Trying to remember a game


I’m trying to remember the name of another text based game, I’m 90% sure it wasn’t a choice script game, but here are the details I remember.

I think you played as a kid whose friend/s are trapped in a house with a witch? and not really sure about this but I think the witch had a daughter (who was an adult?) anyway you could go through the house looking for objects to pick up and I think there was a couple of game over’s if you didn’t have the necessary objects

Here are a few details I’m only about 10% sure were in it, but I think you started off the game going over to your friends house but no one answers, so you go round back and climb in their window (I think there might’ve been an object you could pick up in the yard) and when you get in there you see your friend laying in bed, and they might’ve had some sort of illness which caused you to go to the witch’s house.


Nvm I was just looking for the website this game was on and I found it


What did it turn out to be?


Still don’t remember the game, I only wanted to find its name to find the website which is