Trying to create a star wars dnd game with some friends


Any tips from dnd players would be great but honestly any help is appreciated


Don’t know if this will help you, but I read the rules for these specific dice and thought they offered interesting roleplay possibilities. (You said you wanted to play with your friends, so I am assuming you don’t mean creating this game in ChoiceScript.)

Youtube video explaining dice:


There used to be a Star Wars RPG years ago, that I think used d20. I never played it but it have some of the rule books.


Are you trying to make the game from scratch or are you using one of the Star Wars RPG systems out there?

I used to play the Revised Core Rulebook system, then moved on to Star Wars RPG: Saga Edition (which I think is more or less current minus Force Awakens). There are now tabletop mini games that are more D6 style versus D20, and then there’s also the Star Wars space battles tabletop.

If it’s hard to meet up consider using a chatroom. I use, and we use commands like “/rolldie20” to roll a 20-sided die, or “/flipcoin” to flip a coin. This is best for story-driven campaigns where the GM is a fast typer and everyone follows combat rules well.

You could use a dedicated tabletop online solution but that means creating your own maps, designing miniatures, etc., it gets more complicated than it’s worth I think. I love Star Wars D&D :slight_smile:


While there is a d20 Star Wars RPG, I recommend kit-bashing rules for Jedi and writing equivalents for everyone else. Rogue = Scoundrel, Soldier = Fighter, etc. The Paladin or Blade Magic (from Tome of Nine Swords) are good mechanical basis for Jedi abilities.

If you are looking for space opera with D&D mechanics, try Spelljammer. It comes with my personal recommendation as one of the most bonkers and fun campaign settings for D&D ever.


Are you giving combat advantage for having the high ground?