Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.25- 3/21/2021

the author said they’re not going to get a diagnosis, do you have a better word to use?

Let’s toogle “some” and use only “problem”

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ok buddy

Uhm someone is not getting the thing here.

“They have problems” sounds very definite, and puts them directly on the spot (and can sound disrespectful to the author, or to someone reading).

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Hey, I come from the previous version, where you literally find tons of dead body in the “house of our future” as Raven would say. So saying that Raven have problem it is not an exaggeration. And let me undestand. So if people in the story call Raven weird, no one say a thing. But if a real person say something about Raven, that a problem?


Hiya there, it’s me, the guy who wrote both the previous and current version. I’ve had talked a little on this line of thought on my tumblr, so I’ll redirect ya here: Leo's Interactive Fiction - Ok so idk if this have been asked before but......

I’ll be honest with ya in saying Raven’s definitely got something wrong, though whether that problem is major or minor depends on the person reading, and I suppose that goes into the topic of just how much you’re willing to look past for the sake of love haha

I understand the character has a very niche mindset and sits in a place that’s endearing to some and downright creepy and offputting to others. That’s kinda the overall theme I’m going with for them haha so I can’t really get mad at people going “yeah, they’ve got some shit wrong with them.”

Problems are a part of characters though, and they’re an intrinsic part of their growth. Whether they understand or deal with their problems or allow their problems to fester and grow, it’s a significant change to their character. Some things about Raven may never go away no matter how hard they’re suppressed, but the attempt to suppress them is still significant growth for them. So yes, Raven does have definite problems, but as the author I don’t consider it a bad or disrespectful thing, and hopefully you can consider it more in the light of an opportunity for growth as well

Now everyone can kiss and make up haha


Hey, I don’t have problem with with that. But It’s seems like other do.

It’s like going to the movie and asking to suspend the movie “Jack the ripper” becouse it’s offend me and other peole.

Jack the ripper is the character and people will like him or not. just like people will like Raven or not or thing he have some problem and not.


I personally don’t have a problem with Raven; I was just stating that some people may not want to be as direct with their words, or may find it rude.

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Was there an update I am not aware of? Or is this just a discussion about the stuff over on the Tumblr and such? Also, yay, my number of likes refreshed, so I can like post again. :slight_smile:

The demo you can play right now, is a new and reworked Triaina: Academy. The previous version was more, at least for me, more heavily inspired by Anime Tropes.

Raven was heavy Yandere.
Emma/Emil was the step sis/bro trope.
And the others were not that much changed. (for what we can see for now[looking at you Mary/Matt]).


This is really good~

If the MC encourages Raven’s behaviour, would that make them just as messed up as Raven mentally?


Now this is one of my most anticipated WIPS I have ever read! There’s a metric ton of potential here and the fact that you get stuck in an RO’s path is a giant pro. Most CYOA opt for more of a “you can change whenever” by leaving it open until later in the story but having it locked in out of the gates is great and hopefully will provide more relationship building due to it.

The premise seems intriguing and I hope you add some action since you’ve done a great job on building a tense atmosphere along with foreshadowing.

Keep up the absolute brilliant work!


Yeah, it follows more of a “route” approach like visual novels, which is always great as far as I’m concerned!


The demo ends after Raven reveals the student they locked up in the chest and you make your key decision. Is that the end for that RO path for the current version of the demo? Or was it a error on my end?

Yup that’s the end

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