Triaina: Academy (Revised)- WIP - Update 1.13 - June 1st, 2020

Some doodles of Raven and my MC!


I agree, I wouldn’t be equating good and evil to certain traits: that will obviously be up to the personal discretion of the reader, but I do have plans to add an indicator for the paths :slight_smile:

Yeah, I can add something like that! I have some plans to add an additional small reaction option near the end of the dating scenes.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I look forward to writing more haha :slight_smile:

I love it! I can definitely see the shy traits in your MC, and you nailed the cheshire smile perfectly! :slight_smile:


Just played through the demo and I loved it! The characters are really interesting and very detailed, I’ve played Robin’s, Raven’s and Flay’s paths so far and enjoyed them all, it’s difficult to pick a favourite though I think I’m leaning towards Flay at the moment. Looking forward to seeing where it goes


Me @ Raven pretty much


Which game is that.

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Through broken lenses. Has a similar char to raven, less murdery tho lol

I think her name was Vi. I honestly don’t know what the mentality behind her when every other character basically does normal things. Doesn’t include the MC

Found this error here:

Man I hate how much you made me love Mary and her “kink”.:wink:


I think Vi is just an incredibly edgy teen.
And on a different note, the one time I made a different type of character than I usually would was in Through Broken Lenses and said character is basically indistinguishable from Vee, so that’s pretty rad.


I’m really curious how Raven would be when she’s jealous


I fell in love with a raven. :smiley:


I love this game keep up the good work. Now is there any way to beat the other runner?

Yes there is push agility

How do you raise Pinna’s relationship? Stuff that seems like it would such as saving her in a fight, doesn’t.

Don’t hold back against her, if you fight her in the arena give it all you got, accept her challenges, etc. In a nutshell compete
Don’t treat her like a fragile being


I love this , oh i always go for crazy ,raven my love :kissing: I do see one thing maybe to add a stat sheet on each character .A description perhaps? It’s kinda confusing on keeping up with who’s who .see what I mean

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I never held back against her, nothing I do seems to raise relationship. I accept every single challenge, etc.
Fight her in the arena? When?

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Airport (20 characters)

I really like Vee, but it is quite difficult not to treat her like a soldier when she acts so military, to some extent it is frustrating; -;