Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.27 - 12/29/2023

I’ve begun work on my new (and first) game, Triaina Academy! It’s a sci-fi romance novel set in a far - yet still quite familiar - future. You play as a newly appointed student attending an academy after the sudden declaration and outbreak of war. Can you hold on to the last vestiges of peace and grow closer to those who cross your path during this antagonistic portion of history?

As may be assumed from the above, the story is more appropriately character development driven with fantastical sci-fi developments strewn in. The current revised work sits at 104k words.

You’re able to play Male, Female, or Non-Binary. Since this is primarily a romance game, you will eventually be required to select a romance option among the list presented below.


Please let me know what your impressions were and what you hope to see for the future!

Update Notes

Update 1.02:
Added Save System!
More about abilities.
Introduce Team Exul’s last two members! (both ROs)
Minor typo fixes.
A few option additions.

Update 1.03:
Minor text changes
Spell fixes.
Added small after-sequence that concludes Chapter 2. :slight_smile:

Update 1.04:
Text fixes.
Added a Raven reaction option.

Update 1.05:
Added several personality options for E, R, L, and V. More will be added for the other ROs later.
Changed Ellie/Elliott’s name to Mary/Matthew.
Added Emma/Emil to the dean file scene.
Fixed several pronoun switches and minor typos.

Update 1.06:
Released Chapter 3, completed for all of Team Xeno.

Update 1.07:
Added personality reactions for Mary/Matthew and Pinna/Pierce’s first hangout.

Update 1.08:
Chapter 3 All routes completed.

Update 1.09:
Chapter 4 partially released. Team Xeno dates released.
Minor spelling error fixes.

Update 1.10:
Chapter 4 update. Team Exul dates released.
Various tweaks and error fixes.

Update 1.11
Chapter 4 complete
Spelling error fixes.

Update 1.12
Complete revision of the introduction and portions of chapter 1.

Update 1.13
Complete revision of Chapter 1. New scenes and introduction scenes for every character added.

Update 1.14
Background changes.
Revision of classroom scenes completed.

Update 1.15
Chapter 2 update.
30k words added.
Wednesday-Thursday days added.
E and R Dorm Hangout Scenes Added

Update 1.16
L, V, and P Dorm Hangout Scenes Added
Added body type, clothing choice, and independent identity.

Update 1.17
Chapter Two concluded with M, Ra, S, and F Dorm Hangout Scenes Added.
Chapter Three started: Friday Collaborative Study scene added. Power selection scene added.

Update 1.18
Spelling and Grammer Fixes.
Added E First Date Scene.

Update 1.19
Added R First Date Scene.

Update 1.20
Added L First Date Scene.

Update 1.21
Added V First Date Scene.

Update 1.22
Added P First Date Scene.
Fixed stat error

Update 1.23
Added M First Date Scene.

Update 1.24
Added Ra and S First Date Scenes.

Update 1.25
Added F First Date Scene

Update 1.26
Added Job Specialization Scenes
Tied up Chapter 4
Chapter 5 partial release up to start of festival

Update 1.27
Added Day of Independence Festival scenes for all ROs

Romance Options

Emma/Emil - Your energetic neighbor, radiating a natural positivity with chestnut hair and hazel eyes. Present through the years as an incorrigible pillar of support, they find solace in your familiarity amidst an otherwise dramatic transition to the Academy. Not yet certain of their own goal in life, they look to you for a semblance of guidance when uncertainty befalls them. How will your influence change them, and will it be for the best or worse circumstances? S.T.E.M. Ability: Augmented Muscle Fiber

Ren/Robin Valleford - A charismatic gambler of Dorm Xeno, this golden-haired joker carries an evasive air to their answers as they attempt to escape an enigmatic past. A member of the Valleford aristocratic family, they’re knowledgeable of the sociopolitical and economic landscapes that dot Triaina despite their meager involvement in family affairs. Lacking true motivation to apply themselves in the new environment forced upon them, they idle towards things more entertaining to them. Will you help them find a sense of closure and restitution for their past, or become their new escape? S.T.E.M. Ability: Probability Manipulation.

Levi/Leah Scio - A native of the intellectual country of Hospur who came to Triaina to escape the expectations of their homeland’s academic pressures placed upon them, this navy haired scholar can be found perusing a book during most of their time. Reserved and ostracized, yet fiercely determined to grow past their own faults, will you help this gentle character learn how to keep their head up in times of necessary confrontation, or aid in their search for a more peaceable alternative? S.T.E.M. Ability: Premonition.

Vee/Vin Wolfe - A former member of Vestia’s unlisted Seventh Division, Jagd, this silver-haired soldier was entrenched in the ways of war from a young age. Sharing no visible indications of emotion, this member of Dorm Xeno carries scars that run deeper than they’ll ever show. With their only attachment being to a handgun named Silvy, they can usually be found hovering the arena and places of combat despite the hostility their presence brings. Will you guide them away from the mechanical soul they’ve sheltered themselves inside, or become the commander this soldier will place their loyalty and life in? S.T.E.M. Ability: Weapon Materialization.

Mary/Matthew Crater - A lethargic redhead whose unique condition causes bouts of sudden unconsciousness during lulls in activity. Light-hearted and light-spoken, this member of Dorm Exul establishes a face of innocuous innocence. In reality, they hide salacious and masochistic tendencies behind their seemingly sinless expression, and utilize pain to aid in maintaining their consciousness. Will you work to treat their condition safely, or in altogether more pleasurable means? S.T.E.M. Ability: Cryomancy.

Pierce/Pinna Crater - A harsh, heavily scarred redhead, and Mary/Matthew’s protective twin, they hold a hidden sense of duty as the leader of Dorm Exul behind their antagonist expression and violent behaviors. Driven by an unknown motive, they strive unfalteringly onwards towards greater self-improvement. Will you aid in their growth through comradery as fellow team leaders, or establish a competitive rivalry fueled by an altogether different kind of fire? S.T.E.M. Ability: Pyromancy.

Raven - A stalker of unknown origins who appeared to you one day, their infatuation carries a foreboding weight. With dark hair and and darker look of glee always emanating from their cheshire smile, this enthralled individual will follow you to the ends of the earth of their own accord. Beyond their declarations of love and adoration, they stow away an eager bloodlust their careful to hide from curious eyes. Will you gradually mend the errors of their mentality, or risk your own sanity for the sake of love? S.T.E.M. Ability: Dimensional Jump.

Snatcher/Snipper of Scorpion’s Den - A Racer of Orden Desert, this sandy-haired rogue loves nothing more than their partner and friend, a bike named Sandrider. An adrenaline junkie and fun-loving troublemaker of Dorm Exul with a unique accent, will you discover the world through their high-octane lens, or indulge in their more mischievous nature? S.T.E.M. Ability: Desert Manifestation.

Flay/Fray de Forêt- The classy and uncouth green-haired heir to the throne of Frenza, a self-proclaimed and unrecognized sovereign nation in Triaina filled with aristocracy. This entitled youth seeks to prove their superiority and gain the knowledge necessary to claim their throne. With a regal air and considerable disdain for common drudgery, will you be able to make this scornful royalty see those of different status in a different light, or attempt to raise your own status by associating with them? S.T.E.M. Ability: Forest Manifestation.


Some frequently asked questions:

How long until the game is done?
I don’t really know. I work a rigorous full time job and do a lot of overtime, so progress is dependent on my schedule, but I’m hopeful it won’t take more than a couple years development.

How long is the game going to be? Will there be multiple books?
This current installment I anticipate to have around 11-12 chapters, and roughly 350-400k words. As of my current plot write up, the story spans about 4 books of similar length.

Is this game stat-heavy?
Stats play a very minimal part in this story. The large majority of choices are for flavor. No choice will lock you out of choosing who you can romance.

What powers are featured for the MC?
You’re given a choice of one: Blood Control, Compression, Gravity Shift, and Electricity Manipulation. This choice is permanent and will stick with you for the entirety of the series. I won’t be adding anymore powers. You won’t be able to have multiple powers.

Is there poly/love triangle options?
Not really in my cart at the moment.

What’s with the Revised tag?
This is a rewrite of a previously much larger, yet substantially novice demo. This may be why the thread talks about some events that may no longer be in the current demo.

Is there a way to play the older demo?
No. I have some of the cut content in my possession, but not all, and it is in an unplayable state. It will take a long time to set everything into new files, rewrite the code, and personally playtest it to make sure it functions. This is a significant endeavor for an otherwise novel purpose, so it’s not high on my priority list, and I would rather spend the little free time I have to polish and write more of the revised version. If a way to play the older demo becomes available, this answer will change.


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Loved it :ok_hand:t2:


I like the game so far.

Just a guess but Emma/Emil is a Ro right? Because"nOt bY bLoOd" don’t take it too serious. Even if I won’t romance (in the first playthrough at least. If they are even a RO) them I like them.


That’s correct! I have Emil/Emma (the gender changes based off your player gender, which is the only character that does so. I may change it later so you’re able to set the gender) set to be a romance option if you’re on that path, but otherwise they are set more as an enthusiastic support character and a (good moral choice) instigator.


The link doesn’t open


I believe the link requires you to download it? I will test it on a different device as well.


I keep getting an error when I try to download.


It works for me. And I already love Leah, Ren, and P(forgot their name so I’m calling them P lol, crazy redhead).


I believe there is an error attempting to download the link on mobile devices. I will try to troubleshoot this.

(edit) I’ve posted another link to dashingdon for the convenience of those on mobile. Please let me know if it works.


Yeah, it worked on my computer, but not on my mobile


Pinna doesn’t show up under the relationship stats after meeting her and flirting.


That has been fixed and will reflect on the next update.


I absolutely love this! I’m already in love with Raven and Vin :heart_eyes:


fun story hope you keep on going on how you want this play out

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Love the story and the characters so far. I found a little mismatch here



The demo was good in my opinion, certainly interesting and wasn’t lacking in information, So i didn’t get confused mid-reading. Would like to see the progress of this WIP going forward.


Looking forward to what the powers do.

Since I was going for an intellectual playthrough (such being my favorite style of play), I went with the clock, it seemed appropriate.


I really enjoyed this. Crazy stalker, or crazy alien with a gun! I’m so torn.

For some reason Ravens number appeared in your phone one day, made me cackle. My cat thought I was going crazy.


Ah, there’s a lot about this to like. The vibe this game has going on kind of reminds me of Harry Potter meets (a far less messed-up) Wild Cards, with a nice side of dating sim.

The writing clear and gets everything across, but where it really shines are the characters! I enjoy the fact that they’re (nearly all) gender-flippable, because they’re well-written enough to work with whatever option is selected.

They’re all so interesting, and that’ll lend replay value. Seriously. Good work, @LeoXII . Your characters are distinct, vibrant, and you’ve made them that way in only two chapters. I can’t wait to see how they act or what they reveal the longer the game goes on.

But Raven didn’t just set my yandere sensor off, but broke the thing, lol. The 90% positive rating after my character shrugged off his weirdness and took his card … that had me actually choke with laughter. And, you know, a little fear. My favorite part? This might be crazy, but I’ll sit next to Raven.

Naturally, I went with that choice.

(My only complaint? I wish the MC could be a little more oblivious about Raven, because that’d make things even funnier.)

All in all, very enjoyable. Now excuse me while I go play again; I really want to figure out all these characters as much as possible. :slight_smile:


good story on how it going for

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