Tropes and stories you hate


“I have a bad feeling about this.”
Spiders, as if waiting for that cue, begin oozing out the walls to chase the protagonist.

I’m sick of that one.




That’s the reason why i like “The Equalizer” … the smart, nice and poetic Equalizer is ultimately the Good Guy , and he is going to remind the bad guys what bad things had they done, give them a chance to say sorry before hurting them :slight_smile:


The spider or the bad feeling?


Given that the villain is often responsible for the action while the heroes are a force of reaction and quite often actually reactionary forces at that one too in classical fantasy, the villain often has to be a smart guy if he wants to have any chance at success at all and stay alive.

For the right guy I’m not opposed to doing “baddie stuff” together, at least in fiction.

I do hate this one with a passion.

Still nothing beats my hatred for the involuntary male to female gender changes, “gender benders” in fiction.


Problem is, most of the time fiction doesn’t let the player do it… :sob:


Urgh, that reminds me of the whole “guy fancies other guy, but he’s not gay/bi because the other guy is the reincarnation of his dead female love interest, and they are soulmates and that’s the only reason he likes him!” -thing.

I really don’t like that one. :unamused:


I swear that’s why I never could get into anime. Cause my one friend who kept trying to introduce me to it kept showing me this one where the main character turned into a girl every time he got wet. I guess it was supposed to be funny, but it just seemed offensive to everybody. At the time. I’m honestly fuzzy on the details now.


How about “gay couple die, but it’s okay because they’re reincarnated as straight couple”? :roll_eyes: (Okay, so I’ve only seen that once, but it’s still one time too many… :confounded:)


Waow! Good thing I haven’t come across that, 'cause I’d be so pissed! :angry:

I think that’s Ranma ½? That one definitely suffers from a lot of the common problems of older manga…


The “reset” ending: everything return like before the story/all good, but the heroes don’t remember a single thing of what happened to them. It never fail to annoy me.


This is true, mostly if games in the past allowed it that merely meant you got a non-standard game over and of course any sort of gay relationship was never acknowledged too.


The olympic level mental gymnastics involved is ridiculous. Just…say that they’re gay. Its not hard.

“Oh no they’re actually just really close friends, gosh same-sex friendships exist guys!1!”

End them.

Edit: Another trope i hate is the cool mysterious and rude dude that all girls seem to get wetter than the Niagra Falls over. Despite the dude being a mega bitch/sexist to them. Soooo swoony /s


That’s a trope? :astonished: How often have you seen this? :cold_sweat:

Agreed :disappointed:

I mean, a reincarnation love story in which the genders vary in different incarnations could be interesting, but both of those are very not the way to do it :confounded:


Too often. It’s surprisingly common in BL and gender-bender manga, and I’ve also run into it in original fiction around the web.


I feel like I wanna add that I hate romance tropes where the boy flirts with girl by teasing her, making her blush on purpose and she gets all flustered and shy, but still likes him cause “underneath that rudeness is a heart of gold”

Just feels really overused and makes me grimace.

Hm or maybe because I can’t really understand that kind of thing


I guess I read just one good ending (listed as a secret ending" where the protagonist decided to go with the bad guy, and together basically brought everything to hell. It was in a otome VN, CollarxMalice. The guy even got a story in the fandisk where the protagonist basically work for the “other side”. Sadly it will be very difficult for that fan disk to be traslated in english :cry:

And BioWare had the chance to make my Inquisitor the baddie Queen and didn’t. My Lavellan would have gone in a second with Solas.


There are three that, right off the bat, drive me absolutely crazy:

  1. The badass woman does something badass like save the male characters, quickly disarm an enemy, punch somebody in the face, and while everyone is staring at her in disbelief, she shrugs and says, "What? I grew up with five brothers." I hate the idea that the sole reason a woman became a badass was because she was raised with/competed with/survived in a pack of boys??

(Corollary to the above: when a woman’s personality (often competitive, “tough,” tomboyish, hardcore) is explained only as “she grew up with only brothers.” The only place I’ve seen this work is in Brooklyn 99, and that’s only because they quickly dropped the “brother” thing and the character developed lots of other personality traits of her own.)

  1. A mild-mannered, blameless man has an awful, shrewish wife, and there’s nothing shown that would explain why this poor, sweet hero would marry this nagging, heartless monster. (I call this the “Skylar treatment” after Breaking Bad.) Bonus points if the story involves the awful, shrewish wife dying somehow, through no fault of the hero’s, and he gets to move on to the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of his dreams.

  2. A character grows up on a humble farm in the middle of nowhere. Something terrible happens (the village is destroyed, his parents are killed, etc.) and he (it’s always a he) comes into a contact with an old man, who’s usually lived nearby as the village coot or recluse. The old man turns out to be the super-powerful last member of “XYZ”–the hero goes, “I thought XYZ was just in fairytales!” even if XYZ was around just 18 years ago–and the old man trains/mentors the hero in these forgotten arts. Then the old man dies shortly after. (If you think this is just about Star Wars, it’s not: this is a very common thing in multiple stories and I hate Joseph Campbell for codifying it for the mainstream.)


I hate characters being brought back to life, completely undoes the emotional impact. My top offenders list is the jungle book, x men, dragonball z(and to some extent dragonball) and pokemon the first movie. I would go into more detail about this, but did that before this post and ended up writing an essay :stuck_out_tongue: . So to keep it relatively short, yeah fuck this trope. It’s one amongst many reasons why my favourite film is How I live now(no ressurecty nonsense here!) and why as much as I like Wolverine, when he got up after being shot in the head in X men 2 I just rolled my eyes…And when they finally did kill someone off for reals in x men 3 it wasn’t a good film, so yep :stuck_out_tongue: . And I don’t read the comics, what with being visually impared, but for me Wolverines “near death experiences”(yeah, right *rolls eyes) definitely felt like they wanted you to believe he might actually be dead and that maybe his OP regeneration powers might not save hi- oh wait nevermind.


I’m suddenly feeling a strong urge to try to write a story that takes Campbell’s monomyth and does the exact opposite of everything :upside_down_face:

In this case…

A character grows up in a big mansion in the central capital. Something wonderful happens, and they come into contact with a young child. The child turns out to be the helpless first member of “XYZ”—the hero goes “oh, I know all about XYZ!”