Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



Hmmmm… :thinking: depends on how tall the helicopter flying, it shouldn’t that close if the helicopter flying normally BUT we talking about helicopter that hunt mc and his/her/their friends with guns(with bullet that possibly expensive). So I guess I can see why you make the laser effective at that range if the helicopter is so close that mc can feel the wind come from helicopter.


You and your devilish imperial units. 30ft is about 10 metres, right? This does seem ridiculously short for any type of gun. Even in bad, eg, cloudy damp and foggy conditions one would assume a laser pistol worth the name to be effective to at least thrice that. Note though guns tend to be effective, that is a stray bullet (or one presumes laser bolt) will be lethal at greater ranges than a human can usefully aim them. Aim and useful trajectory being limited by human and environmental factors. Still a cursory look at googling the topic shows guns are almost always effective up to a range of at least 30m with an even semi-skilled human aiming them, barring environmental factors.

Of course environmental factors could include cars a huge ass building or any cover between you and whatever you want to shoot, so maybe rework it so environmental factors limit our ability to hit the chopper?
Lasers specifically can have their effectiveness greatly deteriorated by adverse atmospheric conditions tho.
Hmm…I’m not a scientist, obviously so I’ll just link my go to resource for laser/energy sci-fi weapons again.


I think the moon is farther away than 30 feet, yeah

(In which Ben is no help whatsoever :innocent:)

But yeah, I think you might be better off attributing it to that rather than a specific range :thinking: more room for fudging :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe I’ll just say you missed… :confounded:

Well, we use both, just to be as complicated as possible. :roll_eyes:


I want to fire gain, if I spam it, one is bound to hit!


Well, you’re going to miss both ways, either due to the gun, or due to your aim. There is no “shoot down the helicopter” path.

EDIT: And before you ask, no, I’m not going to add one. :unamused:


What? No “GET TO THE CHOPPA” references? Lol sorry that popped up in my mind when I was scrolling through.


What about a tech power la-



Maybe the combined force of s.a.m.t.t.w.a.p.l.f.m.e.c.m.o.n.s.s.b.s.w.r.p.f can shoot down the helicopter


Maybe it could, but by the time you’ve finished shouting out “By the power of the Super Awesome Mega Tubular Teens with Attitude Power Ludicrous Flamboyant Multicolour Explosive Cool Mystic Overpowered Ninja Samurai Space Brave Spirit Wizard Rangers Patrol Force!” the helicopter has long gone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gosh darn it to heck :disappointed:


This is easily in my top 10 favorite Choice of/Hosted Games. So keep up the great work. Also I only have one question. In my play-through I went out with Kay. In the part when MC is having dreams/illusion/sniffed giant robot fumes, Kay doesn’t react at all when I tell her the dream within a dream (meta). I would expect her to have some sort of reaction to it. Besides that I have no problem and it is still a great game. :grinning:


Over 2k comments so this may have been mentioned already but just in case.

“Hey! It’s you!” It’s Akira. “That was an awesome fight! Let’s do it again sometime! Oh! Yes! The Heir guy asked me to give you this!” They hand you an envelope, and then run off.

This was a little jarring as earlier he hated the fight because I didn’t make any attacks, which led him to quit.


You know that was 100% Akira’s idea. The True Heir had nothing to do with this.


I was more referring to his reaction: “That was an awesome fight!” It contradicted what he said earlier with how he hated it. I put the rest in just to make it easier to find for the author. But now that you mention it, it was an act. And my MC does have piss poor intellect. Okay, this makes sense as to why he didn’t pick up on it and get suspisious. My bad.


Well, I wouldn’t say it was completely out of character for Akira, but it may make sense to change the text slightly in such a case.


Akira was referring to the fight you had with her.


I’m aware. I don’t think you exactly understand what I’m saying so I went back and redid that part so I could copy paste the text. Here’s what happened when I actively avoided them:

“Fine,” mutters Akira, and with a single jump they bound to your side, and before you can react, they shove you off the edge. You hit the ground with a thump. “That was no fun at all!” shouts Akira. “I quit! I don’t care!” And with that, they turn and storm out of the ring.

Which is then followed by:

“Hey! It’s you!” It’s Akira. “That was an awesome fight! Let’s do it again sometime!

Do you get me? Or am I missing what you’re trying to say?


Akira is desperate for friends…they probably would say anything to MC just to say something…And I think the only time they are resentful is if MC threatens them to squash their eyes. However if you give them a good match they are pretty fast to forgive MC…. They really want some friends… My main MC: “Oh honey…”


Ah yeah, I understand that. I didn’t initially but playing a bit more I got it was in character. I’m just trying to clarify why I was jarred at first to Microwave04.