Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.26 - 12/22/2021

i love how all the ROs are very unique and memorable! with that being said … Raven and E supremacy EASILY <3 !!!


So i was wondering if anyone knows if this is still being worked on?


Idk but heres a funny joke.

What do you call a fish with no eyes.?
A FSH! :drum::joy:


they haven’t been active for two months… i hope they’re okay :smiling_face_with_tear:

i want u to know that i laughed at this for an unreasonably long amount of time, and idk whether i love or hate that…


i think they are still working on it. they just recently answered an ask. they said they are working on a big update that theyve been slowly adding to.


I talked to Leo a few days ago. He’s not gone just been very busy with his job and everything. It’s still being worked on but progress is slow because of his work right now.


I have been waiting too long for even 1 ounce of interaction with F , Pls i am DESPERATE


Just started the WIP and honestly, is it weird that I’m kinda on the enemy’s side? I’d be pretty pissed if my neighbors were hoarding their advanced tech too. I could never sympathize with the people fighting valiantly to hoard their cool tech while the rest of us deal with the outdated hit. Even if the villain wants to use it for world conquest, I usually side with them out of spite. Yeah, it’s a pollutant but so is steam power, and if only England had steam power while the rest of us had to make do with preindustrial tech, you’d be pretty pissed too.


Why do not invest your own tech then?

That disgusting people that dare fight back when someone steals from them.


I honestly don’t understand your logic. Like, no joking, mocking or offense, I just don’t get that.

(sorry if I sound too aggressive, I don’t know to express the degree of my confusion)


Doesn’t make it any less immoral to not share your revolutionary power source with the world. “This machine is too dangerous! For you anyway, we get to do whatever we want.”

If someone is hoarding some miraculous technology that could revolutionize industry as we know it, they are not entitled to secrecy.

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Hey anyone know when the next update comes out

It’ll be ready when Leo’s ready to release it, we just got to be patient. Knowing what he has planned I’m not surprised that progress is a little slow.


So your saying if it’s something great you no longer have agency of what you created it has to be shared with everyone even with people who are against you?


They weren’t against them until they refused to share their tech. If they were already enemies, that makes sense, you don’t hand out tech to people who may want to use it to shoot you later, but this is a power source. They’re basically saying “we’ve found a fantastic new energy source that could easily meat the world’s energy needs, but we’re not sharing because we’ve decided it’s too dangerous without any independent vetting.” The other nations have every right to be pissed off. Being the inventor of something doesn’t mean you have the right to decide whether the world should have it. Technology is everyone’s right.

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Except as the inventor you do have the right to decide what to do with your invention.

Using another example in Marvel wakanda has advanced technology thanks to vibranium and for the most part they don’t share that technology. So is the rest of the world justified in invading the kingdom and forcibly taking it so they can have some?


Wakanda is literally the perfect example because in the film remember, Tchalla’s main takeaway from the conflict was “maybe we ARE the assholes for hoarding all of our tech”. So yes, it is wrong of them to keep all of their advanced tech secret.

And no, the inventor does NOT get to be the sole decider in who gets to do what with their tech. That is not, nor will it ever be how the world works. If someone invented a cure for cancer, and decided the technology was “too dangerous”, you think everyone would just sit by and accept that? of course not, and they’d be right to be angry.


Your forgetting the key part of the wakanda bit He chose to share their gifts with the world he could have still said no nevermind but he chose to share he wasn’t forced to it.

That is how the world works if I was a scientist and I created a serum that created superhumans that made the subject superior in everyway compared to normal humans, their is nothing that forces me to use it in a certain way. I can decide to use it only on myself, I could decide to solely sell it to my country only, I could also just give it to the world for free, That’s how patents or intellectual property rights work. It gives me some agency on what to do with it.


And that would have been wrong. The wrong choice.

Laws and morality aren’t the same thing.

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Whether him choosing to share or not and whether that makes it a good or bad choice is purely subjective to the person answering it.

Morality does not entitle you to other people’s stuff against their will just because you think it’s your right to also have it.


Yeah, I don’t buy into that moral relativism thing. It’s just an excuse for people to deny the fault of their actions.