Tropes and stories you hate


This is what I mean by gay villains, what you’re alluding to would be flamboyant, perhaps homoromantic bisexuals.

It would sure be nice for a change.


None of the trailers I saw did anything beyond confirm that she was returning. Also, she’s a pretty minor character in the comics (she died in her first appearance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and I don’t know if her sexuality was ever revealed. :confused:

Well, the ones I saw gave him both an introduction and a “fight scene” :roll_eyes:


Here’s a personal annoyance of mine.

People who believe that age old defense is valid of “Why didn’t the character do X? Because then we wouldn’t have a plot.”

See? That’s the stupid answer. If the entire plot could be remedied by a character taking an obvious solution the entire time and doesn’t for no particular reason, it’s because it’s a bad plot. There are many things that could be at least something of a reason. Maybe the character’s pride get’s in the way of doing anything simple, or they feel like they have something to prove.

But the idea that “Well, if they did the reasonable thing, the movie wouldn’t exist so it’s fine.” That just annoys me.


I know she’s different and minor in the comics. But she’s an established major character in the movie. Having a character who has a pre-established role and showcasing them as (blah) and played by (blah2 related to blah) seems much more appealing than taking a dark horse from the comics and giving plenty of hints that they will be minor at the very least.

Didn’t everyone get an intro trailer? And a lot of the stuff in the trailers were different anyway. (Did everyone get a twitter or was that just Peter?) I mean just from tv tropes


Bedlam punching someone has been left out. Similarly, a scene of Shatterstar fighting two prison guards is absent.

Deadpool saying “You’re absolutely right” to Domino after she answered “Isn’t that a little derivative?” to his announcement of their team’s name (the X-Force) has been cut.

The dialogue with Deadpool saying that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is “pure pornography” was not kept in the film.

Wade’s excuse of rounding up all the gluten in the world, as his excuse for being late, is replaced with rescuing “handi-capable kids from a tree”, and "fighting a caped badass, and discovered that his mamma was named Martha too.


Actually Sir Humphrey Appleby, GCB, KBE, MVO, MA, might fit in as well lol.


I just remembered this one after playing through it again. I HATE the sneak up, grab character from behind, hostage situation. This happens almost all the time to female characters, including female leads with jobs that involve self defense training. It especially annoys me when it happens to a character I’m controlling. When you are not completely helpless, the choices given to get away are the most cliche things like biting. I almost never see the actual informed responses to this type of thing like takedowns and disarming.

I guess it’s supposed to be ‘romantic’ that the guy is so distraught over the girl being threatened (that’s what happened in the scenario I just played through) but it’s just annoying to me. It doesn’t annoy me as much when it’s a man under threat because it almost never happens, especially with capable guys (unlike with capable women).

Just needed to vent cause I’ve watched and played through it three times this week alone.


The Evil military. The military is a bunch of lying backstabbing rapist monsters

That’s why I loved monsters vs aliens. " You do this assignment and you can go free" they do the mission "ok you can go " it’s not a lie


Yeah, it has always been logically inconsistent for me as well.

“Yes, we will trust our heavy weapons, tanks and aircraft to these insane, amoral psychopaths. With them as our army, nothing can possibly go wrong!”

Notwithstanding that for much of human history, being a soldier was just another job. It might be a means to escape poverty or earn citizenship (say during the era of the Roman Empire). During the feudal era, there were quite a few commoners who took up a soldier’s trade because they had no land and no marketable skills.

Even mercenaries, as often portrayed as even worse than uniformed soldiers in media, still have to have a modicum of honor and restraint. If you cannot be trusted to fulfill your contract, why would anyone hire you as a sellsword? Someone prone to fratricide is just going to be fragged by his own side. Certified psychos are not team players and in real life going the Rambo route is just going to get you riddled with bullets. Due to their unsavory reputation, many real life mercenary outfits try to present themselves in as professional a manner as possible. The thing about receiving contracts is trust and even moreso when the people being hired are heavily armed.


There are quite a few character tropes I really don’t like that seem to pop up quite frequently in media.

  • The defensive character: Specifically, I’m talking about characters who are defensive and combative in personality. I think they can be interesting characters, but they are rarely ever done right. They are usually shown as being combative for no reason and are usually disliked immediately by everyone for the sake of conflict. They rarely have a redemption, except for one moment where they’re shown to be nice and the rest of the characters are like “whaaaaat? that person has the capacity for kindness?” Bonus points of awful if the character in question is a girl - I’ve almost never seen a male character with this personality.

  • Annoying comic relief: I hate these characters almost universally. Some humor in serious situations is fine and welcome, but I honestly hate characters whose only schtick is to be funny. I couldn’t give a better example than Ren in OXENFREE. I guarantee you I always ruin my friendship with him. Bonus points of awful if he a.) is a little misogynistic, and b.) ends up with a quiet, shy female character.


The bury all your gays trope. Urgh… Don’t even start this one, it’s clearly annoying.
The passable lesbian for the sake of cishet guys (I don’t know if there’s a name for this trope, but it’s basically this). I mean, lesbians come in all shapes and personalities that almost annoys me when every media that shows one is always a white, feminine, passable lesbian just for the sake of men. And if there’s a more masculine looking girl that gives hints of homosexuality? She’s 100% straight because she’s too “mainly” looking to be gay and wouldn’t please the male audience because she’s not masturbating material.


Probably where Starship Troopers inspiration for “Service Guarantees Citizenship” came from. Only that Terran Federation being either an ultra-conservative or neo-fascist state may not lie about that statement but during wartime survival rates and thus earned citizenships are predictably low and during peace time they apparently get very selective about who even gets to serve so that earned citizenships are also low.
In reality schemes like that are just that, schemes to put a meritocratic, not even democratic, veneer on a de-facto caste system. :unamused:

In addition, though not commented on as far as I can recall it is highly likely there is a small caste at the top where the members do “earn” their citizenship by inheritance and a bigger caste just below it, that was hinted at, who get their citizenships through service in the plum, low risk, high reward positions. Likely just by being employed in an executive position in daddy’s armaments factory and thus being a “vital” part of the military-industrial complex.


I guess mine is more of a pet peeve: the signifier of a “tough woman/girl” being “I hate dresses11!!11!” even when put in a situation where dresses make sense and aren’t even uncomfortable. I don’t love dresses, but I also don’t think they are a Bad Thing? I have red tango dress I like for formal occasions, and I like to wear jeans for the everyday. I don’t think those things have to be mutually exclusive.


I really, really, really hate the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope. I detest it so much that I tend to avoid shows or books that has this. Especially that crap (excuse my language) they pulled in The 100 and in the netflix version of Van Helsing. :disappointed:

There’s also the trope that most films follow by sharing the same, old template for their protagonists and the fact that it’s almost impossible for a male and female to be just friends is so frustrating sometimes. Oh, and there’s also whitewashing :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:. (I’m looking at you Ghost in the Shell, the Last Airbender, and Dragonball Evolution)


I do agree that was the net effect of the policy although I am not sure if that was the intent, even in-universe. Standing armies are expensive and an ever-expanding military apparatus during peacetime is financially unsustainable. It is only during the meat grinder of a hot war that they could justify mass recruitment.

To be fair to Heinlein, when Starship Troopers was written the idea of widespread Universal Suffrage was still relatively new. Perhaps as young as a hundred years in Europe and in the States the 15th Amendment was only passed somewhere in the 1870s. If there is any institution you want to be meritocratic rather than democratic, it would be the military. Speaking as someone who has served in uniform, I want my commanders to be there because they are good at their jobs, not because they won an election. If memory serves, the last democratic military was the French National Guard in the Paris Commune. Predictably a military with elected officers could not maintain discipline; desertions were rampant and the National government took minimal losses during the Siege of Paris since a Guard company deserted their post and left one of the gates of Paris undefended. The National army literally just walked into Paris.


Frail old person that gets picked on is always the super powerful kungfu master with a secret…sometimes old people are just old.

the smaller guy is super tough and the big guy is super weak when you have a bunch of big people near a little guy…i know your trying to send a message to not judge a book and all but your doing it so often its a safe bet

gay doesn’t mean they are auto scum or supervillian. (this is more frequent in the us)

Give heroes more natural emotion and personalities please not one of 3 personalities (absentminded, Brooding, super silly)

Main supporting cast that wear glasses does not always have to mean they are super smart, a villain or some combo of both. Glasses can just mean they need glasses.

yea this one too.


Obvious ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Stupid protagonists who always win everything by “sheer force of will” or the “power of friendship”.
  2. A strong woman always seems to have something dark and heavy happen in their past. :roll_eyes: You don’t see men in action movies who have that.
  3. The smart guy is often the bad guy. This trope just encourages smart shaming.


Oooh this so much. It actually ties into the first one you mentioned too. Where a relative lack of intelligence is treated as a virtue.


This. So. Much.
And if said guy (is always a guy, never a smart girl) is a romance, either leave doing baddie stuff, have to be killed, or is the yandere type (who abuse/imprison or kill the MC).


I agree on 2 being annoying but I will say it’s men a majority of the time too. Not a big movie watcher but in other media it’s super common and usually the easy way creators go to make the “dark, cool guy”. Batman is pretty much the biggest example but there is many others like the Punisher too.

Heck I’m actually playing Soulcaliber VI right now and that’s a lot of the male characters backgrounds so much so that it almost made me stop playing the story mode since your forced to travel with a new character that you can tell the devs want you to think is so cool. Which kind of brings me to the other trope that gets annoying after seeing it so much, whatever the one is called where the person is mean/stand-offish to everyone but does the whole reluctantly cares for people bit every now and then to show they aren’t all mean under that armor and by the end admit they really care.