Touch of Death (WIP)

I’m currently working on this new story though it’s still in the works I hope to have a demo out as soon as I finish my entrance exams, which I’m totally freaking out over. lol.This is a good escape for me and I really want to get something out that has quality and something I’ll be proud of!


The closest thing you ever had to a family was the group of kids all training to be the best assassin in order to keep living under the King’s roof and even then anybody could see that it wasn’t a real family. Those children were just pawns for the king to use and dispose of when they didn’t get the results he wanted but most didn’t know any better so they worshipped the King while others despised him. You didn’t exactly hate the King but it wasn’t like you loved the guy either. The King gave you and your powers a place to belong to and that was more than what anybody else had ever done so in a sense, you felt indebted to the King. However, with the King’s deaths and the rise of a new royal puts you on edge more so than you’d ever like to admit.
This is the story of how you, a fearsome assassin and property of the Royal family, and your whole world does a complete 180 when someone you least expected reenters your life.

This one will be a bit more political but not dramatically so as I don’t really want that to be the focus of the story and will instead be a bit more relationship based. You will typically start as a closed off kind of person as being a trained assassin since young usually does to someone but you can change that with options to open up or stay withdrawn. Remember, don’t trust everyone too easily though.

Characters: RO's

Rosalinda/Rafael: One of the people you’d probably consider a friend. Very opinionated when it comes to the royal family as they feel positively about them. A little nosey but you know they are well-meaning. Has magic that is sand manipulation combined with earth magic. Comes from a nomadic tribe but got separated from them when they unknowingly walked into a trap. despite this, has no intention of searching for their family

Odette/Otto: Closed off sort of person, almost as much as you are, because of their past. Half-dragon who got experimented on because of dragon rumors that reached scientists ears. Doesn’t talk about themselves and gets annoyed when anybody even tries to, especially when they bring up their two prosthetic arms made of reinforced steel. Once you get them to open up then they’re actually pretty fun to be around and a sweetheart but you need to tear down the walls first

Princess Andrea/Andrei(Bi): King William’s child. They weren’t close at all since King William sent them away to an academy when they were old enough to get rid of them for a while. Doesn’t seem to want the crown. (Not much can be said without spoilers)

Xenia/Xeno(Gay): One of Prince Nikolas’ personal guards therefore tends to mistrust everyone at first glance. Sibling of S so they triy to balance protecting both his younger sibling and PA although they don’t need to. Overprotective because S is the only family they have left.

Seraphina/Sebastian: Younger sibling but is mentally stronger than X and doesn’t like to be babied even though they are the youngest. Though annoyed by the overprotectiveness of X, knows that they do it out of love. Very strong-willed and finishes everything that they start. Almost always with PA but does like to enjoy their alone time.

Demo + Updates

Coming Soon!


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