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Adoption would be available to all MCs. While the adopted child would certainly consider both monarchs as parents, they would have only one surname and end up ruling under only one dynasty. This is strictly speaking outside the scope of the game, since the game takes place over several weeks only. However, it would still be influenced by the degree of cooperation and trust your MC fosters with their consort. E.g. if you marry the true Kidia heir and agree to a joint rule (instead of pushing them into the role of consort), an adopted heir would most likely assume the Kidia name and continue the Kidian dynasty.

It’s things like these that the compromising/autocratic trait was created for.

And of course, if you hypothetically end up having several children of different provenance, that’s a recipe for an inheritance dispute. Which again is outside the scope of this game, but worth thinking about nonetheless.


If you have multiple children and it ends up with having a inheritance dispute just have them duel to the death problem solved👍


That is the traditional Kothic way, yes. Not very modern, though.


I’m loving the concept! Definitely makes me excited enough to want to try out all paths.

There’s just one thing. The premise leading up to the decision involving the paths made me feel a bit out of control. MC was suddenly going ahead with that fake heir thing as well as making her proposition to the real heir and I (feel like I) didn’t get to have much input. Sometimes, it felt more passive than interactive - and I was relieved to know at the end I could still decide what the hell I want. Just something to think about. :smile:

Edit: I also love your use of language, especially during dialogue. Makes me feel a little more like I’m actually a medieval princess, capable of medieval expression. :yum:


Chapter one is an introductory segment, which is meant to set the stage and make sure you know all the major players. It also sets up the big dilemmas of the game.

I expect that chapter two has a lot more choice in it, since it’s shaping up to form the bulk of the plot. However, if you found the MC passive in chapter one, this might not be the story for you. Many of the major events of the plot are set in stone, and much of the variation and interactivity comes from setting the MC’s motivations and reactions.

This is a creative choice that I’ve made, in order to control the scope of the story, and keep it from getting too long to finish. I’m not likely to alter it.


We can do that? Well this just made going with Morun a whole lot more attractive to me as quite naturally my mc would want to continue the dynasty under his family name, just with a bit of added Kidia legitimacy.


I’m taking a very brief hiatus to handle some real life shit. I will most likely resume posting sometime in late August, when I have a better idea of my schedule. Writing still proceeds, but more slowly.


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Regarding the scene where we had to choose between getting close to the heir/killing them/ replacing them with a fake. Will we have the option to change our mind midway?



As mentioned in the very first post:

I can add this, though: if you’re not certain which route will suit you best, choose the Lux route. Because of the demands of training a pretender heir, you can switch from it, but not to it, at the end of chapter two.


Who wants a fun teaser from chapter two?


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While my MC does want to avoid bloodshed if at all possible, I do approve of this option. The MC can be so delightfully evil.


how about a passive option like, “i dont really care” or a pragmatic one like " i need to go from A to B, they’re in the way,either they get out or ill step on them" ?



That’s what the first option represents. Avoid bloodshed if possible. There’s no option to avoid bloodshed at all costs because that doesn’t fit the tone of the story.


Since I’m working on the game again today, here’s a snippet from the very beginning of chapter 2:

As you tread the halls of the royal palace, so familiar to you that you could probably navigate them blindfolded, a thought occurs to you. When you were but a small child, this palace belonged to the Kidian dynasty. Most of it was built by Kidian monarchs. Alme was born here, so far as you know. Almost certainly.

And for those who missed it, here’s the World Anvil link again.

Edit: I also did a whole spiel on the books and things that influenced TC, over on my blog. You might be interested in that, too.

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Costume porn, folks.


What’s the point of taking over a kingdom if you can’t look damn good doing it, am I right?


Mmmm, the best porn.


Black is what my prince would prefer, black and gold and I think a majority of his wardrobe would be black with gold accents and gold jewelry of course. :wink: What self-respecting “evil” prince (not that the prince here is necessarily evil, but we are in the role of what most stories would bill as the evil prince, villain) doesn’t like black? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was thinking of either blood-red, dark purple or, of course, pink as accent colours for my prince’s outfits.
Though the accent colour can also be done through gemstones in the jewelry and I do think my prince is fond of the blood-red ruby. :grin:


Could I suggest red accents as a separate choice along with the gold just to really drive the point across that this is the bad guy