Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



Salsa and mayonnaise topped totally with a plateful of lemons filled with mackerels and even covered munchy oranges no silly squabble because soup will be ready pretty fast? :thinking:


Wait; but I was going to make that the canon team name! :anguished:


Hey, hey we’re western, canon is avoid as much as possible here when there’s choice :angry:

Though Eagle Japan Land… no western!


How did you know :fearful: but no it’s Super Mega Tubular Teen’s With Atitude Power Ludicrous Flamboyant Multicolor Explosive Cool Mystic Overpowered Ninja Samurai Space Brave Spirit Wizard Rangers Patrol Force

Which group is it?

:smiling_imp: all is going exactly to plan


That reminds me; the team names I’m currently thinking of going with are:

  • Totem Force;
  • Super Awesome Mega Tubular Teens with Attitude Power Ludicrous Flamboyant Multicolour Explosive Cool Mystic Overpowered Ninja Samurai Space Brave Spirit Wizard Rangers Patrol Force (by @Bluestar2.0);
  • Crazy Cats/Amazing Aliens/Daring Dragons/Awesome Angels/Spooky Skeletons (by @idonotlikeusernames, @TSSL, and myself);
  • BATTLE BUDDIES FOREVER!! (by @Terriermon50);
  • Rebel Experimental Soldiers (by @Disciple)

(Note that the in-universe origin for these names is that Sammy suggested them to you, so if yours wasn’t chosen, blame him and not me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Note also that you will still be completely free to choose your own name, instead.)

If anyone has any further suggestions, please let me know.



Probably some superhero group? Just stating my thoughts.


Did you even make a suggestion? :unamused:


Nope, my team names consisted of a jojo reference, and

Dark Stalker and his horrible awful friends that screw up all the time and are the cause of any failure contributing nothing to any victory gained and are only there to make him look cooler and potentially act as bribes to the government if Dark Stalker wants something.

Though that obviously wouldn’t work for everyone.


I like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But you’re right, it’s a bit too specific to include.


I have a suggestion.

The MC and his adequate associates.


Forgot the “in” part.

Actually can I just form a partnership with the fire extinguisher that can help us? He seems useful.


Sorry, DS, but the valiant fire extinguisher tragically lost his life in the mighty battle.


:sob: I thought I found the love of my life… NO I won’t accept this! We can rebuild him! Stronger! Faster! Better! Or I can just buy one at the store… That sounds easier, I’ll go with that :blush:


And you could buy in bulk :wink:

Will there be a funeral :sob:


Great News!! :joy:
just manage to bought a new laptop with a debt to pay later :sweat_smile:
so i’ll be able to playtest game again and draw something (and more Totem Force’s fanart obviously :grin:) sooner :triumph: as im still getting used to Win10 (i miss Win7 already :cry:)
that being said, i still need more time before i do some typo and bug hunting as i have to catch up with my works :roll_eyes:


I don’t think I have seen that many emojis in one post before :fearful:


Well that figures, and here I let him live, this is what I get for being so kind hearted :unamused:


I’m torn between letting sammy take the credit for my perfect team name or claiming glory for what is rightfully mine…:thinking: I think that in my next playthrough sammy might accidentally be horrifically mangled beyond repair “accidentally” by my mc


Yay @Curious_Boy :grinning::tada:

Really? :astonished: Never? :scream: Well :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I :pensive: guess :thinking: I’ll :triumph: have :upside_down_face: to :persevere: change :crazy_face: that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe he got the idea after reading a post by, say Purplemoon 3.0 on the Game of Decisions forum… :stuck_out_tongue:


Who got what idea from who?