Tropes and stories you hate


I find this offensive to my gobrin culture.



Or about three fiddy.


Excuse me. tree fihdee


Are gobrins like a subspecies? Who cares, all you goblins look the same anyway.


For me it’s superhero in general and dragon ball super saiyan level up. There’s no logic to it, no limit to the power. The baddies getting stronger and no matter what the protagonist will just keep leveling up. Icky.


guess lot of peoples like that kind of thing though lol been watching DBZ since…I was a kid lol .

I enjoyed Dragon Ball Super…but honestly , I wish they give Goku a new ability . for pete sake , he has been spamming Kaioken forever now! He doesn’t need a new hair color but a new ability !


Wasn’t Kaioken supposed to be way dangerous and potentially kill him if he overdid even back in the Vegeta Saga?


Tbh I never understood this logic. Sure he might have saved the world from overpopulation (at least in the movies, I don’t know anything about the comics or his role in them). But I know for sure that if half of my family or other people close to me were to disappear, then for sure I wouldn’t be praising the dude responsinble for that and celebrating bc “hurray! Human race was just saved from going extinct sometime in the future”.


I did watch it a lot when I was a kid. But then after a while it’s got boring because of the leveling up thing. Bleach does it too; I still enjoyed it in the beginning but then it became repetition. Leveling up seems to be the solution to every problem.


well Goku was all about pushing limit and cheating death with those beans . So y’know…even now he turned Blue…he is still using it to get a new power up . They did do an episode and the worst that happen to him from over using it , was he lost his balance Ki and couldnt teleport or fly and forced him to be ‘caring’ for a day :roll_eyes:


Until the end arc. It’s actually a bit funny how the final fight ended.

He doesn’t spam Kaioken, just super sayian god super sayian/super sayian blue. He never really struggles with it like the other transformations until the Broly movie, just instant. And when it was first showed off. He does use kaioken during like every major final battle of the arc though. Except the very last one.

Straight villain most of the time, he is the Marvel counterpart to Dark Seid. And he’s in love with Death so he competes with Deadpool (who also loves her) and happily commits genocide to earn her love (She doesn’t want to kill everyone most of the time, but she still recuperates)

And it’s a joke.


You mean the post I replied to? Then sorry I missed that. But I’ve read people defending his actions before so that might have been why I took @hustlertwo’s comment more seriously than I should have.


You shall now perish human.



If you really think about it Thanos’ overpopulation cure is guaranteed to fail in two directions at the same time. First, way more than 50% are guaranteed to die. Just imagine an airplane where the dead half includes pilot and copilot. Or a hospital where the doctors die, or a nuclear power plant. Heck, kill half the drivers on the right roads at rush hour and all New York starves to death.

Second, if there’s one thing history has shown it’s that when a population survives a large die-off there’s usually a big population boom later on. Give it a couple generations and Thanos will be right back where he started.

I see Thanos as a mad scientist character- He came up with a crazy theory and got laughed at, he destroyed his world trying to save it, and he’s spent the rest of his life trying to prove he was right all along, no matter who dies along the way. He’s basically named for the They Called Me Mad trope.


He actually didn’t destroy his world it eventually died from the overpopulation and they wouldn’t do what he suggested. Also he technically has proven himself right since he killed 50% of Gamoras world and apparently it’s now flourishing with everyone having full bellies as he said.


I take those claims with a grain or 30 of salt because we only hear them from Thanos. And he’s not exactly a reliable narrator on either account.


Let’s assume that everything what he said is true: Does that give him the right to decide over others life or death?


I think we’re getting a little off topic here, perhaps we could pivot back to tropes we hate?

Here is a trope I hate: woman who doesn’t want marriage/children meets the right dude (it’s almost always a dude), changes through the experience of loving a normal dude, gets married, has children. It’s gross and it should stop

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