TV shows anyone?


My top 5 favorite shows are,

5.Samurai Jack


3.Steven Universe

2.Mystery Science theater 3000

1.Gravity Falls


My favorite tv show list in no order

  • Batman:The brave and the bold
  • Arrow
  • Band of brothers
  • Castle
  • Deadliest warrior
  • Mirai Nikki If anime shows are allow
  • Ghost adventure


Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 4 is finally on Netflix.


I don’t finish a lot of shows I started, but Black Mirror and Archer are probably my favorite shows of all time. Stranger Things is pretty entertaining too.


I watched a lot tv shows
Big Bang theory
Black Mirror
American Horror Story


And actually better in a great many other areas, loved for instance the fact that the love pheromones in one episode were quite capable of creating same-sex attraction as well as opposite ones, whereas in both TNG and DS9 they were apparently only capable of causing (nominally) straight attractions.
I also like that due it nominally being a “comedy” show the characters are allowed to be a lot more human, with all the flaws that entails, instead of being the almost always perfect human beings TNG’s Federation seemed to be populated with.

As for the MacFarlane brand of comedy the only episode to date and indeed in the entire first season that had jokes that I really disliked was the first/pilot one, the rest I could take in stride.

In conclusion I certainly like it a lot better than Star Trek discovery, which feels like a rather badly written fan-fiction with an unlikable mary sue protagonist set in a universe where lights above 40 watts are apparently outlawed, making it dark and depressing, instead of the dark and gritty they were apparently going for to me.
Of course that is also predicated on the fact that I personally used to watch Star Trek for its inherently optimistic vision of the future, which Discovery seems to have done away with entirely.

It is also my sincere hope that it becomes as popular as it deserves to be and help push sci-fi into a more utopian and egalitarian direction again.

Well yes, but then I only really like all the episodes with Matt Bomer.

In general I prefer to spend what free time I have gaming or reading, over watching TV, the Orville and the shows/episodes of certain actors I really like being the exception there.

The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017)

G’Kar has probably my favorite arc in all of TV.

Also gotta call out the well thought out implementation of psychics. It bugs me that Star Trek and Star Wars have mind readers running around and everyone trusts them, no question. Well, Star Trek is supposed to be a space utopia so I could see them just trusting Vulcans to behave themselves. I still prefer B5 as a portrayal of how a society would actually respond.

I wish the show had a little more consistency, because when it’s on point it’s great.


The Originals #1 show


Black Mirror


Bit old school; but Invader Zim was really good (honestly, the Irken and GIR are adorable) as well as Gravity Falls with the Dream Dorito and psycho ventriloquist dummies,a super weird town (that I have been to, who says Oregon is a bad place to go; its awesome!)

Marvels Inhumans
Young Justice (can’t wait for OUTCASTS to come out)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Flash, Arrow, Supergirl (despite it being annoying at times) & DC Heroes of tomorrow
Agents of SHEILD
and FINALLY Stranger Things


It’s good? I heard some pretty bad things and reviews were so crap that I didn’t bother :sweat_smile:


Eh, I also read reviews that said things like “Bright is police propaganda” (even though, honestly, its depiction of police is almost entirely negative) so I take anything said by critics with a grain of salt.


They probably say its bad because it doesn’t follow the Graphic Novel’s well…but that’s just the magic of media and power of the directors. It is good though.


I’m currently hyped for Killing Eve. Now, that the first season of Counterpart – which I warmly recommend – has ended, I’m in desperate need of good, fresh shows. Also, I finally need to catch up on The Expanse because I’ve been only hearing good things.

I don’t really have favorite shows but one that has consistently impressed me over the last few years is BoJack Horseman.


I had been running without a Teevee…for…hum…at least 10 years . Last Summer I finally moved and…got a Teevee . Although…while I found some stuff to watch , the ‘commercials’ are just too painful . Just so many of them…urgh

Anyway , the latest Tv show I saw (not on the damn Teevee though)…was : Murder She wrote .


I don’t watch TV its self these days as being a british person that moved to canada i feel i would quickly throw something at my TV due to ads…i hate ads…

But I digress the question is about series not TV itself and although I prefer movies I have a few series I love…

Game of thrones is fairly obvious, then there would be a few of the marvel series on netflix such as Jessica Jones. Talking about netflix there is also this wonderfully weird show on netflix called Dirk Gently that I love


A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 just came ouuuuut!
Seriously, this is my only reason to subscribe Netflix.

Season 1 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer

I know it’s just a rated PG Tv show, but hey, how can anyone not love a story about a murderer chasing three orphans while killing all their guardians?


Rome is stupidly good. It’s like GOT without the dragons, but more nakedness to compensate.


I don’t watch TV much and the only shows I watched recently is Torchwood,doctor who and broadchurch and that’s about it


Bojack is weirdly amazing.