Triaina Academy - WIP - Update 1.11 - March 3rd, 2020 (Art on post 789)

Progress Report #2

Hello everyone! I wanted to let you all know you’re great, and I love you all :slight_smile: Another thing I wanted to let everyone in on is the fact I’ve made some progress, and specifically that I’ve finished the first round of fights in the tournament and am in the process of crafting small scenes with path variations for each RO! I look forward to presenting them to you haha. I’ve currently finished E and R and am working on L now.

Ya might be wondering why the reports are so close together! Unfortunately it’s not because I’m fast at writing haha, I was just severely delayed in informing the forum on the last one. This is up to date information! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the reports and my fervor of raven :kissing_heart: …i can’t wait till this is out :smile: stay safe and keep up the wonderful work .

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I’ve been playing this game for the past week or two, trying every choice and every route to find some new stuff. This game got me hooked badly, and I just love all of the characters and how different they are from one another. I wasn’t expecting Raven to be a stalker and I was worried about what would happen to Levi, since I was romancing him on my first ever playthrough. Nothing did happen, which I was relieved about. So I was wondering if we’ll get to see how Raven reacts to the other characters that the mc romances instead of them, and it makes me curious since in his route he held a knife to the little girl when she interrupted their moment with the mc. Would they try to go after and possibly kill or threaten the other ROs that are being romanced by the mc?


You’re one of those dense anime protags who sees the good in everyone aren’t you?

Honestly I’m surprised we didn’t get the option to be more… sure, that she did something wrong given that she said that there’ll be a present for us and then a dead body with her catchphrase shows up. The choice is better when you go with her because there’s a few different routes then, but it doesn’t take an investigative team to know it was her without that. Like in my first play through I figured it was her but wanted to lie. But that’s only an option if you’re in in it.

@LeoXII is there a secret Raven relationship stat or are most of the interactions with her just boost to our stats?


Who knows haha. I apologize for the nonanswer

Well, technically yes? haha. Each RO has an unlisted stat for them that changes based on the stage you’re at with them.

Also the response options given right now aren’t exhaustive, so I’ll keep posted on that haha.


Pretty sure he/she will at somepoint try something.
I myself am eagerly waiting for aconfrontation between raven and soldier. Also raven vs sleeper.


Reminds me of eric :thinking:


I love it so far, and I can’t wait to see more. I did find one error while reading though.
After attending the gym with Emma you have the option to ask her how she’s doing. If chosen, she replies with

“I’m good, since you’re here with me. I don’t HOW I’d be if you weren’t.”
I also apologize for not knowing how to blur text for spoilers.

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Thank you! It’s been fixed in the code and will be reflected in the next update! :slightly_smiling_face:


Also here’s a consolidated art dump of some of the characters!



Matthew and Pierce


All courtesy of OwletOwO, you can find him on tumblr and deviantart here: /
Hope ya enjoy haha


SO FUCKING GOOD. :heart_eyes:

Highlight what you want blurred

will look like so afterwards

Highlight what you want blurred

another note below

[spoiler]blah blah blah


because of the space and the fact its highlighted right after it doesnt work but if i hit enter right after the first spoiler bar it fixes, or if i remove the gap between blah blah blah & Duh it fixes.
the more you know…


Thank you :blush:


@moderators I apologize for the ping. I figured the post above would have greater benefit in one of the forum help threads! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, what a thoughtful idea!
We actually already have formatting commands like that compiled here in case anyone is interested! :smiley:


Yay raven


No, I was just surprised because many cyoa games don’t have a stalker in it, and it’s rare that I stumble across one. It’s a good surprise, though.

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To be safe from the stalker character one must stalk the stalker char…genius.

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cool art work :hugs:

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Progress Report #3

Heya everyone! So, some news regarding the progress of my story. I was pretty disappointed in how the beginning of the story was written and presented, so I did a few revisions, and basically completely rewrote and recoded the prologue. It’s not out (yet), as I’m making some other alterations to the game. Namely implementing consistent personality options, an overhaul of the stat screen, and new choice bodies and personality types.

I hope by its update, it is finely honed and worthy of all the support you’ve shown the game so far. :slight_smile:


You are supported, I wondered why the link wasn’t working I needed my raven fix…lol. thank you for your hard work and talent, and I’m excited to see this come to life. I need to buy this ,when it’s out, and can’t wait to see what the update is

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