Triaina Academy - WIP - Update 1.10 - 11/2/2019

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V and Raven. Perhaps the deadliest combination. One apathetic to death, while the other relishes in it. A less emotional and more considerably violent poly romance that sees two different killers pitted against each other, with you in the middle.
[/quote] No :rofl: I can’t see Raven into that kind of relationship and V is too special, my MC don’t want to share :joy:
But I’m not into poly relationships, not even in games. Well, there’s one game but, the previous relationships between the characters make that situation some how understandable.
But, I suppose that with some will be easy to write that. I think that some characters shouldn’t be in a poly option.


My man! Oh the things that you can get away with when using portals. I think a favorite gag of mine in recent Marvel-related “How it Should Have Endeds” is having Wong come in, open a portal and then have it close when the victim is halfway in it for the instakill. Still, I am always a fan of Portal (1 or 2) type of shennangians.


Ah, those are great. :joy:

Who isn’t? :slight_smile:

No, not a full harem. I can’t see that either. It would be more like a relationship where they’ll have to reluctantly share, because Raven can’t kill V due to combat expertise and V can’t kill Raven due to their power, which will be mentioned more later. If I wrote it, it’d be more like an eternal deathmatch as you attempt to play referee.

Most of them are gunna play more like love triangles than “everyone loves each other”, cuz I have to be fair to the character personalities and say not many of them would fare well with multiple partners…

Yeah, if I made it, it would be an optional path progression. The poly relationship obviously isn’t for everyone, and there will of course still be the singular relationship paths. :slight_smile:


Interesting! I figure that Sunrider should probably get some kind of poly option too though. I would be curious if Ren and Leah could work given they’re rather opposites, but…

I think V & Raven would be such a fun and challenging yet volatile mess, that my MC might try to run away from them both if their problems became too much to handle :sweat_smile:. Or try to beg the Dean to get actual health professionals to deal with them. But honestly, I can see them both try to kill the other so they can have MC for themselves. Which at that point, I’d pull up a chair grab a bunch of snacks and watch the slaughter begin!!!

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As I was saying to Leo, Emma and Ren would probably end up feeling like Princess Ayeka and Royoko from Tenchi Muyo, though I suppose that could apply somewhat to Leah and Fray too! :sweat_smile:



Nah, L isn’t bold enough to be either of them and at the moment F is too prideful, if anything I see F as a mix between them Ayako and Ryoko.
But E=Ayako and R=Ryoko I can see that.

Or you could just stop time and walk where you want. It would look the same to everyone else.

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The funny thing is, I could see Raven developing a certain fondness for V. i mean, V is (or at least starts off as) a killing machine with basically no regard for human life. Pretty sure Raven considers that a moral virtue (on the other hand, V might have a harder time warming up to Raven, unless they end up deciding their sociopathic tendencies are actually beneficial for the mission, or something).

I wonder, in V’s mind, what IS the mission? Obviously, she is about protecting the commander and we have our mission but otherwise the group’s assignment seems to just be to discover our powers. If that is her mission then, by extension, R is useful to potentially amp up V’s power.


Sounds like some fun combos. I kind of like Polys because they’re different from the same old tropes rehashed over and over. Polys are still rare in games. All of these characters are both bi and highly attractive in their own way, so it makes sense that many of them would also be attracted to each other. So it’s all good as long as it fits with their personalities either because they’re into both the MC and another NPC, or because they savor their own emotional pain, or because they may see it as a small enough sacrifice to make in order to get what they desire.

With R and Em I see them as opposites in some ways who don’t want to like each other. They’re both determined to repress the spark that exists between them because to admit to it is exposing a vulnerability to a rival. That’s why they so fight hard. They’re capable of loving just as hard if they ever come together however, but that’s unlikely unless the MC brings them together.

I can see M sharing the MC with almost any of the others because she’d savor her own jealousy. Emotional pain isn’t really pain to her if it turns her on and excites her.

I can easily see P share with her sibling who she looks out for. I don’t have a good enough feel for whether she’d share with anyone else.

L and F are an intriguing combination. They haven’t really interacted much in game so far.

E and L aren’t on the list but I think they would potentially get along fine and make for the most conflict-free of the potential polys.

V and R are both very broken. I suspect R would agree to share the MC with just about anyone to gain the MC’s approval while V has little sense of self and sees the MC as an authority figure. So I see these two accepting each other and/or others if the MC asks them. Honestly, I’m a bit uncomfortable being in a relationship with these two as they both badly need therapy and it’s hard for me to envision a relationship with either of them, either alone or together, as healthy. But if you want to embrace your inner crazy, or take on a reclamation project or two, go for it.


Um, that reminds me of a story idea I came up with 7 years ago that involved a demon like child who was able to torture anyone (who came into direct contact with her blood) in the most gruesome way imaginable, and yet grant them a form of immortality if they are able to survive a few days in that torturous state… it was a weird story and character, which is why I never went far into it.

I loved that show! Ryoko was (and still is) my favorite character! I’m genuinely surprised anyone knows about these characters and the show!

So here’s a random question to @LeoXII; what is the age of the MC and all the RO?

Most are just love triangles with them fighting for the MC.


Love triangles are a bit of a cliche these days. A lot of people seem to be tired of them and they tend to get panned in reviews.

Well they’re optional and most of the personalities don’t mix, also some of their personalities don’t make sense with sharing and not being into it, like F the sheltered stuck up noble with a superiority complex. I’d rather their characters actually make sense instead of it being forced and shoved in for no reason. Never heard of love triangles getting panned reviews unless they’re done terribly, plus we don’t know how they’ll play out.

@LeoXII I have the all the confidence you’ll do them right lol.

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V’s mind on what a mission is correlates well with what happens in their recent past, so while I won’t say what it is until the story does, know that an integral part of their development rests on how they confront that event :slight_smile:

Not specified. But they’re old enough to drink and go to college, and rest under the labels “young adult” to “adult” so do with that information what you will :slight_smile:

Thanks for the vote of confidence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I hope my plans aren’t terrible, but ya never know.


I actually agree with you here. That said, I don’t believe enough of any character’s personality has been definitively revealed to say they never would either. And that includes aloofly arrogant F.

I encourage you to read a lot more reviews then. There are people who will take a full star off a novel or game review simply because it has the MC involved in a love triangle. For them it is purely a matter of principle and their numbers do seem to be steadily growing.

The same could be said for polys.

I’m sure he could do polys just as well too if he chooses.

Well we do because author said so himself, not many of them are interested in multiple partners and their personalities don’t make match for it.

And he will, for the characters who are okay with. Never said he’s not gonna do it, just not for the characters who are not interested.

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I don’t really understand your argument. I never said most characters would be open to polys, although I did say many of them might find themselves attracted to each other as well as the MC. I was also musing about them individually, as he never got particularly specific. You do seem hostile towards polys however.

Well that what it sounded like to me, sorry if I misunderstood.

If it makes sense I’m fine with it. If it’s forced with characters that it doesn’t make sense for or match I’m not a fan. Won’t lie after a horrible experience I’m bitter though lol.