Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.26 - 12/22/2021

i talked to everyone once and it seems like its fine for me. the option to check the time appears after i talked to lewis

I noticed it too. I think both you and @yb_minhee are correct. Try talk to everyone from top to bottom ( just to be safe ) and talk to each of them only once and then you fill find the option to continue. If you repeat their conversation for second times and above, there will be a bug that will get you stuck in endless circle. Good luck

You know, i’m thinking about specializations, and i really feel conflicted. You see, i want to go military background, right? Which means you have a choice of Azure or Crimson.

On one hand, story-wise, the azure style would feel more logical, considering you’ve been trained by your father all your life and would most likely have known more of it - that is to say, you’d be carrying the legacy. Technically though, dual-wielding seems like an ill-fit for someone who is going for strength as opposed to dexterity - agility, that is.

On the other hand, Crimson Blade seems more stylistically fitting - you get to use a single, longer sword, which is better for someone focused on strength - and it also fits much more if you’re, for example, using blood powers. On the other hand, unless you’re romancing emma, what reason do you have to use it?

If you’re just friends with her, wouldn’t that feel as if you were essentialy abandoning your family’s legacy to take a style from someone who’s just your friend’s mother? It doesn’t make sense, story-wise.

So it really is a conumdrum, because while i want to continue storm’s legacy, it would seem like an ill choice to choose a style that doesn’t fit your abilities.


I’ve noted this too and I have a fix for it, it’ll just be implemented once I update the game. For now, the earlier suggestion of going through the three choices presented only once will cause it to work smoothly. After the update I anticipate there won’t be any more problems with that point haha

@GEPGUN True, it’s an interesting debate, though there are a few things to note: The azure longsword is a slightly longer blade than the Hospian sword, which is why it’s more based off strength. Storm is a pretty big guy himself, which will be seen in the next update. It will be like carrying the legacy, though Storm only taught fundamental swordsmanship and not his exact style to the MC. What you’d be learning is Lin’s interpretation of Storm’s style.
On the same vein, the Crimson blade specialization doesn’t take after E’s mother’s style. Rose utilizes a personal bastardized style of a specific Hospian school of swordsmanship, and it’s one she’s not keen on passing to anyone, including her child or their friends/significant other/whathaveyou. What you’d be learning is a standardized form of Hospian swordsmanship that Lin knows.

Each style will fit with whatever ability to choose, so you may take that into consideration as well haha


Well, if it’s being teached by Lin it would make more sense, then, but it strikes me as a weird that an style using two swords would be more strength based than agility based, when you consider that you’d be using a sword one-handed in conjunction with a dagger.

After all, the sword and dagger style is usually about using the dagger to parry and the sword to attack, or the other way around.

I am loving this! I am keen to see new updates about this IF, it’s definitely good like seriously it’s really nice. And the fact that you went creative with the RO’s is a win for me, they’re all different and unique and definitely authentic! I like the character development thing, tho I really am also expecting for a more innovative plot but–fret not because so far this game’s lit! And I’m sure you’re working your best so I want youuu to know that you have my full support! I’ll be tracking your work from now on! Lots of love :heart:


I love this game so much so far…Raven <3

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Um how do I get off this? Is this the end?

Also this segment of speech with Levi needs quotations.

So far I absolutely love this. Vin and Raven have to be my favorites so far.

You have to talk to all three of them once, word of warning if you go back to any of them it breaks the game and you’ll have to reload a save.


Heh, I don’t know if you read the previous version but she was much worse.


brutally tortures and murders multiple people but in a cute way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I get liking, eh, off or otherwise strange and immoral people, but it’s pretty incredible how beloved she was here, especially from the old demo. Nothing against her, I think she’s pretty cute even when participating in questionable activities (totally not because I like being on the receiving end of obsession instead of only ever being the obsessor from my personality disorder :///) even if I don’t tend to go for her because Mary, but definitely not the sort of character I’d expect overwhelming support of. I suppose tsundere is a enjoyed trope/archetype for a reason.


I’m all for the cold/prince/ss and emotionless girl/boy.

But yes, Raven was strange but hell, it’s a cyoa, it’s entertaining.


The save system isn’t working

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Shes the sister? I thought she was our neighbour?


It’s a 3 years old post so not everything in it is accurate now.
Emma/Emil is indeed MC’s neighbour.


Is this fourm the best place for updates for the game? Or should i check tumblr?

If you mean progress updates, my guess would be tumblr might be a better source. If you mean demo updates, as far as I know, any updates would be posted here, unless things have changed


Thanks ill keep an eye on both

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun to read it, it’s so hilarious and refreshing (all of the LI are so amusing in their own ways :smiley: )
i’m looking forward to more of your story <3


Yeah, that’s sad :smiling_face_with_tear:

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