TV shows anyone?


Really liked Daredevil, looking forward to Punisher too. I’ve just started watching Mindhunter, but it seems pretty good too. Oh! And how could I forget, Star Wars Rebels and Clone Wars are at the top of my priority list.
With college I barely have time to watch anything, but I was a big fan of Bones, Sanctuary and a big big fan of Workaholics, too bad it is over.

internal anime are tv shows debate

Me: Why can’t we say an anime?!
Me2: It has its own forum!
Me: But they are still tv shows!
Me2: Yes but what if we make a compromise
Me: What
Me2: How about we say avata-punched in face
Me: mindless screams of rage

Avatar and the legend of Korra were pretty good.
I mostly watch tv with my family so we each goldbergs, modern family, and agents of shield.


I recommend Dirk gently’s holistic detective agency. It was awesome characters and insane but extremely succinct plot. It was my surprise show of the year.


I had just found BEYOND… and i am happy i somehow found it because it is so cool…now i only need to digest and understand the plot of the story line…


I know it was canceled, but what about Hannibal? It’s a beautifully filmed show… The other shows mentioned here are great too.


You meant Beyond ?? No … No… It was not canceled, season 2 is coming January 18, 2018 right ?

it is going to be a 2 episodes Pilot…

I totally love the character and Romance interaction between Holden and Willa It was a smart plot, they let Willa concede about Holden totally forget about her and until episode 5 when Holden had his date with Jamie, i was surprise the twist where he finally remember how he met Willa and race to find her… , i think there are already titles for season 2


He was talking about Hannibal, hannibal was canceled


Peaky Blinders can be found on Netflix and stars Cillian Murphy. It is a gritty period piece following a rising crime family in 1920s Birmingham, England as they struggle against the competition and cope with police investigations, as well as deal with power struggles and family dynamics within their own organization. Not recommended for the faint of heart - definite emphasis on the gritty.

On the flipside in terms of tone we have iZombie, which I saw someone else recommend as well. It follows a brain-eating zombie ME Assistant as she fights crime with her newfound zombie powers and attempts to keep those around her snacks in human brains. Airs as an episodic cop procedural with the added drama of dealing zombie problems and the problem they pose to Liv’s life. Fun show to watch that rarely takes itself too seriously.

Limiting myself to one more so I’m not writing all day. Person of Interest makes the list because you mentioned Mr. Robot and while PoI is more akin to a cop procedural it also deals with morality concerning the evolution of technology, though with a greater focus on the AI and government. The premise of the regular episodes involved the main characters being given a name of someone either in great danger or about to inflict severe damage - their goal is to prevent the danger before it occurs. Created by one of the Nolan brothers and also has Michael Emerson (Lost) as one of the main characters.


I love Person of Interest, still waiting on Netflix UK to stick the final season up so I can watch John, Finch and Root be more awesome.


Don’t forget Jesus himself is Emerson’s co star.


Brace yourself for Finch’s best scene then. Emerson gives a great performance.


I really disliked the last season of Person of Interest. It felt like the showrunners didn’t know they’d get another one and then struggled to make it flow right. The last episode makes up for a lot of the dissonance of the season, though.

My personal recommendation forever and always is Babylon 5. A 90s sci fi space opera it hasn’t aged well, I admit, but. It’s one of the smartest, best-written tv series of all time, easily the best sci fi tv series. Characters are multi-layered, technology is sensible, space battles make sense and most of the bad guys have such believable motivations that it’s hard to dislike them. The first season is admittedly rough and the fifth season was only greenlit as an afterthought so all the major metaplot was handled by the time it was filmed, but the three middle seasons make up for all of that. Season 4’s Shattered Dreams still has some of the most emotional tv moments ever and The Wheel of Fire has one of the most satisfying conclusions to a minor character’s arc I’ve ever seen.


Does anyone else watch The Orville? I think it gets a bit of a rap because of it having Seth McFarlane and not everyone likes the guy’s brand of humor but The Orville is actually very faithful in parts to classic TOS/TNG Trek and plays well with some great sci-fi tropes.


Brace yourself because here comes a list with most types of tv series genres.

  • Black Sails - one of my most recent obsessions. Pirates.
  • Chicago PD - follows an police unit in Chicago. Spin-off from Chicago Fire.
  • Chicago Fire - follows a house of firefighters in Chicago.
  • Underground - Slavery.
  • Eastsiders - Relationship drama. Gay relationship drama.
  • Outlander - Historical.
  • Call The Midwife - have not watched more than a couple of episodes yet but at some point I will. Historical based on real life happenings.
  • Community - lots of laughs.
  • iZombie - zombie ME teams up with a detective and uses her powers to solve cases.
  • Reign - only watched the first season as of yet but plan to continue. Historical, based on real life happenings.
  • Sherlock - Detective, crime.
  • The Walking Dead - zombies… lots of zombies.
  • Transparent - a show I watch more for fun, though it brings up alot of crucial topics. relationship drama.
  • Beau Sejour - what the hell is going on is the real question here.
  • Chewing Gum - a show to laugh your guts out to.
  • Chuck - spies. CIA, NSA.
  • Graceland - also spies.
  • Grimm - crime, supernatural.
  • Merlin - historical and supernatural.
  • Rebellion - go females. Historical drama based on real life happenings.
  • Roots (2016) - slavery. sadly based on real life.
  • Saints and Strangers - historical based on real life.
  • Terranova - futuristic/dinosaurs.
  • The Musketeers - Aramis, Phorthos, Athos and D’Artagnan.
  • The Returned (US) - mystery, slightly creepy.
  • Quantico - conspiracies right and left, FBI.
  • Wayward Pines - I’ve only watched the first season and don’t plan on watching more as I believe it ended on a good point. mystery.
  • Mr Robot - of course I can’t forget to mention this too even though you’re aware of it!

Hmm, what no, im not obsessed with tv series? :grin:
If anyone watches /have watched any of these, hmu because I’d love to talk to other people who have seen the different series.

Also, just to point out, this isn’t all of the series I’ve watched…


Bones is a really good show. Honestly, it might get boring at first but keep watching and you’ll understand why it’s so golden. Although, it is a bit gory. So I wouldn’t recommend it to sensetive audiances. To be honest, I was a bit skeptic about this show but it turns out that the show had both humor, drama, romance, action and mystery. Each episode has something new to offer. You could be disgusted at first, then the next minute you’ll laugh or cry your emotions out. Seriosuly, my emotions got bamboozled. This show is really heart-warming, then it could be heart-breaking.


Bones is quite possibly my all-time favourite. It’s fantastic, and has to be one of the longest running full-length episode drama shows at 12 seasons?


I want season 12 to be on Netflix, sadly it isn’t. I hope 2018 will bring us a new season.


Season 12 is the last one, alas. Though I am glad it ends on a high. You’ll hopefully get it on Netflix sometime next year :slight_smile:


Manhunt: Unabomber, is one more great show that came out last year.


The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon for nerdy jokes galore!