Turncoat Chronicle (political fantasy) - beta announced in post 171



We had some fun with memes in the unofficial Discord…

Image transcript

Alternative responses to “I love you”:

  • thanks” - Lux, Belinon Suthis
  • laughs nervously - Kidia heir
  • I’m sorry” - Crow
  • who doesn’t?” - Consort Harim, MC (probably)
  • a horrible decision, really” - King Orust
  • finger guns - Kidia heir
  • i know” (said ominously) - Sheyer
  • why” - Crow
  • if only there was someone out there who loved you” - King Orust (vindictively), Sheyer (matter-of-factly)

Image transcript
  • would never stab anyone - Mother Cyrala, maybe? Consort Harim (has a husband to do their stabbing for them)
  • would stab someone in retaliation - Lux
  • yells “I won’t hesitate, bitch” first - Kidia heir, MC (possibly), Belinon (but then he hesitates), Kady Pradun (probably)
  • would stab without warning - Sheyer, Crow (probably)
  • would stab as a warning - King Orust


Audience participation time!

Due to the project’s limited scope, there are a lot of minor NPCs and background figures that I don’t get the opportunity to develop and showcase in the pure game text. I’m curious to know if y’all make note of these characters, and whether they’re of any interest to you.

Which, if any, of the following characters are you interested in?

  • Iral and Valini Kidia, the deceased monarchs of Koth.
  • Belinon Suthis, the MC’s younger brother.
  • Kady Pradun, the MC’s cousin and childhood friend.
  • Members of the palace staff, like the captain of the guard or the chaplainess.
  • Royalty of neighboring countries, like Tigonne.
  • Figures from Koth’s history.
  • None of these interest me much.

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Thank you for participating!


Damn, this WIP is awesome. Can’t wait to get toe to toe with dear old dad.

Speaking of family - what kind of relationship do the MC and their brother have at the beginning of the story? Will it be possible to involve our him into our plot or …?


Sooo… Am i late to join the beta testing group?


That’s not in the plans. There is some communication with Belinon and he may appear briefly in the epilogue, but he’s not a part of the conspiracy. And I can tell you it’s by no means guaranteed that he would have supported his elder sibling over his father.

I will, however, include some references to their past relationship. Belinon is a good six years younger than the MC and often occupied the role of “annoying kid brother”. Suffice to say, a lot has changed since he was twelve.