Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



I was (jokingly) suggesting that Sammy could’ve gotten the idea for the team name from your Totem-Force-universe-counterpart, so that he wouldn’t be taking credit for your idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or maybe from the StarBlue anime (season 2)? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh… well whoever this purplemoon 3.0 is I bet they’re awesome

I preferred the subbed version over the bad dubbing :wink: … and just to solve the mystery yes I @Bluestar2.0 was once known as @Bluestar


Yeah, plus they renamed the team for the dub. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know they got the voices wrong for CanaryStalker LightWatcher And qzzl and don’t get me started on ordinary man


Hey! CanaryStalker had Rolan Rorth as his voice, it was perfect :angry:


How come @TSSL and @Curious_Boy didn’t become a merged love child name?


I thought they got pretty good voices for Eliza and iheartusernames, though :smile:


True but they messed up the entire story and about 50% of it is filler and they cut out all character development for most characters


At part where Ryu push you use your status that have 58 or more at first choice, then use your status that have 38 or more for the second choice. For example my mc have 60 Will so I choose “Resist him” then because my mc have 40 Intellect at second choice I choose “outthink him”. sorry if this hard to understand :sweat_smile:


Oh! That’s actually a pretty cool way of having it! I look forward to trying again! I was close on my second playthrough as the second stat was 36 hahah.
Thank you!



the powers you get before fighting the mech, do each one correspond to certain Tot3m? I’ve messed around enough to have used each by now, though I’m unsure of my favorite. Agh, I love this game.

Is it possible to get 100% with Kay? I’m stuck at 92% on playthroughs with her.


The powers and TOT3Ms kinda match up, but not really. I guess they might have meshed better if I’d planned everything out from the beginning, but since there’s no reason for them to match up exactly, I probably won’t change them.

It’s not possible to get 100% relationship with anyone. In fact, 92% is probably the effective maximum (94% or 95% might be possible, but very hard to reach…)


Powers and totems matching up? That makes sense, like a pink cat with light and white dragon with dark


Oh no, I wasn’t implying changing at all! I think they are perfect, I saw it as light/cherub strength/dragon darkness/skull speed&luck/cat technology/alien, it was neat but it does make sense that they don’t correspond like it’s more of a manifestation of you powered by the totem. I feel like I’m missing one hahaha.

Oh, that’s a relief, I wonder if it’s the darkness never going under 15 preventing it, or simply not the correct choices.


Thanks; good news, is that better?


Will we see more of kurtesh?


Are any of the powers related to stats like will with agility or super strength and such


I don’t think they are related


No, there’s no relation between them.

Forgot to reply to this earlier. The answer is a very definite maybe. :grin:


What a shocking plot twist