Triaina: Academy (Revised)- WIP - Update 1.13 - June 1st, 2020

Something that I wasn’t a huge fan of in the first go around (before the rework) was when we only got to choose one of our parents tools as an orphan. It felt wrong, I mean those are literally our heirlooms (our only heirlooms at that) and we only got to pick one of them? Come on. It would be different if we had a biological sibling we didn’t know about, because they would have an equal claim, but as it was I did not like handing over one of my parents stuff to someone else. I’m hoping you decide to change this in the rework when you get to it. It felt like my character was having to choose which of his dead parent’s legacies he wanted to honor. When what he really wanted was to honor both.

Hopefully this didn’t come across to negative. That was really my only problem with the first draft.



Progress Report
Heya everyone! There’s quite a bit I’ve done, so I’ll just get right into it haha

For starters, I’d like to say I anticipate an update next week, so be ready for that!

What will the update include?
— Revised backgrounds, with starting items. Among them being a worn training sword, a very valuable book, a set of lockpicks, or a performer deck of cards. These will play a role later on haha
— New classroom scenes. General education will now include Treyla Wunderkind, a child prodigy from Hearth’s aristocratic family. Lin, captain of the guard will now also be teaching combat training, aided in part by second years Juno and Rex. S and L will be in the class from the start of the year. Welcome two new faculty members! Simon, leader of a traveling troupe known as the Burmuda, has volunteered to coach your physical conditioning temporarily, aided by second-year Uno. Rosaline, a distinguished S.T.E.M. researcher has taken up the responsibility of teaching Introduction to S.T.E.M. with second-year student aid Acer.
— New specialization scenes: Now, MC specializations will be introduced by your respective instructors/mentors. Lin will offer to continue training military background MCs, Dr. Hoft will introduce orphan MCs to information regarding their dead parents, Rosaline will offer a pursuit of scientific inquiry to scientist background MCs, and Simon will offer guidance to performer background MCs.
— New misc scenes: Introduce yourself to P after a violent altercation, let Raven introduce themselves to you after finding them perusing your room, take Fiore’s matchmaking survey to find a suitable suitor for F, all kinds of fun!

This update will be pretty extensive, so look forward to it!


Oh you absolute madman, you added more characters?


Can’t wait, not sure what else to say about it just excited for more lol

I don’t know if this has been answered, but is the Academy like a college or a highschool? Sorry if this has been answered already. :disappointed_relieved::sweat_smile:

As I understand it from a semantics standpoint, college and highschool are the same thing across the pond in the UK. :thinking:

Facetious opening statement aside, and based on my impressions from reading T:A, it feels a lot like an ‘early placement’ program. Kids who would normally be in middle/high/school are set up in advanced (college level as far as the US would be concerned) educational programs with the possible goal of graduating–in T:A’s case–as ranked/specialized officers for their country’s army.

Naturally, we all know there’s a lot more to the story than this, but hopefully my answer helps LeoXII out.

It’s like a college haha. All the ROs are in their 20s. The education system in Triaina is a little different, as it’ll be referenced a little later in the game. Most simply learn to read, write, and do basic arithmetic, then associate with the community/family for work/apprenticeships. Triaina Academy is one of the only establishments for higher education in the country, so most students that graduate do tend to be far more specialized than the general populace, with reserved spaces in the military, scientific, and mercantile community for them.

Hospur has more of an education system that’s familiar, with years of gradual progression of theoretical learning and rigorous testing for memory retention and problem solving skills.

Vestia has no educational basis. Most of the populace learns from word of mouth. Some, like V, do not know how to read or write, though that is more of an outlier case


I’m pretty sure all education is one big kindergarten … :wink:


Any education is Kindergarten if you try hard enough.


This is probably the closest I’ve seen to a visual novel (minus the visual) that any WIP or published choice game has gotten and it’s absolutely majestic.

The biggest similarity is the handling and introduction of a relatively big cast of characters (and ROs), their traits and quirks make them very enjoyable and memorable. The tropes used (step-sibling with a crush, yandere stalker, kuudere war machine, etc.) mesh well with novel concepts and come off as fresh in how they’re presented or have an interesting twist that makes their use entertaining rather than the checklist I sometimes see in other products. Like many VNs in the genre, this game benefits greatly from putting the characters and their interactions at the forefront for the reader.

In contrast to VNs, the biggest difference is what makes this a good choice game. The customization of the MC is very thorough, I was pleasantly surprised that a different parent profession choice in my 2nd playtrhough changed the dorm dossier scene and the MC’s last name. That’s what ya boi’s looking for in his games. The different responses and corresponding personalities are a joy to play, especially the occasionally dense no-nonsense MC.

As much as I’d like to continue, I’ll be eagerly waiting for the upcoming update before deep diving into the ROs and figuring out who’s the best waifu/husbando.