Turncoat Chronicle (fantasy, intrigue, WIP)



Played the game and looking forward to seeing more! I find the idea of being the child of the usurper quite interesting. It does seem your father is not a very, um, compassionate ruler, so that might help justify removing him. I do hope to play a fairly good (well, at least as much of good as one can be) character in this. Hopefully by removing the father and uniting the houses a better day for the Kingdom can come! I also like all the unique names, adds a layer of it in fact being in a different reality. Looking forward to more!


Sorry for the delay, again, but at least I am making a little progress on chapter 2, and I have a new question for you. This one is less theoretical so I’d love to get as many answers as possible.

How do you feel about descriptions of clothing/costume in games? I draw a lot of inspiration from period dramas, and those tend to be heavy on the costume porn.

  • I love costume porn! Detailed descriptions are welcome.
  • Moderate occasional descriptions. Not as much costume porn as costume tease, if you will.
  • Complete costume abstinence. Zero description.

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Edit: I should mention that, for everyone who replied and didn’t get a response yet, that’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


Is the second guard always female? Cause I wanted to romance them instead of the city guard but I thought they would be male.


That is a moot question, as there isn’t really romance in the game at all.


I love costume porn! Otherwise what’s the point of being a fantasy prince. :wink:


Who picked no costume porn?


I got through the first page and already loved it! Keep going with this!
Off topic but do you watch game of thrones :no_mouth:


We don’t judge here. It’s a valid choice, that’s why I put it in.

The way I implemented it is, when the first fashion-related dialogue options appears, you can select an option that “turns off” extended clothing descriptions. For the rest of the game. People who want fewer descriptions of crepe and applique need not worry. :smiley: