Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.26 - 12/22/2021

i think i prefer the other crater twin lmao. idk why but M just sparked something in me. also love pairing my shy mc with them. next fav would probably be V cause its like romancing a brick wall that can make weapons. im keen to see how their romance will turn out. then last is F both key points in their romance are juicy. i mean, i dont want to be their dog but it is an interesting scene to read nonetheless.


I love how instead of panicked or alarmed you can just be like, mildly creeped out by Raven’s behavior.

“Yeah it WOULD be alarming that you broke into my dorm but I’ve got a lot of shit going on with exams and shit… so you know.”


I also love how Raven’s response to us being called crazy is not “how DARE you call them crazy!” but “what, you have a problem with crazy?”


I think you need to do SOMETHING with the stats., or just get rid of them altogether. At the moment they just seem pointless and are likely to frustrate players who will expect them to have SOME impact, even if only minor.

Re’ the earlier discussion, the very foundation of The Enlightenment and of the scientific method, is the sharing of knowledge. Without this, progress, invention and discovery slows to a snails pace. Just look at the explosion in knowledge, invention, tech, science and discovery since then! Also, solutions to potential problems are more likely to be found, the more people that are working upon them. I know there are exceptions, weapons being an obvious example but generally speaking, progress is best served by sharing, not by hoarding.

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So it wouldve been better to share the ironman suit?

Some things just arent meant for the whole world to do with as they please


Yes. I always hated that plot.

You do realize that the story is still in its beginning/early stages right? The stats will come into play later on and if you have a problem with that style, you don’t have to play this story.


It’s totally reasonable to note that the story is still at the start, but please keep the comment focused on the story and the critique, and not on the poster. Thanks!


Just finished Emma and Snipper’s routes, gonna play Raven’s soon. For Emma I chose to hunt down the gang, for Snipper, I chose revenge on Lewis. I never pass up a chance for revenge.

Emma’s route is really adorable, especially towards the end. I feel her rout works especially well if you’re character is homesick. old friends facing new environments together. Admittedly, I’m not sure what the difference between the key choices is consequences wise. I assume we find out later?

Snipper’s route is really fun. Few greater joys in life than making the lives of snobby assholes miserable. Did we ever end up taking his exorcise clothes?

Fray’s kinda getting on my nerves, ngl, but it’s kinda funny since her country is basically a micronation. It’d be like the prince of Sealand demanding my execution.


Played Raven’s now. It’s funny, I felt a little bad not letting her stab that book burner. Never has not committing murder felt so hard. Glad to learn what was in that box, too. That was bugging me. Had that scene from Se7en in my head the whole time. I appreciate that there’s a route where you make the Yandere become more stable and sounder of mind instead of the other way around. Don’t see that much with Yanderes. The kiss was surprisingly adorable too.


Are there portraits of ROs?

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I believe there were no official portraits. But Leo posted some portraits by OwletOwO in this thread. Here’s link to the post: Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.26 - 12/22/2021 - #790 by LeoXII


Sounds interesting, I can’t wait! :heart_eyes:

Recently finished the game with Raven as my RO. My only real complaint is the fact that I can’t accept her stalkerish ways until after we officially start dating. Like, if I find out a girl is stalking me IRL, I am going to jump on that attention faster than she could pull her knife.

If you could add options to make it so that the character is more accepting and not creeped out or thinking it’s a bad idea, that would be appreciated.


finished the WIP, and i fucking loved it!
also the first words that came out of my mouth after picking the electricity powers were “i am become pikachu, destroyer of electrical sockets” i may have issues


I did also find the bit where Raven says to be careful, because there’s people out at night you really don’t want to meat.

I love it because I didn’t immediately get the irony and was wondering if there was like, a gang or some shit she was wary of.

No just her

So the lesson is if you want to get a date, go out at night alone.


Hey is this wip dead