Tropes and stories you hate


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Look at this point I’m in ‘til the end for these Marvel movies. I’m not going to trash what they’re doing, but Thanos’ plan is idiotic.

First of all for someone who claims to be thinking on a universal scale its remarkably short-sighted. The population of our own planet will double inside a single human lifespan so he’ll have to be willing to do this again at least once per century.

Even worse though…there’s no way that every single planet in the universe is at the point where cutting the population in half would even make sense according to Thanos’ point of view. That means nowhere in the entire universe are there populations that have discovered a way to reach an equilibrium on their own. Or planets that the population hasn’t even come close to reaching what their planet can comfortably sustain.

Thanos is called the “Mad Titan” and it’s accurate. He’s nuts. He can seem rational and persuasive, and he’s obviously successful, but his plan doesn’t make any kind of sense.

Sorry you’re right this is so wildly off topic that I kind of forgot what this thread was about…umm I hate that trope…of all those things I just said.


That’s a nice save right there.


My personal reason for hating this is that some people I know expect this to happen to me too in the future. Like I’m lesbian, I don’t believe in the concept of marriage as a force to keep people together and I can’t imagine myself as a mother. And then someone tells me that I’ll change my mind when I meet the right guy, I could punch those people in the face…


I’d never said I agreed with him nor that he has a say in who lives or dies.

@Camille622 Yeah I know, he believes what he’s doing is right and that he’s correct no matter what evidence is brought against him.

But yeah this is off topic.


I hate this trope as well, though I do like it when there’s a exception though, like when the character just struggle with accepting they want children and marriage but actually desire it but not when they never wanted it.

In the comics, Thanos plan was more idiotic he killed half of the planet for death, the physical being.


Ugh yes, and this is dangerously close to another trope–bi women are just sexual deviants who haven’t found the right guy yet, which is an unfortunate reflection of society’s view of all queer women


Now you’re a vampire Gobrin?

Oh yeah, Enemies that you make more intelligent to be a threat and then they try to make you feel bad for fighting them despite the lack of a choice.


Well… i would think the story of how the next apprentice/protege succeed the Master(s) 's legacy in becoming the new/next saviour is a bit tiredsome… especially they will ensure the Master will either dies at the hand of new manace or sacrifice him/herself just so to emphasis a New hero, in some case… they always said this new hero is the Last of something…

Clear example is of course the Star Wars saga, when twice a Master need to die in order to showcase the new saviour is better…

And in the new mission impossible, the old good master had to turn rogue just so Ethan Hunt could took the helm

I had only vague memory that , only very few movies showcase the story of the old Master returning to save the day when his successor fail to did so… One was an old futuristic movie , where an Old Galactic Marshall came back to avenge his protege’s demise at the hand of the bandits, i was surprised by these outcome since the protege had been the main protagonist for 3/4 of the movie , he had all the face and skill value to be a hero but i was dumb folded when he was defeated by the Antagonist, more surprising was that his old Master suit up his old equipment and return to avenge him. This is really a breath of fresh air for me…

Another was a hong kong movie of 2013, “Unbeatable” , an MMA movie where the Master’s protege had been hurt badly in the ring , before the old master re-train himself to step into the MMA ring to face the Younger Champion…

Both movies were well act and present a more emotional approach over a perceived "Younger " destiny :slight_smile:


Stories which are badly written versions of Harry Potter. I mean its all good and well if your MC is a magical protege or genetically superior to every other character in the story but ending up in another hogwarts is pretty messed up. I dispise these.

Then there’s underdog obsession. An underage village dwelling MC gets a call to adventure in which he barely manages to get a scar across the entire story but the main boss is a heck of a fighter. In theory, the MC should not be able to hold a freaking sword properly.

Dont get me wrong, I love fantasy and myself write these types of stories but I hate these overpowered MCs and utterly bullshit ‘Good vs Bad’ theory. There’s bad in all of us even if just a little.


The concept of a destiny. I hate naruto shippuden because it makes naruto a “chosen one”. At this point, aside from Gai almost killing madara with pure taijutsu, I have zero interest in anything shippuden because of how that trope ruined the series for me.

Also in naruto, the “they’re doing a lot of dirtbag stuff, but I sympathize with them trope”. There is a manga which does this so bad, I hate the dissociative freak protagonist who can push aside any wrong doing the second he percieves vulnerability or some victim status in the villians he faces, more than the villains themselves.

#322 Reptiles can be good guys too! This trope angers me to no end in xenofition!!! How about a story where a reptile is a hero and a mammal is a villain, an other on I disagree with is


I can see why a dragon might not like the reptiles are evil trope. xD


I get sorta frustrated with the childood friends/ best friends to lovers trope but only when it’s straight. Stories where men and women get to just… be pals are super rare.

I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with the trope though it’s just about how excessive it is w/ het relationships. It doesn’t help that it often feels like it’s made to show the characters ~connection~. Even though friendships can have just as much depth!

I actually quite enjoy it when it’s queer but that’s because! There’s not a lot of queer content out there! At least compared to the dozens of straight romances that tell the same story w/ a different blonde woman and dark haired guy.

Honestly when I watch movies or read books in most cases I just hope with all my atoms that the guy and girl won’t kiss. It’s wild how surface level and stale these romances feel most of the time.


Hmm. I’ve always hated the stories that have the whole “Completely normal (protagonist occupation here) surrounded by supernatural/explainable super powered beings” thing. I’ve read so much of it that it bores me to tears. Of course, I’m not saying that stories like that can’t be good or interesting. Just not my cup of hydrocarbons.


I’m starting to hate the “you worked so much to do X…but, surprise! X thing was the Bad Thing all along, and you were tricked to do it!” I’m finding it a little too much lately, and I’m starting to became bored of it.

Another trope I hate is when characters seem to find overly funny point out that the toboysh/assertive girl is “unfeminine”. I love Trails in the Sky, but by the end of it I was very tired of the very tiresome joke about Estelle not being “girly”. Very stupid thing, expecially because she is very feminine looking.


Actually, even being a fan of Naruto, I know what you’re getting at. I also sometimes get frustated by Naruto keep on trying to win over Sasuke like he’s his crush or something.

Other than that, I think the “Chosen One” trope is not exclusive to Naruto either. It is actually all around us.


I’m not sure if this is an official named trope, but it happens often enough that it should be.

The protagonist does something nearly impossible, that only she/he could do, to find the villain has already done it.

A related, but different one is the whole thing where the hero/heroine of the story apparently scores a victory over the villain but muahahaha the villain was impossibly counting on them doing exactly that the entire time.


Yeah, it’s pretty common. I just used naruto as an example of how the trope can ruin otherwise great entertainment.


Can anyone ever tell me of a time where they have sat down, played an RPG and went and said to themselves “Why don’t my weapons degrade overtime? There’s nothing cooler than needing to repair my sword after every fifteen hits!”?