Totem Force [Updated 26/04/17]



wow… that is news to me, and… is that a pun ? :rofl:


Mirabelle! That’s her name. Man, I tried attacking her when she showed up and she really decked me.


LOL… at first the MC looks like they are holding all the cards, but when she showed up its turn out the cards have been stacked against us :rofl:

EDIT : you can’t win against her, It’s in the cards


…that brain… that protectiveness… the combination of the eyebrow piercing and the suit… that cute attitude… :blush:

Now, if only he’ll forgive us for the kidnaps… :worried:

I do find it interesting how some people were assuming “she” and some people were assuming “he” at different times :sweat: I guess at least that means they weren’t written in a way that suggested one over the other, so that’s good :thinking:

Note: If @ParrotWatcher uses the “:innocent:” emoji, it means he’s being evasive for humorous effect :grin:

(I’m sure he’ll deny it, but it’s true… :innocent:)


Well I think my mc is going to need to kidnap him at least one more time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

wonder if he also has pierced ears, earrings can be cute on the right kind of guy. :thinking:

Kidnapping Alex is fun! :grin: :kissing_heart:

Oh and hey! TSSL you’re back, missed you.


I’d rather give him a turn to kidnap me… :innocent:

Agreed… :blush:

Thanks! :smile: Yeah, I’ve just been spending time elsewhere but I’ve missed it here… also I lost my regular badge, and I must correct this madness! :persevere:


lol… i also lose it last month, and just earn it back yesterday :grin:


Hmmm…well…I guess if he were to kidnap my mc from that horrible “school” it wouldn’t be all that bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still prefer the reverse though.


Hmm just replayed the demo again and got to thinking that with Phil and Sammy in the group and that doctor as a possible ally that if a sequel was ever planned and depending on the ending a school training a new generation hosts and a new MC could join the school and make a new team to fight monsters.


Can I beta test the game?


love green angel how she made in story as how her story play out
// yes I suck at english


Sorry for the late reply; the beta is in the top post, so feel free to try it out (and remember to tell me what you think). :smile:

I should note that the final chapter is going slower than I would like, but I do hope to finish it eventually… :sweat:


Hey mate no worries about the wait. If there is one thing the COG community is it’s patient because we understand that time means quality. I imagine that we are all simply happy to know that at some point in our collective futures we will be able to form our own mock power rangers squad and fight monsters and the military. Keep up the great work and never feel sorry about wanting to deliver quality work cause if what you have in the demo is any indication of the final product then this game is gonna be a showstoper