Transgender PC toggle on Dashington?


I’m a bit at a loss here…

I see that option, but I’m unsure if I should toggle it or not. I don’t. The reasoning being is because I don’t explicitly state you’re playing a transgender.

To me, if you chose the gender “Female” you’re a female, regardless of the sex you were assigned with at birth.

I mean, wouldn’t it be rude to state your playing a female who wasn’t born as such? I’d stay away from that, since it does sound rude to me personally.

So, the question is: When is it appropriate to toggle the option?

Sorry, I’m a bit ignorant here so I apologize if I gave any offense. :confused:

To make it more clear, I have the same mentality for as when you chose to play the “Male” gender.


If your game has an option to play as trans, check the box. There’s a thread here somewhere about that.
(Also iirc “transgender” is an adjective, not a noun)


This discussion would probably be more suited to the trans thread, as @MeltingPenguins said, but short answer is no, don’t toggle it. The option is there for games that explicitly allow the player to play a trans MC.

I think I see your thought process here but you’ve got a flaw in your logic. Current terminology around trans issues uses “assigned as” rather than “birth gender” or “born as,” like you use here. So playing as a trans woman isn’t playing a female who wasn’t born as such, just a woman whom people didn’t always recognize as a woman.

Describing trans people the way you do here, some might find it rude, but that’s more the outdated wording than acknowledging the MC’s transness. But no, explicitly including transgender as an option for the main character isn’t rude. I’d definitely rather play a game that doesn’t assume my character is cis, but there’s still a big leap between that and having it stated that my MC is trans, and that last one is where you toggle the box


I really didn’t mean any offence. As I mentioned, I maybe am (confirmed) ignorant on the topic…

Thank you so much for clearing that up though! I appreciate it a lot! And sorry for the outdated language…I’ve been out of the loop, I guess?? Thank you for not attacking me outright for it as well. I realize this is a sensitive topic, but you explained rather then name called. Which is probably the best way to go about it; After all, not everyone is well-read when it comes to gender or sexuality etc. - i’m a lesbian (personal shit ahead!), and I always try to explain when people tell me it’s a ‘sickness’, or a ‘sin’, rather then calling them homophobic or similar. If they listen like I will here - that’s great! If not well…their choice. I guess i’m not the kind of person to argue anyhow. Despites the possible hurt.

NOTE; I won’t toggle on the option, since I never especially state the PC is trans, or cis.

Thanks again! <3


Just a bit curious.
What did you mean by the Transgender toggle on Dashingdon? Is it the “genre/theme” checklist or is it from a certain WiP?

Just a shameless plop in.


Theme, I’d say. It goes along with:

PC is non binary
Gay romance etc. :slight_smile: