Tribute to Jason Stevan Hill


Jason, we thank you for making this forum. It has pulled all of us outcasts together into a community… A very dysfunctional family… Where poisoners can poison people, where void and dot assassins may roam free, where nyan cats nest for mating season, where a comedy genius may reside, where a Hunter of trolls may hunt, where a Zed can be a Zed. Where odd people can be odd…



@Talon5505 Can I ask how many threads do you make everyday? You constantly start threads, most of which don’t get past twenty comments, and then start a completely different one. Also, it seems a little odd to make a weird spam comment when you are making a tribute to someone.


Well, at least he didn’t do it in his thread complaining about spam.


I’ve just past the 1000 o’s

[mod deletion of 1,000 "o"s without line breaks – please don’t do it again, P0RT3R, it fucks with other people’s ability to read the page comfortably]
od !


I Well, I might as well.

Thank you @Jasonstevanhill you have brought lots of wonderful people together and made such a wonderful communityf!


yes was really funny when Talon call me spam post :-)) but Jason thanks to do a open forum like this the majority are more restrictive with opinions and ideas also I love the games people here do


@ItalionStailon: Our forum culture is very accepting of silly and random spam posts, and due to the software, said random spammery can’t really be kept to its own section.

Anyway, thanks for the quality forum and gaming site, Jason.


Thank you for this wonderfull world of …


You do realise posting crap like this is a fast way to getting the forum restricted. There’s an open community here and I’d hate to see it be closed and have strict topic rules enforced precisely because of these types of topics.

For a moment I thought the weird “project” topic got reopened but no…


you forgot spiders and rice.


I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb and predict that Jason loves the fact that the tribute to him misspells his name. It’s actually brilliant whether intentional or not. :slight_smile:


@Zeke, Really? Out of all the forums you could have necromanced, you picked this one?


@DistractedDad I fixed the spelling since it annoyed me.

@Doctor This is one of the few necromanced threads that I’m not going to automatically lock for bringing it back from the dead. (If Jason wants to lock it for the non-content then that’s another matter).

Anyway! People back on topic! Get to telling everyone how amazing Jason is before the thread gets locked!


@Doctor , MWahahaha yes, as part of mah ebil plan i necromanced this thread , and i will do so with other dead threads and make an undead thread army XD.


I sincerely hope you’re joking. :pensive:

On another note, I’d like to think Mr. Hill is a stand up kind of guy.


I’m still considered an out cast…


@anon48296871: That’s kind of a random thing to say… (And considered an outcast by who?)


Everyone, “It has pulled all of us outcasts together into a community” But, im the outcast of this community and the real world .-.


Wow, I said things in this thread I don’t remember.


Jason is love. Jason is love. Jason is the bringer of my happiness