Tropes and stories you hate


I’m planning to write a story, but I don’t know what to write… so what do you like/dislike in a story?


Anything with a male only MC.

Depending on how it’s written there are many things I like…

Nice going at being helpful here self, but it’s kinda hard to choose: I like comedies like @Gower’s works, but I also like stories with a more serious tone like Fallen Hero. I like fantasy setting, but I’m also fine with a sci-fi or a story set in a world kinda like ours. I like a game with romances, but I’ve also seen examples of the romances being put unnecessarily in the game… So yeah in the end it all comes down to the writing.


honestly , the question you need to ask here is : what kind of story I can make , and I can write , and I want to have fun writing ?

Then , I suggest you go to ‘Interest Check’ thread: Interest Check Thread

Take a look at what kind of ideas are being proposed by others , see if it trigger anything in what you wanna write about .

Then write it , and once you do that : get an idea , write it as best as you can and you can post it back in the Interest Check thread and see if anyone is interested innit .

Asking peoples what they like and dislike…is like taking the food all over the worlds…and asking a small group of peoples to choose…in the millions of recipee . What one like , another will dislike by default .

So find what interest you , what you enjoy reading yourself…like ‘I love comedy movies, and I think I can make something funny…then I will write a light hearted story with small scene that are sad’’ .

Good luck.


This! I feel stupid for not thinking about it the first place, but the moment writing starts to become like a chore bc the story you started to write isn’t appealing for you as the author is when the quality will suffer for it.


well its hard…unless you are gifted by the olympian gods and can shit stories like there is no tomorrow! But for commun mortal…there are more hard work , sweat…paranoia…self loathing before you get something decent !

Its like that moment before the baby pop out and you are freaking out if it was a good idea and maybe you should hold it in till you grow up for another 9 months or years!

well you get what I mean lol . But even if a story get a lull…or you lose inspiration , it always come back though .


I get what you mean tho I can only compare what a writer must experience to drawing.


its hard work , its easy for some…and its harder for others…but its still work . But it can be fun work…and also hard work . It doesnt have to be boring .

There is another thread that the name escape me , where ideas are proposed for authors too . I never picked an idea from there…cose my head is over filled with them already . but maybe you can find something you like @Secret_Jon


It might just be me but I’m honest to god sick of all those fu*king high school games. Like wizard high or something like that, there are so many if them and honestly do people want to remember high school so much? I’m in high school it’s not that interesting. Again maybe it’s just me but I really am sick of games like that, maybe it’s because I never enjoyed the Harry potter anythings, but It seems really played out in my book.


In my opinion, it’s more fun to write stories you like. If you try to write a story that even a majority of people like, you’ll be at your wit’s end trying to please everyone. My advice is to write a story you love and then adjust based on feedback.


I can see both sides of the argument. On one side, highschool was pure hell for me and it’s certainly not fun for a huge amount of people.

On the other hand, I almost always make the MCs in my games 18 years old for a few reasons.

  • Most people have either been 18, are 18, or are close to being 18. It’s very relatable
  • People really like playing as young characters but it’s also old enough that you can include things like sex, dark themes, and graphic violence.
  • It’s at an age where most people are incredibly emotional. Emotional choices are a lot of fun to make.

Those are just a few reasons off the top of my head.


I think it’s varied as people have different interest and preferences. I personally am sick and tired of superhero theme but many people like it so that’s that. I’m also not patient enough the deal with stories with complicated world building that ends up shifting the attention from the actual plotline.

Now about what I like, I like good mystery. Throw a little sleuthing work in the story and you caught my interest. Most of my favorites (A Study in Steampunk, Evertree Inn, etc) are like that. I also prefer low fantasy so I can focus more on the plot and the characters.

And adult theme is more preferable for me.


I am tired of all these filthy, disgusting, abso-fucking-lutley, INTOLLERABLE, human/humanoid protagonists.

Let me play as a disgusting goblin damnit!!!

Also I don’t like safe stories, do something dareing, different, or edgy and you will get my interest.


I’m planning a WIP called The Goblin’s Revolt. You play as a goblin slave on a farm where a family of sorcerers use you and the other slaves for manual labor and for harvesting blood for necromantic potions and to sell to vampires. There are also a pack of werewolves who want to eat you.

I’ve finished most of the outline, but I’m a looong way off from actually writing it.


I’m a bit tired of seeing “You are the chosen one” stories, and stories set in medieval times, show a little more variety (like slice-of-life stories), please… I’m also tired of gender-lock type titles.


I think it’s because you are the closest thing to an adult without the whole set of responsibilities an adult has. In theory, you can skip a few classes with a doctor’s note, if you fail a class you can re-take it and if you don’t do your homework or don’t have homework, you have a lot of time to do whatever the adventure requires of you. This is more of a safety net than an adult has because you have to work and pay rent/bills and feed your pets and just generally cover your own basic needs. As a teenager or young adult, you are technically covered by your parents or guardians. Also, adventures are easily delimited in years because of the large summer break, you are forced to interact with people you otherwise wouldn’t do so if they take similar classes and have a lot of vacation time spread out that you don’t get as a normal employee (thus being able to get lost in the woods for a week or something).

It’s just an easy way to deliver an adventure, similar to having a main character without parents. Part time jobs also work, which is why I think we get so many older MCs in the service industry (because they can work in shifts and re-arrange their schedule).

To stay on topic, Marvel has made me reach my full of superhero adventures and seeing a lot of games in which we are a superhero has gotten tiresome for me.


Hope it’s dem proper goblins none of those “Normie” human goblins.


[drunk and singing] “See the little goblin, see his little feet, and his little nosey-wose, isn’t the goblin sweet?” :grin:


That goblin gonna eat your family, eat eat eat.


gg try honey^^ nope really ol this goblin speak just reminded me of a scene in Blackadder, where he sings the goblin song, quite hilarious


Pardon what what?

But that song was quite cute.

I like the nasty lil bastards I do, small and pathetic but try their darndest before they get scared. God bless them.