Touch of Lies (WIP) some...Prologue OUT~

This is abandoned, I apologize, but I am busy working on my other IF, and this is one I cannot come back to for many reasons. Check out my Tumblr if you want more information. I will not delete it, but do not expect more updates. Once again, I’m sorry to all the people who genuinly enjoyed this IF!

I’ve begun work on my new game, Touch of Lies! This is very much a work in progress, I have most of the story planned out and I am very excited to work on something like this!

I have decided for this game to have more randomized outcomes during action scenes, with your choices still affecting the game. The randomized outcomes will probably not happen when you pick a choice during a conversation or stuff like that, sometimes your stats can help you with an outcome and there is no wrong way to go through the story. Your stats are there to have a better understanding of your character and are not really that heavily relied upon in outcomes.

I have tried to implement this in the later parts of the prologue and I will see if it works well with the story.

Trigger warnings: violence, death, swearing.

Synopsis: As a child, growing up in the slums of Hvinir without any guardians, you believed you would not live to see 30. Until Haven, a thief guild, took you in and taught you how to survive. Facing hardships, the guild leader tasks you to sneak into the castle with the mission to take.

Will you get caught? Will you get the honor of learning secrets the royal family hides? Will you successfully solve a murder?

  • Play as male, female, non-binary.
  • Choose the genders of seven different romance options.
  • Romance a flirty prince/princess, the snobby sibling of the prince/princess, your protective childhood friend, a playful knight, one kind noble friend of the castle and finally a mysterious servant.
  • Pick from five different personalities; stoic, soft, fun, elegant and hot-headed. Choose options that contradict your personality to see how others react.
  • Will you learn the history behind the mysterious valuable? Will learning the history cause you to change your mind on stealing it?
  • Will you be able to save the guild?
  • Can you save the one’s you love most or will you be the one to cause their deaths?

Word count in the published version: 56,000
Working on: Chapter 1

To play the demo, click here

Check out updates of the story on my tumblr. You can ask me things, vote on the RO’s or other elements of the story there.


I live the story so far I can’t wait for more but it’s a little hard to distinguish between the male characters you should add a little more discription on them. Bookmarked this good luck in the future.


This was good! Though there’s a typo in the “Im tired” choice, because it says “Im tried” instead. I don’t know if it’s just me but, I also couldn’t continue the game after I selected that option, it just loaded forever :sob:
Btw, I wish there was some more info about the game in your description! Who are the characters? What’s the main plot? And etc. Anyway, I’ll wait for an update ^^


I’m going to go check that out right now. I kinda suck at summaries and the story isn’t even that developed yet so :sweat_smile: but I will try to fix it! Thank you very much!

Thank you for the feedback! Can I ask how I would go about distinguishing them? I’m not really sure where to get started on that.

I already love the plot of a thieves guild going for the royals treasure. I’m looking forward to see this wip grow


Thank you for the confidence!

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Pronoun mismatch “You see her frown and scrunch his nose. “I don’t like you, you know? You won’t steal Euphemia and Drogo from me.” He warns you.” Mia is female here.


Fixed! Thanks :smile:

Well it’s a little easier to distinguish between the females but maybe a proper introduction listing the characters and a general discription. the introduction to most of the characters is a little chaotic. Maybe I’m just nitpicking after another chapter or two it’ll probably be a lot easier to remember there names and figure out who’s talking.


Ahh, alright. I got it. I guess it was a bit crazy introducing all the characters at once. I will try to see how I can fix that! :blush:


Ok, I love it! I love our sweet new family, and I love the childhood enemies to lovers thing going on with Micah! It’s a sweet story so far


I am so glad you like it! This helps me get motivation to write even more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I found a typo that needs fixing. The characters say common when its meant to be come on. This happens a few times

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the images in the game are not working. On any character.

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I’ll try to find where that typo is, but if you could, can you write the whole sentence? It will be a lot easier to find. Thank you!


Here they are:
The first typo is near the start running from the man: “Common! Lets’s go!” The girl you saved from before shouts.

The next one is when climbing the wall: “Common! You can do it! It’s not that far!” she encourages.

The next one is same the one before but the gender of the kid is a boy: “Common! You can do it! It’s not that far!” he encourages.

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I found a typo at the start when the kids take the bread on one of the choices: You can sneak up on the man, distraction him so the kids can run away.

It should be: You can sneak up on the man, distracting him so the kids can run away.

Sorry I keep doing this.

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Fixed it :smile:


It’s totally fine, I need all the help I can get! You’re being a great help :blush: