Totem Force [Updated 24/05/18]



This. This is the best team name. For a while I’ve been using Battle Buddies Forever! but now, it’s time for the ridiculosity to cranked up to an 11.


Well, if you have to, would you please do it dramaticly? With fight scene and stuff.

Oh, could I bother you for a bit? Just how do you add a middle line on a sentence, like you’ve done on the quoted line above?


Maybe… :smirk: I guess it would depend on exactly what you do that causes her to snap.

Like this: [s]This is crossed out.[/s] becomes This is crossed out.


I was accounting for extended family. And any place he may be staying at.


“Lani’s mansion is some way away, and takes a while to reach, even on your bike. It’s larger, and more intimidating, than you whole high school.” I think it should be ‘your’.


“You spend a merry hour “acquiring” everything you could possibly want or need (within reason), before heading out again.”

So does this mean the good stuff and you know what I mean by that has already been taken from the upscale men’s fashion and bike gear stores?


Well, considering I added that purely to stop you from complaining about clothes, just assume that if you want it, they’ve got it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As long as it’s just for prettifying yourself, and has no practical use beyond that.

@blob: Thanks! :smile:


Aww,how thoughtful of you. Of course with both quality leather biker gear and high-end fashion leather not being exactly cheap I guess that line from the police lady about eventual repayment…well I guess we’ll cross that bridge once we get there, right? :sweat_smile:
Though the motorcycle leathers and suits would have some practical use on a motorcycle, though of course they’d pale in comparison to our Totem armour.

Okay the game said to report these values to you:

Darkness = 21. Will = 48. Empathy = 14. Intellect = 76.

Tot = 48.

Seems my mc’s darkness went down a bit, which I blame on @TSSL’s influence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also I apparently missed two possible stat increases :cry:, now I’m gonna have to go through to code again to find them.


Why is everybody getting so much higher in tot that I am? :’( Is it a save-loading quirk, or am I just remarkably bad at reaching star increases? :confused:

Oh well, it’s not like I was really playing with much intent at stat boosting :sweat_smile:


Only one, since they all increment in twos (or occasionally four or six).

Well, I did add a few more in to earlier chapters with the last update… :thinking:


Please report these value to the author:

Darkness = 3. Will = 70. Empathy = 22. Intellect = 48.

Tot = 50.
(My darkness still have same value when I first play it… :no_mouth: )

Anyway, I see this error when trying to load at part where ryu “explode” (you really give me jump scare at that :unamused: ) and I tried to load after​ I choose attack I can load though at second try, but I just want to report it:

The plot twist is great and that girl (Maribelle? I forgot again) really get more and more interesting


if I want to torture someone with music I would just use my voice :laughing: works all the time

also Sammy…

(basically my MC right now)


Huh. I’ve never seen that before… and the code looks like it should work. Has anyone else had this problem? :confused:

Sadly, your MC’s singing voice is too good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crap, so now we really got to be afraid of the media getting their hands on the mc, not only would we be a “celebrity” superhero, they’d turn us into some sort of “teen-idol” too. :fearful:


Ah :thinking: well, I didn’t replay from the beginning, so I guess bear that in mind :sweat_smile:

My MC, Tonio, already has a flute. :grin: Pop star fame, here I come :sunglasses:
(It would be a change of pace…)


Agh!!! For my mc having to perform insipid, manufactured, melodramatic, sugary teenybopper “pop” would be a nightmare. It would clash so badly with his personality and tastes for one that if it were to come true he could probably be tortured with his own (but really his record label’s) “music”. :fearful: :scream:
Despite his cultivated “bad boy” appearance my mc here is much more into classical music and of course more in line with his appearance, classic rock. As in the Springsteen kind, not the “hard” rock stuff. Not what most teenagers like, I know and Lani didn’t react particularly well to his stated music preferences for the party either.

Well my mc wouldn’t like being under the control of the nation’s media and living a life manufactured by them, whether as a teen idol or a super hero or both very much.


Well, I suppose Tonio could get into a more operatic style… after all, he has a Magic Flute :grin:

Does Lani react well to any music preferences? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, but that’s besides the point, that’s meta knowledge we as players have my mc’s only know she doesn’t react well to saying either classical or rock. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the other hand and more in-line with the anime-esque setting my mc probably does like Gackt, particularly his more operatic (classical) and rock numbers. Hmmm…if our mc’s really have voices that good and distinctive it may be almost a crime to not do anything with them either, however my mc would contemplate a possible career in music only once he has completed college, has a degree to fall back on and is no longer a minor.:thinking:


Can I romance Lani or the girl from wrestling who gave herself up to make me win?


I just read/Played the demo and kind of liked it keep up the good work :beers: