Tropes and stories you hate


Even if it isn’t explicitly stated I would like chosen ones to go to hell.

Well I’ll make an exception for chosen destroyer protagonists or if no one can agree what the correct translation of the prophecy is.


Hmm… I dislike silent protagonists and characters made to push a writers “world view”, unless it’s done in a humorous way like South Park.


I prefer the way Silver Case and 25th Ward handled the silent protagonist. Looming like a serial killer and making people really uncomfortable.


Never heard of it. Maybe that’s an exception?

I think what annoys me most about silent protagonists is that there’s often an expectation for the reader to imagine the main character’s personality/responses and fit it into the story. Don’t get it, seems lazy af to me. Prolly why I could never get in to Dragon Warrior games. XD


Pretty sure most of the people getting killed in movies are straight white guys.

I suspect that’s one of the things you wouldn’t want equal. XD


Yeah I remember watching Starship Troopers with my best friend for the first time. It seemed like a soap opera to us, every trope included. When it comes to the end, I wondered to my friend, that no one has sacrified himself until this point. At that moment the movie goes. “Oh we go and kill the brain bug” And I was like, ah there commes the sacrifies, looking at the group and my friend and I simultanesly said, " the black guys gonna die". He did and I disliked the end, as I did with the whole film. I think death just for the tragic moment is not necessary.


The only reason for that is because cishet males are far more represented in movies. So of course you’d see them more (either alive or dead). As for lgbt folk? We get like 3 cannonly queer characters a year and if even one dies, well. You can see how that is unfairly disproportionate.


Articles show that it’s not actually all that common for black characters to die in movies. A good number don’t die at all in classic horror films. That being said, obviously for the trope to exist, there has to be some movies where the non white or straight characters do die first.

Personally, I would argue that movies shouldn’t play favorites with any character getting a free pass on survival if they have no value to the movie. But also a personal opinion of mine, I’m against dumbing down different characters or somehow making them seem incompetent in comparison to the lead character who has to be the best at everything.

Of course the protagonist is going to survive until the end of the movie. And more often than not it’s a white female in horror movies. Her “talents” involve screaming loudly and ignoring obvious signs of danger. If a white male, his skills will involve flirting awkwardly with the female lead and ignoring obvious signs of danger while proceeding to develop a forced romance plot in the middle of their impending doom.

I don’t think they come off as much better even if they make it until the end of the movie since that’s basically what the audience expects from them now. They might survive, but they only survive as the butt of jokes and mocked by viewers for just being a stereotypical lead.


Cishet? I’m guessing you mean straight white male? No need to make guys sound like aliens or something lol.

Does’t change the fact about the un-equal amounts dieing. Equal % then? XD

That being said, I have no issues with diff races/genders being actors. I do have an issue with diverse people added to meet “quotas” though. Jobs should always go to the most suited person.

Think I’ve gotten far enough of topic. Time for Zzzzzz


The terminology sound alien to you? Its really just a more specific term. :confused:

If there were as many (or preferably more) LGBT characters alive as the ones that die, than perhaps that would be feebly fair. But the reality is that are barely alive/happy ones in films to even begin with.

So no we don’t want the numbers to be “equal”, as the state of representation now is hardly comparable.

You don’t seem to grasp my original intended argument.
Best we leave it be then.


It basically means non-LGBTQ; it doesn’t have anything to do with race or anything.

But, yeah, there are much fewer LGBTQ characters around, and they have a far higher chance of dying than “cishet” characters of equivalent plot importance.

And, of course, generally LGBTQ characters generally don’t get to be main characters unless the story is specifically about LGBTQ issues… Where’s my big-budget action movie with an LGBTQ lead?! :roll_eyes: I mean, this is one of the reasons I enjoy CoG so much: I can be the gay superhero/secret agent/Chosen One of Destiny I keep waiting for in movies.

Just to note: LGBTQ characters aren’t always killed off due to bigotry. I mean, some are, sure, but others are killed off by well-meaning but somewhat patronising authors who just want to show people how hard life is for the poor LGBTQ people who are too good for this sinful earth. :roll_eyes: And then of course, there’s the fact that LGBTQ characters are generally in minor yet sympathetic roles, and those are also the characters it makes most sense to kill off…


Can’t Zzzzz. x_x

Well presented. It’s refreshing to read a more open minded reply.


Soooo… I have a bit of an issue with negative reactions to LGBT characters dying.

The trope exists because of the false assumption that non- cis/het people must live sadder lives so they’re presented as tragic figures in media. That’s wrong, and should be avoided.

Of course some stories are full of tragedy, and insisting that the few LGBT characters that actually make it into our stories all have happy endings is a mistake.

The Last of Us is a perfect example. The sequel doesn’t even have a release date yet, and I’ve already come across articles on major gaming sites calling it out for the likelihood that the girl Ellie kisses in in the trailer will die. The thing is… dying is what happens in that world. More than 3/4 of the characters big enough to have a name die in the original game.

If we insist that gay characters be immune to death and tragedy then we’re going to get less representation because the LGBT characters won’t fit thematically into worlds defined by tragedy.

Another example of this that was mentioned in the same article was Steve in Mass Effect 3. He lost his husband before the game started, and dealing with the pain of that loss is a part of his character arc. Again though this is a world (or galaxy I guess) defined by tragedy. The game is full of couples separated, or severed by the war.

I’m not saying the trope doesn’t exist. Just that sometimes LGBT characters are going to die, and if we want fair representation we have to accept that.


In one of those didn’t the Japanese home version get the very cute older brother instead of the dad instead? :thinking:

That’s because guys are always assumed to be straight in media unless it is specifically being stated otherwise. A significant chunk of the mooks you mow down in say a shooter game could very well have been gay or bi, but since their role is as disposable cannon-fodder for the mc they are not usually fleshed out and therefore assumed to be straight.

Outside of media specifically targeting us they are mostly side characters with very small roles and never the “leading man” too.

This is really the crux of the argument here in addition to there of course being very few gay male or even bi male characters of any significance in mainstream media and AAA games today and if there are some they are also much less likely to get a happy ending at the end of it.

Or simply a gay gangster, revolutionary, prince or other politician.

I for one would enjoy more non-straight villains too, but that would run the risk of overly re-enforcing the negative gay or “depraved bisexual” stereotypes, unfortunately. So we tend to get saddled with those minor, ineffective and stereotyped goody two shoes milksops far too often.
Again making the majority of what few prominent gay characters there are unambigously sympathetic may be necessary I just also wish that it wouldn’t automatically have to mean they are also almost all of them some form of weak or ineffective so the that either the straight villain can easily kill them or or manly macho hero needs to “save” them. :unamused:

But then I tend to enjoy playing morally gray characters or villains perhaps more then I do the heroes.
I am thankful that many CoG’s do give me the opportunity to do so.


I’m more used to it being parodied at this point. I usually expect the black character to leave preemptivly. Unless it’s a mainly black film. Then I expect the lead to die.

:scream: Clearly a kiss of death haven’t you seen the last girl?

First game. Four black characters die (with one being Ellie’s first love). Gay white guy survives. His lover is dead and not seen. Joel’s daughter. Black girl from Fireflies. And pedo cannibal. Miss anyone important? (Joel’s daughter)

Deadpool! Wait big budget… Deadpool 2!


The first girl trope. Particularly when the show repeatedly brings in new interesting love interests with thorough backgrounds and actual chemistry while the “main couple” remain largely awkward and disfunctional.

Worse is the trope of girls continuing to harp on the main lead even after he outright picks a girl. Love Hina has every girl still single and pining for lead male years later at his own damn wedding.

Gender Dominance. Mainly an manga/anime trope, most common in the slice of life or high school themed manga/anime.

Dense lead male. I’ve read so many I get actual headaches and need break to avoid said headaches during such entertainment featuring them after half an hour or so.

Everyone is redeemable/everyone is a victim. I read a particularly horrible manga which was named after the main character.
Literally every antagonist had a tragic(but rarely bad enough to justify their actions in my opinion) past.
The lead also had some weird dissociative disorder(my personal take on the characters personality) that had him ignoring their past crimes once they’d registered as a “victim”.

All consuming bond. This is probably an enigma to most of you as it’s somewhat rare. It’s when the lead character is fixated on a specific individual, usually absent from the show, to the point of constantly associating a majority of the shows content with said character. Naruto does this with sasuke.

Privileged Eccentric. Usually found in entertainment featuring a mystery element. An oddball character who the rules seemingly don’t apply to because of some prior record of excellence, vague specialty, impressive intellect, or even all three. I mainly dislike how the characters usually follow some stereotypical code of with hold vital information until the end.


We already have quite a few of those. :roll_eyes: Or at least gay-coded villains. You know, effete, flamboyant, no interest in women but obsessed over the male protagonist… I mean, I wouldn’t mind one to actually be definitely gay, but we are lacking gay heroes far more in my mind.

Although… maybe if the hero and villain were both gay… :thinking: That could work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eh, I was not a fan of all the Shatterstar queer-baiting. Even the most LGBTQ-friendly superhero film ever shouldn’t do that. :expressionless:


I thought it was obvious most of the team wouldn’t show up (I mean only Domino really got any promotion and was the biggest name). And it’s not like it’s what they advertised about him right? (was it referenced in an interview somewhere or are we just going off comics?) Neither did it only happened to him.


Well, it’s from the comics, but he is in one of the most famous gay pairings in mainstream comics.


I’d certainly say he has more fans for being Rictor’s boyfriend than for being Liefeld character #475 (this one has a double-bladed sword!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And, yes, his inclusion in the promotional material seemed pretty much tailored to get his (again, most likely gay) fans to watch the film, which I would certainly define as queer-baiting.


At that point wouldn’t Negasonic Warhead get the focus?

But even in the ads he’s in the background… and shadowed.