Triaina: Academy - WIP - Update 1.16 (10/31/20)

Personally, I’m a patient fellow when it comes to wips, so I’d rather you take as much time as you need to push out as much quality content as fits your preference. If everyone else wants it out earlier then I certainly won’t complain about more game to play!


If you’re looking for feedback on how something feels, then it’s okay to post it early. As long as you’re clear on what is, and what is not available, then there should be no (realistically, “fewer”) complaints. Checking in early if you’re feeling uncertain about what you’re currently working on isn’t a bad thing. If you decide against it, that’s perfectly fine, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if this response seems a little open-ended. It’s a lot more important that you are confident, and comfortable with your work, than not. So at the end of the day, it’s up to you.


Personally I like bigger updates, because I think it’s more satisfying than getting a little at a time. So I’d prefer to wait but you can do whatever

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Okay, the game’s been updated! I’ll put the majority of the content that it includes in the changelog. Thank you for the quick responses and I look forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

Done haha


You might want to mention that the game has been updated in the forum page title

I was losing hope , i thought you abandonded us :sob:


Caught a typo:


Also ran into an error:


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I think I fixed the error haha. Thank you for the typo!

@Servant_of_choices I’d never abandon you :slight_smile:

@AMER1CANN1NJA09 it probably won’t take effect until you reopen the tab


Error error errrrrroo…

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The bug is fixed for me, thanks. :slight_smile:

This revised version does well in introducing all the different characters more quickly. There’s also more interaction with everyone, too. An impressive amount has been overhauled to make all that possible.

One thing unexpected: the way S is growing on me.

Just a minor typo

Lin then turns to you, “Full name?”

"“Tod Xero.”

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Woah, this changed significantly after the revision. I’m impressed :smiley:

One thing though, I see you’ve set the answer choices to have six starkly different personality/tone, with the whole narration following the choice flavoured with that personality/tone. But because of that, to have a consistent personality there is really only one (or two at most) choice you can choose to play the game. For example, you can’t agree to something while keeping the ‘indifferent’ personality if that one choice for indifference is set to disagreeing. Choosing any other choice than the personality you’ve been consistent with causes the player to jarringly break character.

Oh and another thing; I didn’t expect the body type choice would mean gender choice? It might be better to just ask gender and/or pronouns or ask gender after the body type choice. Some nb folk aren’t androgenous in appearance, and some non-nb folk are androgenous in appearance.


As said already, the change is major. But I think it was wirth it. The character introduction is flowing far more natural and you really get to know multiple characters better which you didn’t in the previous version. This is one of the games that is worth replaying for every single RO!
I am impressed with the work you put yourself through!
I did not catch any obvious mistakes but if I find any I will keep you posted.


Great update!

typo here?

Snatcher looks around at the nearby medical equipment, “Can I get a second opinion?”

“Very well, I’ll check your dilation if you’re so inclined,” Rachael relents, turning to you, “You are free to leave, though. Come back whenever! Filling in becomes very tedious without proper test equipment.”

Against your probably-better judgment, you leave Leah in Rachael’s possibly-capable hands. You take relief in the fact it’s only a sprain, and will heal quickly on its own.

I went with Snatcher the the medical room


So far, very great! Vin is a cinnamon roll : 3

I will make it my life’s mission to do every RO route.

I do hope in the final game/future demos, the choices between romantic and platonic are much more distinguishable :>

But, I guess, in a wayyyy, it works! Since it’s not rlly a stat heavy game.

I did not get the chance to play the old demo, but I’m sure it’s also good.

The recent dorm scenes were good, it can be viewed as short, but it’s just to establish friendship between the two so hmm. It would be nice if a few of the ROs reacted to the mc’s presence tho, like when P did so in the kitchen, but it would take away from the ROs bonding with each other AAAAA


I’m really enjoying the revamp of this! It’s really good so far and I’m really enjoying playing a serious and stoic mc because their reactions towards R are just “please do not”

I’m also really liking the ro’s so far, my favorites so far are definitely S, F and R. I honestly thought I was gonna hate F but then “that” conversation happened and my brain went :eyes:


I’m happy you’re finding a lot of enjoyment with this! I hope it only grows to further your enjoyment haha

Thank you, I’ve fixed this!

@Isi_Talks I’m absolutely flattered you believe this about my game haha. Thank you for playing and I look forward to making each route worth playing through for you and many others


Haha, something about the oblivious livelihood of a chronic dumbass makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it?

I’ll need to get more feedback on which scenes do this heavily. I don’t mind going through and adding new options to allow certain personalities to be able to agree and disagree in certain scenarios, though there are some where due to the personality it seems a natural progression, such as an empathetic or principled person always agreeing to help someone if they have the ability to or an amoral person instead choosing not to even though they easily could. Let me know if this is a weird way to do it haha

I understand this! And I’ve written some extra choices to incorporate a separation between the gender and body type choice, along with giving a couple more apparent body types and allowing you to choose what uniform you wish to wear no matter the gender.

Let me know if that helps!

The game’s been updated to reflect these changes :slight_smile:


The survey scene, though not too awkward to choose the asking option with other personalities, the asking option was only for “empathetic” personality.
The worm scene, also can’t ask first without having to choose “empathetic” personality. Again, minor.
The follow Fiore scene. Was playing “indifferent” mc and wanted to say yes right away but only option was no. If I didn’t want to break character, that is.
After following Fiore, the break/not break silence scene. Was playing a calm “principaled” mc and assumed “break the silence politely” would be in line with the personality, instead it was the “empathetic” choice with all placating smiles and fumbling emotive personality. This was the most jarring for me.
Right after that, no option to ask directly about what this “candidacy” is for except for the “faltering” personality.

These are all the ones I’ve encountered while playing as an absent minded “indifferent” mc and a cool and collected “principaled” mc. Other mcs might run into more personality breaking/ forced choice moments but I think that’s all for now.

I love the new options!

Oh and I really like the detail of black hair on the the bed thing when mc has black hair too.


Are the save slots broken for anyone else besides me?


Yes! The error is this, for ease of fixage by author:
Uncaught Error: SaveMod: Unable to *sm_save before *sm_init

Another thing the author might not have noticed is that the schedule is not added to the stat screen when the ‘schedule added to stat screen’ notification shows on screen. I do not know when it gets added after that, but at the end of the demo ‘play again’ screen, the schedule shows up in the stats screen.

Other than that, this is a light-hearted and fun read! I wonder will it continue slice-of-life like this, or will the war get closer and personal?