Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.20 - 1/8/21

M, V, and L.

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personally for me its V , M, then E

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My favourites are, V, Raven, then, it would probably oscillate between Emma, and Pinna? Maybe? Seems driven at least.

Sorry but who is B?

Must be a new character, idk



They must’ve been here from an alternative universe with different you writing the story differently…

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That instructor bastard shattered my sword I can’t wait to buy a new one

My mistake, hit the wrong letter. Should be fixed now.

Better the instructor do it in training, then someone who actually wants to kill you do it in RL.

MC. Hello, I want to buy a sword. Sales person, OK. Person reading, ROFL :slight_smile:

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Store Manager: Reason for purchase?


Store Manager: Understandable.


I don’t see this mentioned previously, but I did notice that your nonbinary variables are mixed up. I believe you have the possessive “their” swapped for the object “them” pronoun. I also don’t know if you intended to introduce one of your characters as “female/male” or meant to introduce them as a woman/man.


Raven best girl, second best girl is Vee, the crazier and morally flexible ones are always the best.


WoW… Lol I’m a crazy person and I like crazy weirdos too but Raven is super creepy not just crazy :joy_cat::smile_cat::smirk_cat:


Vin, Emil and Ren

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i one hundred percent agree with this message

Loving this game so much, get some excited for every update.