So since I am not writing tonight I on mentaly puzzling out apects on my game Thermopylae. So heres the setup. If you were trapped in a strange control room with no memory. There seems to be no power except for a emergency light, a small computer screen that indicates it is emergency backup system. Looks as you will have to type in your questions.

So what questions would ask of the computer? This looks to be a simple system so more then likely it can only handle small easy questions.


I’d probably type something like “emergency status” or something similar to inquire as to the nature of the emergency.


Date, time, location. Maybe personnel…


I would type “command list” or “list commands” to know the computers language or i will press the num lk key to see if the computer functions okay and not hang.


I clearly first search type of emergency and if that is the issue blocking room. Try change the status to unlock room if not try a form unlock a alternative path via vent or similar if not how blow up door or wall justs using computer. I would be focus in run away not in try discover my life or something not until be safe.


@fantom @Lucid @Aera @MaraJade

Thank you all for the great information. This will help a great deal. :slight_smile:


This sounds to ms like the film source code :wink: