Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



Yea, you have to beat him befor party. :wink:
And about akira - you cannot romance someone asexual. If you romance someone asexual she/he is no longer asexual :slight_smile:


Asexual means no sexual attraction. You can still feel romantic attraction.


Define “romantice”, and she (akira) mention that she isn’t in to romance.


No, I thought Akira was an established RO before? I don’t remember anything mentioning them being asexual.
Edit: I was thinking of Ryu not Akira woops :yum:


Ok, so Akira is aromantic. I mean romantic attraction as an emotional attraction. I think the author mentioned that there wouldn’t be any sex scenes because the characters are too young anyways


Good… otherwise I’d get very uncomfortable pursuing romances with some characters. ^^;


Happy new year @ParrotWatcher. :champagne:


Okay, so, I’ll try to clear up Akira (and hopefully not cause everything to get more confusing):

Upon thinking about it, I would say that Akira is (probably) asexual and demiromantic: as in, they’re not interested at all in sex, but could become romantically attached to someone they had a close friendship with. (They don’t know this yet, due to living the last few years in isolation with Ryu, so those kinds of relationships never had a chance to form.) However, the only real difference this makes in the game is that you don’t get to kiss them after the date. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Be nice to him? It helps if you beat him in the fight before the party, but that’s not the only way. Otherwise, go to visit/look for him whenever you get the chance.

And happy new year to all of you, too. :smile:


Will there be megazords?


my I ask how will story end will you give it a part 2 or not


i just wanted to mention that i love this project and hope you continue the great work on it!


Hope to see more of this sometime as well. :smiley:


rest assure heroes… its not an abandoned project! :grin:


Yes; I’m certainly still intending to finish the game. :smile: It won’t be very soon, sadly, but it’s definitely not abandoned.

Does the giant robot you already fought count? :thinking:

Nope. For one thing, there are enough endings (and variations on those endings) planned that it wouldn’t be practical to write a sequel to all of them…


It would be unrealistic to have to make it so that the branching endings would line up to the start of a whole new story. Nightmarish, even.


and i think its better for @ParrotWatcher to work on another game (glancing at Countdown to World End) before he decide to make sequel or not (though i think it’s not really necessary considering the story at this point) and if he managed to pull a good epilogue here (don’t forget its not all “unicorn & rainbow” for Totem Force --it is rather dark-- so i said “GOOD” a bit loosely here) who knows?! maybe the sequel will only ruin the first impression we got from the game… :thinking:
that being said, the most important thing here is i manage to romance them all the completion of the game (and the releasing of Totem Force in Hosted Games :joy:)


Romance them all? At the same time?! Le GASP


of course not XD (i meant to play several playthrough to romance all RO available --except Lani–) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


XD What’s wrong with Lani?

Might be too late in the game to do it but poly routes are always a plus in my opinion. I appreciated it in Tin Star where you could basically mix and match to see who went well together.


I miss Countdown, I’ll say it again it shows how much ParrotWatcher has grown as an author and game developer in a relatively short timespan. Of course there’s also Alex in that one who is one of the cutest gay ro’s on this site. :wink:

Don’t remind me, vivisection anybody? at least I think an epilogue that ends that way is not completely unlikely given the insane military here