Trouble with Quicktest

I’m trying to do a quicktest on my game, but I’m running into trouble even starting the Quicktester. Both the .bat and .html files open up fine, but both encounter separate problems as soon as I do. The quicktest.bat file (which unlike the randomtest.bat file I have to manually type into Command Prompt to use) gives me the error “Unable to access jarfile js.jar” and the quicktest.html file gives me the error “Invalid scene_list instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt”. My choicescript folder contains a js.jar file, and the only thing above the scene list in my startup.txt file is the default comments about the copyright, and I’ve even moved the *scene_list group around to see if that made any difference. Both running the entire game on Firefox and running the randomtest.bat files work perfectly fine, so I can’t figure out why only Quicktest seems to be having issues. Help?

*comment Copyright 2010 by Dan Fabulich.
*comment Dan Fabulich licenses this file to you under the
*comment ChoiceScript License, Version 1.0 (the "License"); you may
*comment not use this file except in compliance with the License. 
*comment You may obtain a copy of the License at
*comment See the License for the specific language governing
*comment permissions and limitations under the License.
*comment Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
*comment software distributed under the License is distributed on an
*comment either express or implied.


*title Choice of the Ancient Hero
*author Imaginita
*create birthdate "in the age of heroes."
*create age 0
*create name ""
*create arithmancy ""
*create health "Perfectly Healthy"
*create popularity 0
*create pride 0
*create weaponry 50
*create strength 50
*create agility 50
*create constitution 50
*create intelligence 50
*create winemaking 0
*create dueling 0
*create contests 0
*create iron 0
*create sculpting 0
*create maps 0
*create books 0
*create vaccine 0
*create psychology 0
*create favor1 0
*create favor2 0
*create favor3 0
*create favor4 0
*create favor5 0
*create favor6 0
*create favor7 0
*create favor8 0
*create favor9 0
*create sex "N/A"
*create gender "N/A"
*create sexuality "N/A"
*create mother "Mutee"
*create kingdom "Rannoum"
*create old_king "Run"
*create heirloom "N/A"
*create enchant1 ""
*create enchant2 ""
*create enchant3 ""
*create enchant4 ""
*create enchant5 ""
*create enchant6 ""
*create enchant7 ""
*create enchant8 ""
*create flag1_passed FALSE
*create flag2_passed FALSE
*create flag_Piero FALSE
*create flag_Selam FALSE
*create testchar FALSE

Welcome to Choice of the Ancient Hero, a story based on the tales of the Greek heroes.  Step into the shoes of the next great hero of Illas, where the gods still roam the land
and you're as likely to encounter a sphynx on your way as a bandit.  Will you slay monsters, be blown by the whims and wills of the gods, and finally achieve immortality
through the people's stories, or will your life flicker out like a caterpillar snatched away by a bird before it has a chance to even dream of being a butterfly?

Thus begins my first Choice.


In a dark cave, a dark god sits at work, watching souls flicker by, wailing for their life, their loved ones, their gold.  Fools, all of them.  Worthless lives, following a worthless path,
too timid, or lazy, or complacent to pursue what could have been.  Death comes for all in the end, and all you leave behind you is your impact in others' lives, like a footprint in the
sand too deep for the crashing of waves to wash away.

Try putting the scene list below the *title and *author commands.

Don’t know if this is causing your problem but CS is case sensitive and you’ve capitalised the items in your scene list. Make them all lower case and see if that resolves the issue.


The capitalization seemed to be the problem! Thank you!

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