know what I never noticed before? The whole part of Mr. Miyagi’s wife dying in an internment camp.


Desperate Housewives
Jane the Virgin
Bojack Horseman
The Good Place